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  1. FID= Purchaser card... i dont know where people get the idea it gives you any right to carry a rifle. Through exemptions of the law your allowed to transport them accordingly Also you need to list the pistols on your CCW, which means if you buy after that, you need to reapply for the permit. Not to mention the fact there is still restrictions that can be put in place. -trust me, no ones holding there breath around here, i was asked what needs to be changed, and i gave my opinion.
  2. Doesnt quite work like that. A CCW in NJ i believe is for pistols. We need an overhaul on all the laws, get rid of anything that makes guns owners criminals(exemptions don't count since you have to prove your exempt), and your inherently a criminal until you prove otherwise(not exactly innocent until proven guilty). Secondly, i don't see how NJ can deny people the right to carry, this is either a carry state or it isn't, i would rather no one carries a gun in this state, then have the crooked politicians be the only ones to protect themselves. In theory 'justifiable need" isnt that bad, but apparently the state doesn't view self defense as a justifiable need. Honestly, i dont have time right now, but i could just copy and paste florida laws, and 40 of the other ones, but i think most people get the point...why can't we find some middle ground with this state..
  3. What are they trying to hide? I mean really... I was always under the mind set if your doing the right thing u have nothing to hide...i guess they feel different.
  4. OMG...haaha!! i told my mom ammo makes a great stocking stuffer!
  5. +1 this is a tricky question to answer, some towns may see the appeal and see it as a means to disregard your denial, some towns may deny you becuase u lied on it and they don't recognize the appeal. The question is did the appeal overthrow the original decision of denial.
  6. I don't have direct link to the shirts with the lay off dates, but i defiantly herd it floating around a couple months ago.
  7. Honestly, not a whole lot of them are/were over staffed. Maybe over staffed by a handful, but they've been cutting by the hundred. The problem is, these cities there cutting are already on the verge of well, collapsing. Newark just dumped a SH8t load of money into there downtown district, including the new devils stadium. I'd like to see how they plan on keeping that place safe and clean with less police street presence. You also have high ranking schools like NJIT and UMDNJ in the middle of newarks ghetto, which means there going to have to step up security...the campuses are not gated, and anyone can walk onto them. Newarks shooting/death rate is already on the rise this year.
  8. Its a catch 22 really. FID's P2P's and COE's only give you the right to obtain a firearms. However, LE ask for them becuase it's one of the only way they can check if the firearm is legal(on the spot), what makes it legal is the way you obtain it, not the way you own. SO, a good way to show the firearm is legal, is to be able to provide the info in which it was purchased. SO while an FID doesnt mean diddly squat, an P2P or COE, can be used to show a gun is legal.
  9. What about discharging a firearm in the event of protecting yourself during a break in? Would you face charges based on the fact you were defending your life?
  10. +1 i would rather cover up the threads and pin that on then have them completely removed, one day we may be able to throw a flash hider on.
  11. I believe he is considered a felon, no pardon, time served, he no longer has a right to own a firearm. I can only wonder if they based this action on the premise that they dis-involved the pro-gun lobbies. Either way it is in my opinion no one did this out of the goodness of there hearts.
  12. like the title says, maybe maks is aware, just a heads up.
  13. Depends what your comparing.. the M9A1 vs 92a1 sights are identical, but the 92A1 has removable front sight. The only advantage i see is if you were set on getting night sights. I would take a beveled mag well and standard trigger guard over the removable sight, but that because i have no intention of changing the sight to begin with.
  14. I put my snows on last friday, i saw the forecast for monday and saw snow so i jumped on the opportunity since i had a lot going on this week. I can definitely say i make it around better in the snow with fwd + snowies, then most people do with all season 4x4. I have summer wheels so its a must they come off, they dont provide the better traction in the cold weather any way, and total death sled with any kind of snow covering. I go from 18" summer performance to 16" Dunlop M3 snows- i change all four, i had a rear end slide out a couple years ago which prompted me to get snows in the first place. It wasnt bad by anymeans but that was the issue, i took a slow turn and the rear kept going, Your actually supposed to change all 4, i mean your talking about insane traction on the front end and barely any at the rear. Me and a friend do ours at the same time every year, he has a nice garage that keeps us warm.
  15. Maybe you should just go home and hang yourself with your game controller.... I can't it's wireless. Whahah!!
  16. I would gladly hand over my man card for my life. The only thing those people have to be lucky about is the fact the guy had no idea how to aim a firearm. Now if i were packing a CCW it would be a different story, u know the saying, don't bring a purse to a gunfight.
  17. Or, Drive in and leave it at the closest PD in NJ or the town your staying in, call them ahead of time and talk to the Lt., this way the PD will know about it and give the OK, at least your protected for the long trip. PA is still probably a better option, even leaving it at the nearest PA station before NJ.
  18. I agree. Also, we don't need his permission for diddly squat. If we want to use his name, we damn well can, and don't need his permission. Everything we speak of is public knowledge, and we can speak of it as we please. We can protest and use his case as we see fit, to support our own cause. People will use his case like others have used cases to support there cause, THATS HOW OUR LEGAL SYSTEM WORKS! If he don't like, then i don't care and non of us should. We supported this guy becuase he got a raw deal, we wanted to help him, and every other gun owner in NJ, if he failed to miss that, and thought it was all about him, then he can suck it.
  19. They have inter municipality support, meaning they can call on neighboring towns for help, In the past 10 years or so i can say that many towns in my area have done this to break up large crowds/fights. I can recall one specifically that happened recently over at Ramapo College when an enormous fight broke out on campus. I believe at least 3 towns responded as well as the suffern PD, which is part of NY. So they help each other out regardless of judicial lines.
  20. It's pretty disgusting how people steal sh*t. At the same time you can't say they didnt temp who ever stole the stuff. My friend left his Ipod out on his seat in NYC and couldnt believe someone would smash the window to take it, reality check! #1 thefts in my town are car break ins, and 99% of them are unlocked cars. That's probably 80% of all criminal acts in the town too. These petty acts are probably from younger people, teenagers and what not. Low risk high reward. The cars unlocked snatch and run, the cars locked move on.
  21. I'm still in awe over some of those people reactions, guy pointed the gun at that women in the beginning and say you and you can leave, leave, and she grabs her stuff and putts away. I would have bolted, screw that. Actually i would have just ran the second i saw the gun.
  22. But then you have this socialist perspective.... am i paying for someone elses security? Is the money which was supposed to be spent on my protection now being spent on someone elses? I'm not saying this is a socialist movement by any standards, just lifting a brow is all.
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