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  1. What's not to like? Bruen stated clear as day that you have a right to carry a handgun in public, and the state has a right to licensing requirements that provide that pathway for non prohibited persons. Without a license to carry, nothing changes with respect to transporting firearms. Even with a license, you may be limited to what handguns are associated with your carry permit.
  2. I've deprimed a few live ones without issue, definitely use a universal depriming die.. Wouldn't want to know what would happen in a resizing die if one went off.
  3. What primers exactly were used here? There are lots of hard small rifle primers.
  4. There was a group robbing houses in Mahawah a few years back, they knew how to cut phone and telecom lines to homes and robbed them. Now some of these systems have cell service, would be interested to know.
  5. I plan on using 2 friends and my wife. Nothing says I can't use her as a reference.
  6. I found the shorter distance shots I focuses a lot less on fundamentals..I knew it wasnt a bullseye match, hence my two missed shots... I figured I got this... until I didn't... everything went well after that and your point is correct. My dad in Florida just had to shoot at a target to get his CCW, they didn't even have to hit it.
  7. Truth be told, I hit 6 for 6 at 25 yards with a p938.... I ain't no sharp shooter... I missed 2 shots at 7 yards with it, lol. I'm not saying it should be done that way, just that it can be. 25 yards isn't that far if someone's trying to kill you with a rifle, a rare occurrence but still.
  8. Looks like a ruger LCP... I would go with that over keltec
  9. If he was given a court sentence, even for just 3 days of community service, that would indicate a conviction of a disorderly persons. I believe driving on a suspended license is a 4th degree crime, depending on the circumstances. I'm not surprised they are being more stringent with carry permits. NJ law is more specific with prohibited persons from owning a firearm, he wouldn't be disqualified from owning a firearm as he's not considered a prohibited person. The dog license shit is rediculous though.
  10. I dont live in Randolph, my town is fine with just a qualification by ANY certified firearms instructor... nothing more. The GFH course is actually more than they requested.
  11. Pretty simple, if a law doesn't exist... you have no duty to inform. Second point, which is a little blurry. NJ only allows Law enforcement and the courts to have access to personal information on gun owners. That would disqualify releasing personal information to anyone else, including the NJMVC. However, it wouldn't disqualify NJ from having a seperate system only accessible by LEO.
  12. I could never understand why not? It's not like friends are inherently more honest than family.
  13. They put down Federal 115gr 9mm for mine. It's what the box said..... I had no idea they were going to put down the exact cartridge used until I was handed the complete certificate. So... yeah, don't over think it. You could tell them you are using a specific bullet. Like 124gr RN 9mm. I'm sure they wouldn't care omitting the manufacturer, I would call and ask first.
  14. From GFH? They give you a certificate for each handgun, one gun per cert, no additional lines.
  15. This is what my town wants. Simple enough, one page all 3 references.
  16. Because if the judge wants to waive the court appearance, they are free to do so. A court appearance is the status quo.
  17. Yup, the application package had the fingerprint form and she wrote in the case number in. Makes no sense you guys have to hand in the app before getting finger printed.
  18. where a narrow pass was held for three days against a vast Persian army by just 300 men, 299 of whom perished.
  19. Just picked up my application, woman at the window said people have already been approved by the town. Best date I could get for fingerprints was August 23rd, but its 5 mins from my house. I can't take road trips out of state right now for something sooner.
  20. No offense to those who can't, but shit man. If I can score a 98% with a glock 19c, and a 94% with a smal P938 on the HQC1.. I think most people should be fine qualifying who put a little practice in. I spent an hour practicing the day prior to qualification, and hadn't shot any handgun in almost 2 years.
  21. You can always check if the cap goes out by spinning the fan by hand, if possible. The AC should turn on if the cap is bad, the cap just gets the fan spinning from the stopped position.
  22. I agree, it's a reference to if you lied on the form.... pretty tall order to prove anyway.
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