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  1. while I appreciate people are fighting a good fight.. trying to straighten out things that are being done incorrectly.. the fact that someone even has to do that speaks volumes as to why I will never return unless I absolutely had no other choice..
  2. why do they have to make the mags so hideous.. I mean a mag being functional is what is important.. but its so weird looking..
  3. I left NJ several year back and moved to central PA... and I would do everything I could to never ever even consider going back.. I read stories here about how the PD reacts to people inquiring about guns.. and how its mostly negative.. ill informed.. and where the citizen is almost treated as a criminal.. in PA.. when I was renewing my LTCF at the local sheriff.. I was asking about sign off to make a sawed off shotgun.. the response "oh you just fill out the ATF paperwork now we don't even need to sign off anymore so its better now". total opposite of the NJ mentality.. here I am telling LEO that I want a sawed off shotgun.. and the response is like I am asking for directions to the local gas station.. no negativity.. no bad advice.. no "OH why do you want such a violent criminal weapon" IF firearms are a high priority in your life.. NJ is not the place to be.. its not just the laws on the books today.. it is the general anti 2A mindset of the state and a vast majority of the people in it.. I do understand we are talking about a job you have had for years.. but seriously if guns are important to you.. start looking for new work..
  4. I wear a Suunto Kailash, has minimalistic smart watch features in that it gives me email and text alerts.. I really like it a lot.. its a quality watch.. when my wife purchased it for me they were around $1k but are down to like $400 now.. but there are a ton of other Suunto models some are less costly..
  5. I just 1 click order Surefires from Amazon and don't even think about it.. they are reliable.. they come right to my door.. and I don't pay shipping.. I could probably save a few bucks if I searched around.. but to be honest its just not worth it to me.. time is money.. and effort to search around for a better deal for a few bucks is just not worth it.. Amazon is simple and reliable..
  6. I think the big question is what is it going to be used for.. for normal shooting.. moving about fast.. shooting rapidly.. I prefer a chest rig.. it keeps everything up and supported.. plus my mag load out is center so reloads are quick.. I am considering shooting 3 gun.. and have started to build a 3gun setup.. I found a chest rig to be slow especially for shotgun reloads.. so for that I use a safariland ELS belt with ratchet strap mod and I don't need keepers or anything.. its VERY easy to get on and off.. and its secure.. I can't really figure out why this is the case.. why two types of shooting that are relatively similar cause me to have two different preferences.. but I think its mostly the shotgun reloads.. I love and hate thigh holsters.. I keep using it and not using it.. LOL but for the most part I normally end up keeping it because the disadvantages are offset by the advantages of getting it away from everything else thats going on..
  7. because a multimillion dollar business already making money hand over fist can not be bothered with the intricacies of ever evolving complex gun laws in anti 2A states.. its a business decision.. it is cheaper for them to just not sell NJ people anything that falls into the generic category of firearms.. than to evaluate the legality of each item.. especially when you are talking thousands of possible items.. that is just a guess..
  8. I agree with this.. I had a slightly loose mount once that was barely detectable at being loose.. coincidently it was a PRO.. I don't think that had anything to do with it.. in that I don't think the PRO has any issues.. just coincidence.. but tiny shifts at the RDS were amplified downrange.. and consistency sucked.. dirty barrel? no way.. I put metric tons of ammo through my ARs.. rarely clean them.. and have never experienced anything like that.. I think for your barrel to be fowled enough to produce what you are experiencing.. your BC would be so fowled it would barely move..
  9. i like the haley setup.. I use Tactical Taylor and I think they have a micro setup also.. and TT stuff is solid..
  10. its not role playing if you have better gear and shoot more often than most local cops..
  11. how many times have you stormed the beaches fighting Nazis with your milsurp carbines? because if you are not traveling back in time.. fighting historic wars.. you are just playing army..
  12. if I am going to use a tool to possibly save my life.. possibly having to go to war with another human being.. that weapon is going to be a money pit.. and it is going to have EVERY advantage possible.. one of those is a $300 weapon light.. because I want the best most reliable equipment I can possibly buy..
  13. if you plan to use a light in a self defense situation.. I think that the average person will be at a disadvantage with a handheld light.. it takes a fair amount of practice and dexterity to operate a light in one hand while shooting with the other.. in addition a light on your weapon leaves another hand to do things.. open and close doors.. drag someone back that has been shot or otherwise hurt.. make phone calls to 911.. you an do whatever you like.. but if you are going to use a gun for self defense.. in a possible low light situation.. not having a weapon light is silly..
  14. so do weapon lights..
  15. they also didn't have cars at one point... and put lead in paint.. doesn't necessarily mean its a good idea..