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  1. weekend_junkie left Positive feedback   

    Great member! On time and good person.

    Wojo was The Seller

  2. Scorpio64 left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTS - CCI 41 Primers / 5.56
    EZ transaction, can be counted on to meet in foul weather.

    Wojo was The Seller

  3. kotkot left Positive feedback   

    Easy transaction. Thanks!!!

    Wojo was The Seller

  4. pipe23 left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and great guy to talk to A+++

    Wojo was The Seller

  5. boypirate left Positive feedback   

    Item like new. Super easy transaction! A+++

    Wojo was The Seller

  6. Topshot56 left Positive feedback   

    Absolutely smooth deal and great guy A+ thanks!!!

    Wojo was Trading

  7. kman left Positive feedback   

    Great person, friendly honest and reliable.

    Wojo was The Seller

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