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  1. So the Kane lady won the PA Attorney General election. I'm sure you've seen her campaign commercial saying she vows to close the "Florida loophole." We all know there is no loophole. My question is, since Casey got reelected there, is it within his powers to veto or stop things that Kane tries to do, like closing this imaginary gun loophole?
  2. Oh okay, thanks for correcting me. I thought it was the way I said it. This new legislation is still a bad idea though.
  3. In Egg Harbor Township, they just ask you to try and get another reference if there is any issues.
  4. OPPOSED! This one here makes the "Lautenberg" statute even worse! As it is now, you cannot be "Lautenberged" if you are convicted of a domestic violence crime WITHOUT A WEAPON. IIRC, it only affects you if you were convicted and you used a weapon. This is dangerous because restraining orders are often abused and used as tools/weapons of leverage in separations. Basically, anyone can go into a police station and accuse someone of doing some act of domestic violence against them WITHOUT ANY PROOF and get a restraining order. The standard of evidence is INCREDIBLY and unfairly low to get a restraining order; in fact, all it takes is a the word of the accuser and a half way believable story. On the other hand, the threshold for the accused to prove he DID NOTHING WRONG, is MUCH higher; which is UNFAIR. This new legislation should be thrown out.
  5. http://www.ammoland.com/2012/07/30/maryland-concealed-carry-update/#axzz22KvzrSvV This part. I wouldn't hold my breath while those hoplophobes try day and night to stop this from passing.
  6. Unfortunately, I think I read on ammoland that the state will appeal to the 4th circuit fed courts and that a stay could last for months while the appeal is pending.
  7. Man oh man......... Way to go some of you.... I'm not going to name names, but thanks for showing your true colors. And oh yeah, just in case some of you didn't know, there ARE black people on this forum INCLUDING ME.... The undercover racists are coming out of the woodworks with this one on here. I mean, I've seen little questionable and slick remarks here and there in other threads but they were far and few in between so I just got over it. I'd read a comment somewhere on the forum and think to myself, "I wonder if this person knows black people are on this forum too...," and move on. And before any of you go on a diatribe about the New Black Panther Party and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Nutter, and all the other folks out there doing the same thing on the opposite side of the spectrum, I have just as much distaste for them doing what they are doing as I do for some of you. Am I saying all this because some of you support Zimmerman? Absolutely NOT. I'm saying all this because of the way you are supporting Zimmerman. Now go ahead and negative rep this one to death and see if I care one bit. Racism is a mental disease plain and simple.
  8. I'm not trying to be rude to you or anything like that, but are you a mod??? As long as people aren't being rude to each other and discussing in a friendly manner, I don't see why we couldn't speculate until we were blue in the face. After all, this IS a discussion board; right?
  9. I think I saw where it was in a neighborhood like a development or something similar where there really isn't a backyard per se but a common area or courtyard where a group of home's back door has immediate access to.
  10. Wish I would have made the meeting Wife didn't feel well so I was on kid duty lol.
  11. https://www6.state.nj.us/DOC_Inmate/inmatesearch
  12. The politicians are something else.... I am far from being anti-cop (matter of fact, I'm still trying to get into LE), but I get the sense that the NJSP doesnt want civilians having guns because they feel they would lose their advantage. Like now the only big difference between officers and civilians is they have a gun and we don't so they'd lose that intimidation factor. I personally know some cops who feel this way but in more of in an arrogant way. Its a shame they feel that way. As far as their pay, I think they start out at $60k and top out after 7 years at $110k. Plus they get a crapload of overtime so some are easily making over $150k.
  13. Hey Mr. Colandro, if you guys ever start a Gun For Hire regular or business Google+ page, I'd follow you guys. :thumbsup:
  14. Im up to the 3rd episode and they all have been GREAT so far! Great Job Mr. Colandro and team! I DEFINITELY want to try that Simunitions or FATS one day!
  15. The only problem with a mass application submissions is that as we can already see, certain towns move faster than others.
  16. I never knew they had a podcast. Subbing in a few seconds!
  17. I hear you. Thats the other side of the coin. We all believe we should have training because we all believe in being safe and responsible firearm owners. The challenge is, if HR 822 passes, if its not required to train, how do we go about effectively encouraging training and promoting safety to the average person to go train with that brand new firearm they just purchased? Thats my real issue. Like I said, I see both sides of the coin as do many in this thread.
  18. SMH... Listen, nobody is suffering from any delusions over here. Like I said in my last reply, since i am one that does think training is beneficial, all I did was offer a suggestion as to what type of basic training I thought would not cause a hardship on anyone's time or wallet. If you have any better suggestions, by all means, please state them, or not, either way it's your perogative.
  19. SMH... Its not nonsense or magic. If a person takes the class and doesn't learn anything, then that is on them. Sure, I agree that ONE class isn't enough. But at the very least, the four golden rules would be learned. Learning basics like that are indispensable to someone new to guns. If anything, the class could teach a person how to safely handle a firearm when not in danger. I don't think it's "magic" at all, and to be honest, that's overstating it quite it bit IMHO. It's just like learning how to drive a car. Those that just get behind the wheel without first learning how to drive usually wreak havoc that first time behind the wheel. These things we call guns aren't toys. Some form of training should be required IMHO. I offered a suggestion as to what level of training that could be but by all means, if you have a better idea, please feel free to add it. However, at the same time, I do understand the argument against mandatory or required training. As a responsible and SAFE gun owner, I just think its highly irresponsible to advocate no training required. It puts me between a rock and a hard place because I also believe in our rights. I also know how crafty the antis are in usurping our right to bear arms. There has to be a happy medium. I made this thread because I believe this will be an issue when it comes time for the Senate to vote on it.
  20. Last time I checked, this was a public forum where almost ALL posts are opinions. If its "beyond" you as to why "we" have to have these discussions then simply scroll past the thread or don't enter or don't post. Are you a mod??? Did I break any rules by posting this thread? Or should I have asked YOU whether or not its a worthwhile point of discussion? Not trying to be facetious but I'm growing very tired of people on PUBLIC forums OTHER THAN MODS telling people what they should or shouldn't post in so many words or directly. As far as your "forum law" stuff, I've never seen it.
  21. To this, in those states, there aren't many occurrences where someone has to use their gun either so your point is moot. Having no training with your weapon is downright irresponsible whether its a requirement or not. You would think that most of us here being the firearm enthusiasts that we are would agree that some form of training is better than none.
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