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  1. not to be the party killer.. but a molotov cocktail is a controlled incendiary device.. you should not make one and film it and put it on you tube as the outcome may be undesirable.. you will be guilty of manufacturing an unregistered destructive device..
  2. thanks for coming back with the update.. its good to know the follow up in case it applies to anyone else in the future.. good luck with it..
  3. well he answers yes.. what other option does he have..
  4. I built a P80... and the grip definitely feels more "straight" if that makes any sense..
  5. neat.. as long as your gun does not have a "folding" or "telescoping stock" its not an evil feature.. sounds fine..
  6. I completely agree with PK.. I had one on my 308 AR when I lived in NJ... the description specifically says "telescoping or folding STOCK" are "evil features".. the stock on the PRS does not move it especially does not fold or telescope... it is a fixed stock with adjustable components..
  7. I believe it.. I have rarely encountered a shop that stands up to make things right like TT..
  8. I have been dealing with the mod shop for my repair.. and I am blown away.. since my initial post I got my pack back.. and there was an aspect of the repair that I was not satisfied with.. they made an error.. they are human beings it is what it is.. but I was pretty annoyed.. they are quality.. but they are NOT fast.. which means I waited a while to get back something that didn't meet the standard I expected.. keep in mind.. they are doing all this stuff in house in the US.. anyway.. I called them pretty worked up.. the end result.. they are giving me a brand new pack.. the crazy part.. they didn't have it in stock.. they are literally making it for me as I type this.. that is INSANE service.. by the end of the call I actually felt bad for being so short with them.. I am fully convinced they will go to ANY level to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work they do.. my experience has been that they will NOT leave a customer in a dissatisfied state.. I was looking at some other manufacturers for a plate carrier.. but now I am taking a second look at TT.. its really really really hard to shop elsewhere given the level of support and service they have provided me.. I am a believer..
  9. Check out Tactical Tailor and see if they have anything.. they are not cheap.. but the quality is there.. and they stand by things in an indescribable way.. I had my pack for YEARS.. I use it every day.. had an issue with the zipper.. they told me to send it in.. and they repaired it.. no questions asked.. they didn't care how long I had it.. they didn't care if I was the 1st or 100th owner.. didn't ask for a receipt.. they just made it right..
  10. depends on situation.. my chest rig (with 3X 30 round mags 1X 40 round mag in the gun 131 rounds total on me) is right next to my rifle.. which is on the 3rd floor of my house.. you need to make quite a bit of noise to get in.. it will be on.. rifle in hand before you get to me.. if I had a plate carrier it would be the same.. depending on the situation.. and timing.. its more than likely I would be over top of them at the last flight of stairs before they even hit them.. unless they ran full speed.. that makes for a great angle for me.. and not such a good angle for them.. I have soft armor but looking into plates once all this nonsense subsides.. as jack stated.. all depends on your setup and planning..
  11. there are numerous extreme groups on all sides gaining traction in the US... all it will take is one stupid person to fire one shot at the wrong time.. and chaos will ensue... it will eventually be brought under control.. but in the mean time? I mean we have seen something recently that I have never seen before in my life.. cops ABANDON a police department.. and retreat.. now imagine if you lived in that community.. people running around.. looting.. setting fires.. NO police.. NO law.. NO order... some of those people could be armed.. who knows.. also.. the AR... AR pistol.. is becoming such common place.. I would not be surprised to see them used in crimes.. especially home invasion type crimes... hard plate might keep you in the fight just long enough.. it might buy you one extra shot... well worth it IMO..
  12. I have reloaded 40 S&W and 5.56... but not a ton of either.. I want to get into 9mm now but I have to get some supplies.. what I can tell you from a novice perspective.. since you are new to it.. 5.56 definitely had me a little more on the nervous side... 40 on the other hand after a few batches I could do no problem.. I would follow the advice of others and actually start with pistol.. I found pistol to be really easy to reload.. just some insight from someone without a ton of experience.. I dont shoot 40 anymore.. so I actually have some 40 stuff I would let go cheap.. bullets.. dies.. brass.. etc. its just sitting stored in the closet at the moment.. so when you are ready.. message me.. and I will see if we can get some kind of deal working..
  13. you and @High Exposure should take the drive out then... LOL
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