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  1. If you think you're gonna be shooting for many yrs to come (hence reloading for the hobby), I would start with a Dillon 550B. I bought Maksim's lee classic turret and when I realized reloading isn't rocket science, I didn't even set it up and ordered a Dillon 550B. It's a semi progressive press. Easy to setup, easy to maintain, and gives you better output for your time. You may not realize it now, but trust me, reloading 300 - 400 rds per hour is better than reloading on a single stage press or even on a lee classic turret. The reliability of Dillon's as well. In my 3 yrs of owning a 550B, i've reloaded about 20-24K of 9s and 40s without anything breaking. The cost will be double at first but as the saying goes, buy once, cry once! I've moved on to a Dillon 650 with a case feeder and reloading 400 rds is now a breeze! This is just my two cents. I wasted money on a Lee Classic turret because I didn't think things through so I'm sharing you my experience. You want to shoot and not spend time reloading.
  2. Just an fyi. A lot of us uspsa dudes been using ibejiheads polymer coated bullet heads with great success. The owner, Alex, will usually deliver the heads in CJ and OB since he usually shoots the uspsa matches there. Www.ibejiheads.com if you want to give him a try. I personally have shot about 16K of it in my pistols and I thinks its awesome. Plus if he delivers, I believe he removes the shipping cost from the total. He can help with loads too.
  3. Then again this might be all a moot point if the new governor makes us all a 10 rd state like NY! Let me enjoy my 2011s now. I told u to go with the tanfo! Im the same guy that talked to u in enos!
  4. Dude did you ask if cz custom can help?
  5. I guess but my buddys ffl in NY didnt see any issues with it! I can only put 10 rds on it and itsdimple is permanent.
  6. So Mecgar is wrong I guess! Lol! My buddy from NY didnt have issues with it
  7. You could put dimples on it to limit the round to 15. Mecgar makes 17 rd mags for cz 75 and their 10 rd version is the same mag with dimples or indentation limiting the mags to 10 but you are able to disassemle the mags.
  8. 5.4 limited rig Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I downloaded Google Sketchup and was trying to dabble designing a stage. A lot of guys have shared their designs online. Is it normal to ask permission if i can setup the stage for us to try in Ob or CJ? I found some designs that I want to try in CJ or OB one day. I dont feel comfortable changing it slightly and putting my name on the stage design. What do you guys think?
  10. Thanks for the info! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Guys - has any of you been to the range this week? Whats the chances we'll have a match this week? Im just wondering because if there's still 2 feet of snow in the pits, then i high doubt theyll melt by Sunday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I switched nooks on stage 2 i believe because the squad before told us it was low on battery. My squad does have all of our scores for stage 4 and we started on stage 5 if that helps! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Sorry to hear that Matt! Rest assure we appreciate everything you have done for the CJ USPSA matches to happen!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Oops! Didn't search far enough! Please close this thread!
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