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  1. If you qualify at GFH, the forms the sent me home with spells out every part of the law that is met for training and qualification, as well as the NJPS certification they hold and the licensed instructor, and course of fire I'm not even sure how a PD could possibly dispute it based on the law.
  2. I can't see 3 attempts forever disqualifying you? The law says you need to pass a qualifier, says nothing about how many times you can fail. The law also says you have options to qualify, and not a single one requires it be done by the police department. Shit, you can fail your drivers test as many times possible, and still get a license if you eventually pass. I know there is like a 2 week waiting period each time you fail. I wouldn't mind if they just offered it to people for ease of access, and free... but making it mandatory with a 3 fail limit is absurd, and sounds illegal.
  3. We're not talking about a traffic incident or some schmuck who got arrested. If they are found within reason to have violated your civil rights, and state statutes, which is really just a game of will the clock run out? Why would a PD risk a very material court case and potential a huge financial burden? The plaintiff is the entire police department, the town itself... I wouldn't sit on a letter like that... Between Bruen and the State statute, if the PD really can't figure it out in a timely manner... then actions become warranted.. I'm not saying to send the letter out now, but after 60 days, I would say send a damn letter acknowledging their time is up... contact the mayor... there is a number of things you could do.
  4. Good will? LoL. A number of towns are already approving and squared away. This process isn't new, at all. It's just that regular people get to do it now. To say the town has never done it, I doubt it very much. MANY towns are accepting the passing qualifications and processing permits. Why should any towns PD get to simply delay a process? I'm also not sure what guidance they are waiting on? And how long they plan to wait. If the PDs can't get their shit together, it's not mine or yours job to do it for them. So yes, a properly penned letter of intent from a lawyer is typically how you get shit done in this respect. Call up NJ2AS ANJRPC, see if they are willing to help, they literally have written dozens of letters sent to municipalities to get into compliance with FPIDs. They have 60 days to figure it out... 2 months is a pretty long time when they could just call the NJSP, or NJ AG if they really can't figure it out themselves....
  5. Why not just contact a lawyer and have them write a letter of intent to sue for civil and or criminal penalties if no action is taken by 60 days? The law and Bruen are very clear, if for instance they can't understand the law, that is a huge issue. People bank millions for having their civil rights violated... a small time town should just rubber stamp this shit if the law isn't clear enough, and the state refuses to clarify.
  6. What about it? "6. Nothing in this Order shall be construed to supersede any federal or State law."
  7. A) the ruling applies to a different law B) FIDs don't have an automatic approval at 60 days.
  8. Tell them they have 60 days to figure it out, at which point you expect it to be approved or denied.
  9. Biden will declare victory for dropping fuel prices, no doubt. Realistically, a lot of people are canceling summer travel because they can't afford the gas or the inflation spending. Almost a 10% drop in demand from last year.
  10. No offense but your "review" seems a bit suspect considering factory nato ammunition is 2 moa at best, with a 3 moa limit.
  11. I find it so trivial, my town doesn't even charge the local fees anymore.
  12. Can you toss me an invite link? Nvm I found it.
  13. Gotcha, I think I got booted from there for inactivity.
  14. Is there a way to get that notification? When I go to the page I don't see the notice.
  15. Anyone know what the current wait time is? I put one in on friday.
  16. JackDaWack


    I thought crypto was supposed to be recession proof? LOL.
  17. Prices are up for sure on firewood. My $210 per cord was just $300!!!
  18. Pointless waste of effort. Booker and Menendez want this shit, same as the rest of Njs democrat representatives. The only two, Smith and VanDrew already vote this stuff down... Maybe write them to let them know you have their back. If these people actually listened, and not just pretended, it might be worth something, even if they didn't change their minds. But your letters go right into the trash. My rep, Sherrill, gives zero shit about anything not on the democratic agenda. In fact, when she meets with constituents, they are mostly hand picked union reps.
  19. Oh really? Might want to read article 3.
  20. I think it's a moot point considering their entire gun department has been turned into bicycle space.
  21. So? NJ doesn't require you to conceal, and no states have printing laws that I'm aware of. Big boys tend to print easier. Dick heads is not part of the mall per say, it's a stand alone store outside the mall.
  22. How can we have constitutional carry when Bruen explicitly allowed licensing schemes such as those is shall issue states? Bruen for better or worse only stipulated that a state must have a pathway for people carry who aren't otherwise prohibited.
  23. Take a closer look at the critical defense/duty, they have the scoring in the jacket and part of the lead core removed at the nose. I'm not saying they have, I'm saying they "may", based on its configuration. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/95/78/1b/95781b2c9668bd9c26792fb0583f6b39.jpg NJSP don't offer official "legal advice", either. While they say HCD is not hollow point, they don't say it's NOT a dum dum.
  24. Dum dums by definition are bullets that expand. I dont see frangible bullets meeting that criteria. NJ doesn't differentiate between who made the cartridge, so manufactured or reloaded shouldn't have a legal impact with this regard. I would stick with ball ammo, any bullet like Hornady Critical Defense, while not hollow point could be considered a dum dum.
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