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  1. You are correct Maks.. I have family with adjacent property that holds over 100 acres.. part of which terminates into a mountain side.. or natural backstop.. no fancy range required
  2. My coworker thinks he wants to try longer range shooting up to and including 1,000 yards.. this is out of my scope of knowledge.. what does it take? optic? caliber? gun? I am open to all suggestions since this is not really my thing..
  3. still have that blanket in my car.. LOL
  4. probably 1 to 2k? meant to imply I don't need any special match grade, hollow point, etc..
  5. Shooting a LOT more recently.. any recommendations? This would be for Glock, AK, and Evo
  6. 308 5.56 9mm 12 guage I try to keep things as simple as possible..
  7. its a triangle reticle with a low picatinny mount... I think it is an American Defense mount... but I need to check.. quick release.. can sell at any time..
  8. I had two of them and had no problem with it.. I switched to a MRO.. so now I only have one.. I will be getting rid of that one as well for a MRO.. not over quality I just prefer the green reticle..
  9. I run a Delta Point on my 9mm AK pistol with the triangle.. I like it and my wife likes it.. zeroed for the upper point of the triangle to be the impact point.. what this gives me is precise aiming on the tip of the triangle.. or fast center mass by just covering the target with the triangle..
  10. cheap does not have to equal bad.. I think its all about what you are looking to get out of it..
  11. its just funny because messing around with it.. blowing air through it.. and all that.. I was SURE it was lined up... and it was at least partially lined up.. since air was getting through.. but once I had it fully lined up... problem solved... when you are dealing with holes that small.. being off even a little bit is going to add restriction.. and that restriction can be the difference between function no function..
  12. there are lots of cheap ARs out there now.. as Johnny said.. budget builds...
  13. I had a problem similar to this once.. and I used a very similar way to line up the gas block.. guess what.. it was misaligned.. I came up with a really ghetto way to line up the gas block.. it works perfectly 100% of the time.. but you have to be careful.. take a piece of soft solder that fits in the gas port.. cut it flush with the barrel.. turn the barrel over so it falls out.. and measure it.. this will be important later.. put it back in with the gun right side up.. slide on the gas block.. turn the gun upside down again... move the gas block around until the solder drops into the gas block which will lock it up.. at this point you know the block is aligned... pin or tighten it down.. however it is.. now take a cleaning rod and GENTLY bend the solder that is in the barrel.. this will allow it to fall into the barrel... and fall out.. once it is out measure it again and make sure you recovered all of the solder.. It sounds complicated but in practice it's not.. and it works 100%..
  14. Agree with this completely I don't have a pistol brace because I care about paying the $200.. I have a pistol brace because filing NFA paperwork is annoying.. and additionally.. keeping something like my Scorpion as a pistol has other added benefits over NFA.. I can bring it to any state that honors my carry permit.. and keep it loaded in the vehicle like a pistol.. technically I can do the same in PA with a SBR.. but a pistol with a brace is less of a gray area..
  15. you hit the nail on the head.. will there be further restriction? may you not be able to SBR one day? sure.. all possible.. will they take SBRs on a federal level? unlikely... so moving to a more regulated category IMO at least.. moves the gun out of the "look at what everyone is doing" category..
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