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  1. unless something is changed.. the box does NOT need to be locked.. and it being locked changes nothing..
  2. I miss some of my Saigas... I think I built everyone but the 308... never had a single problem with any of them.. my favorite was the 5.56 Saiga that I converted to take AR mags... I think I regret selling that one. lol
  3. so you were told its good to go.. or its not good to go? looks like high exposure already has a pretty clear answer? from the person you get your info from?
  4. not at all.. in fact high unlikely.. technically.. you could probably get through life with a crate of 30 round mags in your garage... doubt anyone would notice the bayonet lug... probably not a lot of scrutiny as to if it is a brake or a flash hider.. but the conversation isn't about what you can get away with.. its about what is legal and what is not.. if you want to talk about what you can get away with? probably an awful lot... I don't believe the state is going around looking for things like that.. I just think they happen to come across them... you know.. during a traffic stop for a cracked windshield.. where a nervous gun owner offers up more info than is needed.. I used to race cars... and I got pulled over once because an officer saw my nitrous tank in the back.. next thing you know there is another officer and the supervisor.. 3 cop cars deep over a tank of compressed gas.. the exchanges were all civil but I got a ticket.. I fought it in court and it was dismissed.. but it still happened.. they thought they could write the ticket.. so they did.. and figured as always... that the court would sort it out.. thats the issue I have with a lot of your suggestions... its not personal at all.. its not that I think you are clearly wrong.. it is simply that your opinion stretches beyond that which is defined.. so it is very possible that if someone follows your recommendation that the LAW folder is good to go (for example).. they may have to defend themselves in court over that opinion... I think it is irresponsible to put info like that out there.. without some written guidance from the state....
  5. the problem since the beginning of this exchange is simple.. and the same thing I said from the start... I am NOT stating it is good to go or not.. what I am stating is I do not believe it is good to go based on the literal writings of the law... and IF the state sees it differently then fantastic.. but if that is not documented somewhere... good luck.. I specifically said in regard to the LAW folder that you MAY be able to "beat any charges".. but unfortunately the problem starts way sooner than that.. the problem starts when for whatever reason a normal every day cop ends up in your life viewing a folder on an AR15... there is a high probability that if they are even familiar with the gun law.. they would consider that illegal.. and now you have just boarded the NJ legal system roller coaster.. I have said a million times that gun owners are their worst enemy.. and I am not interested in paranoia or fear mongering... so the policy I see best being.. the law.. as it is literally written unless clarified.. and that is all I have been saying since post one.. "ability to accept a detachable magazine" means what it says... can you put a mag in the gun? if yes.. it is accepting a detachable magazine.. if the state disagrees.. then wonderful I guess if you would rather have a threaded barrel.. or flash hider.. or grenade launcher or something.. but since NJ is unlike CA and lacks the clarification of use of tools.. then there is no reason to think that the CA solutions apply to NJ... if he is friends with this guy.. great.. get them to spit out some letters clarifying.. because letters are something that can keep people out of trouble.. just imagine.. you are at the range with your law tactical folder.. CA bullet button thing... bayonet.. and flash hider and you are confronted by local LEO... what do you say.. "this guy on a gun forum is friends with the state police and he said that they talked on the phone and it is OK" I am going to guess that that conversation will not get you very far...
  6. OK I will bite.. what is your question.. I must have missed it and for that I apologize..
  7. first of all.. why are you rethreading a barrel when you remove a permanently attached brake.. I have removed 3 myself... and as long as you are cautious its not even that difficult of a job... new brake goes on.. pin goes in.. weld over the pin.. even if the welding portion was too much (which I could understand for someone) the rest of all of that is nonsense... but this has really gotten away from the main topic.. the main topic is your questionable (at best) advice... you tell people "the mag modification is OK because I talked to someone on the phone about it" you then go on to tell people "LAW folder is good to go because someone told me" and then High Exposure who I have absolutely no reason not to trust says the complete opposite and states he has it in writing... no offense but I would take his advice backed by something in writing over your opinion... we have gone back and forth a million times about this mag thing and you make amazing effort to ignore the following question but I will ask one more time... just in case I am just missing it.. the state says "ability to accept a detachable magazine" literally meaning a box that can hold ammunition and readily feed it into a firearm.. it makes NO reference to the actual removal of the magazine.. the verbiage is very clearly ABILITY TO ACCEPT.. "can the gun... have a detachable magazine put in it" the answer is YES with all of the various mag release options.. the gun still accepts a detachable magazine.. meaning you can hold the gun in one hand.. and take a magazine in your other.. and push it into the gun.. if you are "working on guns for the DOD" this should not be a complex thing for you to understand... the reason they work out in CA is because they go through the trouble of defining further.. "978.20(a) - Detachable Magazine The proposed definition as originally noticed to the public defined a detachable magazine as “any magazine that can be readily removed without the use of tools.”
  8. Just curious.. how many “busted gas blocks” have you come across?
  9. How did the detachable magazine get in there? Magic?
  10. Maybe if I go slower.. you are RIGHT there is NOTHING in the law saying it can’t detach when apart.. you are 100 percent correct so how it detaches doesn’t matter because the law does not address that.. in fact I would go as far as to say a magazine could detach without the need for take down or tools... because as stated the law makes no mention.. The problem begins on the other side.. ”ability to accept a detachable mag” can the gun accept a mag that is detachable? YES that is the only qualification described..
  11. Im not arguing about anything.. my concern is disinformation which you appear to be providing... You already stated in a fairly factual way that the law folder was good to go.. someone stated that they have in writing it is NOT good to go.. your misinformation runs the risk of causing someone in NJ to get hung up legally.. just because I no longer live in NJ does not remove my capacity to care for fellow gun owners living there.. lastly.. I’m totally OK with being wrong.. I am not one of those people so blinded by being full of themselves that I will not concede to fact.. you are just not providing any.. Not Fact: “it’s legal cause California and off the record phone calls” not useful fact at least..
  12. They are “work arounds” because they address the law as it is literally written... ”can not have a flash hider or threads that can accept a flash hider” pinning a break removes the ability to accept a flash hider... ”ability to accept a detachable magazine” having an extra step does not remove the ability for the gun to “accept a detachable magazine” with the part shown.. if the gun is fully assembled.. you can insert a detachable magazine.. the notion is far from complex..
  13. if you were over my house I would show you my surprised face...
  14. I am not sure what is difficult to comprehend.. you have two choices... you can read and interpret the law exactly as it is written.. or you can choose to make some assumptions.. you seem to think it is safe to make assumptions.. which may be totally fine for some people.. I do not even live in NJ anymore.. but to me when I did live there.. I preferred to try to follow the law as it is written... or in the course that case law supports.. I had no interest in being the test case.. its not fear.. its not paranoia.. the law simply says ability to accept a detachable magazine.. with no other qualification.. I do not believe that breaking open the action makes the gun unable to accept a detachable magazine.... simply because it does not state that it does... and I am not completely sold on the fact that a jury full of my "peers" in NJ would see it that way.. if the intention is other than that.. then the law needs to be cleaned up to address that... or get the state to issue guidance on the matter.. so the position of the state is clear.. IF they are OK with devices like that they should have no problem issuing guidance clarifying that..
  15. this is the guidance that is provided.. A semi-automatic pistol that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least TWO of the following: nothing more nothing less... all it tells us quite literally is.. is the gun semi auto? can it accept a detachable mag? it makes no effort to qualify that statement further... so the fear is simply.. if an aggressive prosecution wanted to.. could they stand in front of court and say to a room full of people indifferent to gun rights at best.. "this gun is semi auto and clearly accepts detachable magazines" as they click the mag into the gun.. with the way the wording is.. they do not even have to show how the mag is removed.. because it is not relevant.. they would just need to show the insertion of the mag.. to validate that it accepts a detachable mag.. how do you then defend yourself against the claim? you start explaining about taking lowers apart and how the gun can't fire for the moment that the gun is apart? there is no legal standing to distinguish between pushing the mag release.. or pushing another pin and then the mag release..
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