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  1. I should be there... finally have a free weekend.
  2. Looks like they're tackling youtube vid on Mythbusters on Wed. http://dsc.discovery.com/videos/mythbusters-geometry-rules.html
  3. Thanks for the scores Vlad. Good time as always, need to work on my transitions, and speed, but I'm happy with how I did. Here's some video of Maks' stage, I have 720p versions if you guys want them Maks Ryan (ignore my giant, burry finger) Me
  4. Provided I have all my prep work done for Mother's day dinner... I should be there. Hmm I better check my ammo supplies... though I could be brave and try my reloads.
  5. I have an '87 Speer manual that says 5.7-6.4 for 115gr bullet (TMJ & Hollow point, .117-.114 ballistic coefficient) with Unique powder (1106-1215fps). I did my first batch of reloading recently with older Unique powder (red/gold can), though it was for a 124 gr bullet, but the data from this manual worked for those.
  6. Oh man, 2 of those stages are painful for me to watch. I shot okay, but either forgot my reload plans or had a premature slide lock-back (?). On a positive note, all those years of ballet and jazz tap paid off for the qualifier. Thanks for ROing to both of you. If someone shows me how to score sometime, I'd be glad to help out with that.
  7. Great time as always, congrats to Maks on his first stage design. It was a good one!
  8. I'll be there around 8:30 to help out. Looking forward to it.
  9. Sweeeeeet! Thanks Ron. Aside from the stage where I foot-faulted six shots, I'm very happy with my first real match.
  10. That's totally usable. I've only done 2 USPSA matches, with a Sig Pro SP2022 in 9mm (no external safety), 4 mags (32 rounds is max scored per stage I think, 10 in each in the production class), Blackhawk serpa holster and pouches. I just use my everyday belt, which works fine at my level. So you can get going in USPSA for the price of a holster, pouches (or just use your pockets) and 2 more mags.
  11. Yup, I signed up for a membership at the Shongum match - $40 for the year and it pays for your first match too. I think the limited # of spots is for the Topton 3gun match... right?
  12. Just got 2 more Pmags from Ty and they drop free with no issue.
  13. Since I'm now addicted, I think I'll be at this one too... gotta start geting my reloads in mass production, looks like I'm going to need them!
  14. I definitely had a blast too, will be doing more of these in the future. I was pretty happy with the way I shot too*. (*This statement only applies to pistols)
  15. I haven't left the house without a swiss army knife in 20 years. It's an indespensible tool, I highly recommend one. Opening boxes, screwing in any number of loose screws, picking my teeth with the toothpick, cutting hangnails with the scissors, fixing my glasess with the mini screwdriver, opening bottles of wine. Now if they only made one with an assisted opening/switch blade...
  16. This is a good chart to keep things in perspective: http://xkcd.com/radiation/ We can detect super-tiny amounts of radiation with the equipment we have. It's not something I'd really be worried about, otherwise maybe I should stop eating bananas and sleeping next to people...
  17. Thanks guys, I've sanded one down a bit and it's almost complete free. Just taking it a little bit at a time.
  18. I have an older Essential Arms lower and the Pmags I have from MidwestPX aren't dropping free. It'll pop down a bit, then seems to bind on the rear sides. Should I just sand the mags until they drop? Seems simple enough, but wanted to see if any one else had this issue. I've heard some pmag runs were a bit large. I don't have any steel mags to test with to see how they work in comparison.
  19. I'm heading there tonight to try some of my first reloads...
  20. Thanks Maks. I placed an order through MidwestPX, if they come, they come, if not I'll take you up on your offer. Shoulda got in on that group order...
  21. Then count me as 'interested' in the rifle match. I can borrow a mag from my Dad and use my pockets. Now I'm even more excited! I'm emailing Rob now, here's hoping the weather holds out! My forecast says snow...
  22. I'm interested in this for my first pistol match, weather/schedule permitting, I will email Ron before Wed... As far as the rifle match, I would be interested, but haven't looked into the requirements/rules for this, but would be interested in giving it a go if I am able to. (I have only 2 mags, no mag pouches) If I read up on the rules on the USPSA site, should I be all good with the knowledge from the intro class? I just have an AR with Red dot and iron flip-ups. Thanks.
  23. Thanks Mike! Had a great time and learned a lot! Nice to meet everyone!
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