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  1. The analogy is meant to make it clear that the amount of debt always exceeds the money supply, so it is impossible to ever be debt free. The debt is also the mechanism that gives money value because you always need more of it to pay debt. The system is a good one. It is ingenious. The problem is that the Government now has a disproportionate amount of debt relative to everyone else. If you have 100 people chasing each other in a circle it does not feel like you are going in a circle because you only get to know the few people in front of you and the few people behind you. The Government Debt is now so large that they are chasing themselves in a circle and the system looks obvious and silly. No reasonable cost cutting or taxes will pay down the debt and allow the government to function at the same. The government ruined a very good system by abusing it.
  2. The Federal Debt is 14.5 Trillion… there are only about 900 billion US dollars in circulation. So the total national debt is about 14 times more then the total US dollars that exist. This shows how silly the idea of paying back the national debt is. I am sure at some point when we were in grammar school we all asked the question “why is money worth anything”. The reason it is worth anything, is because as a society… We owe more more money then exists. The Monetary system was designed to work that way. I wrote the following article and I want to share it with everyone because I think it is important to understand how the system works before we try to change it. The only way to fix this problem is the to change the computation for interest. Interest is what keeps the debt growing. Instead of Int= debt x rate x term. They need to change it so that Int= (debt x rate x term) – Deflation Variable. This would start to decrease the debt at a faster rate, but there is still a problem… as soon as the free market realizes that their is now more available money in circulation, due to decreased debt obligations, business will respond by raising prices to acquire some of that money. The system has a built in fix. If new borrowers do not come in to borrow more money because borrowing money is too expensive (high interest rates), individuals and corporations will find themselves near default. Some will have to go out of business in order for others to survive. This is the painful truth that no one is willing to come to terms with. In order to fix the system, you have accept deflation, recession, defaults and bankruptcies as part of the system. This is the fail-safe that was designed into the system to prevent inflation. The Deflation Variable I suggested above may ease the level of default. This Deflation Variable would work along with a prolonged recession to bring debt back under control. No amount of tax increase or cost cutting can fix the problem because that is not how the system was designed to work. The system was designed to trap debtors into a life time of paying off an ever growing debt. The Federal Government has fallen into their own trap. A lot of people say that going back to a Gold Standard would fix things. It is important to understand that there have been problems with gold and silver backed currencies going back to ancient times. For one thing, the people/companies who mine gold and silver are able to manipulate the supply. Furthermore, government is able to manipulate the companies that mine silver and gold. Here is how the Gold Standard took shape in America. http://libertythinkers.com/education/gold-standard-myths-and-facts-part-2/#comment-1118
  3. This is something I published: http://libertythinkers.com/political/swords-guns-and-fighter-jets-in-relation-to-liberty/ Please repost everywhere you can.
  4. I can't say I have too much sympathy. While I respect the work the Police do in risking their lives to fight real crime... I have a complete and utter lack of respect when I see that their main job is to issue tickets. It is clearly obvious that a large percentage of the police is dedicated 100% to revenue raising. The is not Policing... that is Tax Collecting. Every one of those tax collectors should be fired in every town, every city and every state. We don't need more tax collectors. What we need is police that will help keep American Communities safe from real crime. They should keep only the minimum amount of police necessary to fight real crime. I can't wait till the axe starts falling on State Troopers. Beyond that... people should take an interest in protecting themselves, rather then relying on others to protect them. This seems like a good time to push for more gun rights in NJ. More armed citizens means less of a need for Police/Tax Collectors. Instead of dialing 911 to report a burglary... people can learn to dial 1911. It has been my opinion... through the last four recessions... That Recessions are not the Sickness... They are the Cure.
  5. I think the best deal is to be had at Lowes. I bought a 425 lb 22 gun safe (Liberty) for about $700. They normally charge $60 delivery but if you talk to the manager they will deliver it for free. I will be buying a second one in the spring to accommodate my growing collection. Don't get the one from Home Depot. It is about the same size and money but very lightwieght. I think it weighs only about 200 lbs. When it comes to large safes delivery charge can be make or break.
  6. I never higher a lawyer for minor traffic offenses. Its no fun if I can't represent myself. Worse case scenario is I loose and pay the ticket and take the points. I have already accepted that risk, so now its fun time. I get to play lawyer with minimal risk. Each time you get better and better so it is a skill worth developing through practice. The skill learned has many other applications in life. I'm not trying to save $100. I am willing to spend the inequivalent of $800+ in my personal time to cost the state as much money as possible... which could run $3,000+ when you factor in all the court personal. That means even if I loose the case and pay the ticket, the Police State looses money on me. I win. You have a much better chance of wining in court if you enjoy being there. You have to take pride and pleasure in tying up a corrupt system that is out to take advantage of people. When I go there I am in no rush to leave. I sit in the court all day and look for patterns that become very clear after a while and are very exploitable weaknesses. If you turn it into a mentally challenging game that is fun, you don't loose no matter what, because you had fun doing it. Traffic court counts on the fact that people don't want to be there and will pay anything to get out. Never do what they expect you to do. Never be predictable. I have been a competitive swordman for years. I naturally enjoy competitive challenges. I have also fought through some Sales Tax audits in my professional career with much higher stakes. It is very similar to a serious poker game.
  7. The detector usually goes off way before I see them. Cops have to get a visual on you too in order to give a ticket. In most cases it goes off in advance from other cars ahead of me that he is aiming it at. Even in cases where I am the only car, I am able to slow down enough to get by. Cop has to get a steady reading so it is credible. The only problem with Radar Detectors is that a lot of Work Signs have them too, so you get a lot of false readings that way. This becomes a problem if you start to anticipate false readings. That is how they got me a few times... but I still beat them in court (see earlier post).
  8. I have been to NJ traffic court a few times an beat them every time. First- Do not just mail in payment. You lose money and get points this way. No chance of winning anything. Second- Do not accept a plea bargain from the prosecutor. Demand a trail. The prosecutor will tell you he has never lost a trial. Lie. The prosecutor is allowed to lie to you and so are cops. They can not lie in court under oath. Do not pay a lawyer for anything less then a serous offense that could put you in jail or lose you license. The lawyer will only get you the same plea bargain that the prosecutor would have automatically offered you anyway. Third- The prosecutor will drag this out and find way to postpone a few times. The first time cop will not be available, second time cop won't have notice. You have to be willing to make at least three or four trips to court to win the case. Each time the prosecutor tries to delay you will ask to speak to the judge so you can ask for a dismissal. Judge may grant it. It also puts the prosecutor on notice that you are not a stupid person. Prosecutors and cops prefer not to put themselves at risk in a trial if they can avoid it. Each time prosecutor will offer you a deal with no points hoping you will take it. Understand that the state is running a business. It is more profitable for them to make quick plea bargains. You pay a higher fine for no points. Trails take time and cost lots of money. Not profitable for them. Be willing to sit in court the whole day and let the judge see you waiting for trail. That tells him you are a fighter and you will likely appeal an unfavorable dicision. This is headache he would rather not have over a $100 ticket. Fifth- If this does go to trial. The cop will first offer himself to make a deal before hand. The case has already been delayed a few times and he can not remember anything. When he stopped you you should have done or said anything to make yourself stand out more. You want the stop to be as routine as possible for him. For a speeding violation, just ask him how he assessed your speed. If he asks you how fast you were going say 65, NOT 66. Six- Fat chance the case goes to trial. Chances are that it is not 4pm and prosecutor, cop and judge want to go home. If they attempt to delay it, demand a dismissal. No excuse if the cop is there too. Seven- It goes to trial. You only need One Witness... The COP. Do not bring other people to assert that the cop is a lier... that will not work. Do not offer any testimony of your own... just question the cop. Make a list of question before hand. The answers to those questions should be YES or No only. Do not give the cop a chance to speak freely. You will only ask questions that have yes or no answers. Any you will ask them in a loaded manor so that he says what you want him to say. Do not ask any questions you do not already know the answer too. This is Rule ONE for lawyers in court. In most cases the speed is assessed by radar or laser from the side of the road with the patrol car facing the on coming traffic. These are the questions to ask. Obviously you may have to adjust some of the questions to suite you particular situation. In my situations I have not front plate on my PA car so it helps if I can get the cop to say that he did see the front plate as I drove by. Now I have him on perjury. This is the reason cops do not go to court for minor cases. They don' want to risk their credibility on a sly of hand maneuver from a guy like me. If he says he did not see the front plate as you went by, it is impossible he say the vin, model, make of the car. The only ID he has is color. Do not mention color at all! And don't ask a question that allows him to mention it. If it does slip in, ask him if he has any idea of how many thousands of cars drove past him on the road that day with that same color. I always change lanes after I pass a cop on the side of the road. That way I am setting up a future lane position question. The cop always looses eye contact with the car he clocked in order to enter the road. This is a guaranteed win case. It has Reasonable Doubt. Reasonable doubt is all you need. The questions about the various types of radar errors are only misdirection. Do not try to win the case on this. The cops are already prepared to deal with this and I want them to think that its "that type of defense". Then I attack from another direction. I'm an accountant, not a lawyer... but I still make my living tearing apart the systems that politicians create to control us. IMPORTANT: When the prosecutor asks you what happened do not say anything other then "you where not speeding". Do not even hint the nature of your defense. Never tell the enemy your war plans. The reason I posted this here is because people can not view this forum unless they are members. If more people demanded expensive trials the system would stop being profitable for the state and they would not hire cops for the sole purpose of giving tickets. These are not really cops, they are TAX COLLECTORS. Note: NJ unmarked patrol cars are Dodge Chargers. They have a very distinctive front grill with a cross. I always keep one in my rear view mirror for this. If you see one coming up behind you downshift to slow you car down without activating you breaklights if he is closing in. They usually use radar as well as pace, so your radar detector should tip you off too. Only fools drive without radar/laser detectors because the state is obviously out to get you. If one of these guys gets you, the defense takes on a different tone. You should see them pacing you if you look for that grill-face. In that case they will only be able to pace you for a short distance and you can create reasonable doubt on that basis. History: Most interstate highways are designed with curves wide enough to accommodate speeds approaching 100 mph. Certainly 80 mph. The interstate system is based on the German Autoban that the Americans where very impressed with when they occupied Germany after WWII. The Autoban has no speed limit on 50% of it. They did scale it down a bit to save money. I believe that the concrete is only 4 inches thick rather then 6 inches in US interstate highways. The reason why everyone cruises comfortably at 80-85 mph is because that is what the interstates were designed for. It is far more reasonable to have two speed limits posted. 85 mph for daytime dry conditions and 65 mph for night and wet conditions.
  9. tsafa

    .357 Suggestions

    I have a Taurus .357. I forget what model it is. I think is is something in the 65 series. Its a really nice 6 shot, with a 6 inch ported barrel. The ported barrel is really key for recoil management. The gun kicks less then my .38 snub. Everyone who shoots the Taurus .357 at my range loves it. Taurus makes 7 and 8 shot .357 revolvers. You might want to consider those. I know I have the 8 shot somewhere on my list of things to buy. I need to get a .44 Mag first and a few other things to round out my collection, before I buy another .357. Check out the 608 http://www.taurususa.com/product-details.cfm?id=250&category=Revolver&toggle=tr&breadcrumbseries=LF2 BTW... There is a reason why you have two hands... Two Revolvers.
  10. That cop saved the lives of a lot of other people by killing that maniac. If that guy got away, after take two shots at a cop, I have no doubt he would have gone straight back to the bar, where his conflict started, and killed a bunch of people there. The risk that the cop took more then anything, though, is that there might have been someone tied up in the back seat or trunk that he did not see, and he could have shot them too. This is one case that I am very happy worked out in the cops favor.
  11. I really want a cheap Garand I can see no reason for Hitlery Clinton (pun intended) to stall the sale of these rifles other then to snub the people she knows vote against her.
  12. Lighting Bolt! There is some seasonal fluctuation in commodities relative to each other... but what you saw back in 2007 and 2008 seemed like all commodities going up. What you saw there was not really the price of those commodities going up... just the price ONE coming down. What you saw was the value of the Dollar falling as they created more and more of it out of thin air. The only difference is that people in America are conditioned to only look at prices from one perspective... the Dollar. Sometimes people get more clever and start to compare the dollar to other currencies, gold or silver. This is not accurate either too since other countries are also print money and govts own most of the gold. Investments in gold or silver are highly leveraged. When you buy into a gold fund, you are not actually buying real gold that they have in stock and could deliver on demand. Commodity indexes are most accurate because they are an average of a lot of different real goods that have real value. Take a look at the following commodities index chart. It is an average of many different commodities: http://www.mrci.com/client/crb.php It appears like the prices were going up steadily since 2001, then came back down in 2008, only to start going back up. Wrong, the price of commodities did not really change. The Value of commentaries would not change unless there is a world wide shortage of goods. What you are seeing is the the banks creating money through loans they give, out of thin air. The govt lets them do this as long as they are backed by collateral. The US Govt has an unfair advantage because it can borrow as much as it wants without collateral. It got out of control by 2008, so they started taking money out of circulation (so to speak by restricting new loans). This is the start of the Great Recession. That's the big secret, the recession is not the problem... it is the FIX. Then the Obama Stimulus package came along. Big mistake... because instead of letting the recession work... Obama wanted to be popular so he printed up some money and started throwing it around. The Value of the dollar starts falling again. From your prospective it appears as if prices are going up. The reason why the price of oil appears to go up more then other commodities faster is because the oil companies are big enough to hire hundreds of people like me (accountants) to tell them what is really happening to the money supply and how they can maintain their relative position. Oil Companies are able to adjust fast to the supply of money being added and occasionally subtracted from the market. By contrast, when Obama flooded the world with stimulus package money, you were not able to charge into your bosses office and demand a raise... which is what you would have to do in order to keep up. Your boss is able to keep up with the govt when they decide to prop up the dollar by removing money from circulation, because all he has to do is fire you and hire someone unemployed cheaper. That is how recessions work, they are basically employee swaps that adjust salaries lower. I am not taking political sides here. All administrations and govts around the world like to print money. Creating more money out of thin air is an invisible tax on everyone who saves because it dilutes their monetary savings. It is really no different then counterfeiting, except counterfeit bills are eventually found and taken out of circulation at the expense of the person in possession of that bill.
  13. Congrats on deciding to get a flintlock. I have a beautiful Thompson .50 cal. Up to 150 feet from a rested position it has almost no drop with a 90 grain BP Charge. I can get under 8" grouping. It can be accurate well past that once you learn the drop rate, which I have not done yet. I think every true gun enthusiasts must have one. A few things to keep in mind (I am an NRA BP Instructor). Main charge then patched ball. The patch allows the ball which is smaller then the bore to grip the groves and spin. Real Blackpowder ignites better, but is dirtier. Use 2F for the main charge. 4F for the flint pan. Goex is good stuff. Keep a flash hole pick tied on your string to your trigger guard to pick the hole clean when you have to. Clean after a day of shooting with soap and water because BP residue is corrosive. Use hot water because it will dry faster... or blow dry with a hair dryer. OIL everything that is mettle. I was careless and I forgot to oil the trigger hinge one time and soon found the trigger rusted stiff. It was easy enough to clean and fix, but better not to get into that hassle. Flint ignition. You will figure out with experience that the flint will spark best at a certain angle. That means you may have to adjust the position as you keep wearing the flint down. Know that the Frizen, gets warn too and will eventually need to be replaced. You can buy real black powder at: Wallenpaupack Sports Shop Route 6 Hawley, PA 18428 (570) 226-4797
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