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  1. I had looked at them before but never really could justify a need for an unregistered non serialized handgun... which appears to be the big draw for these.. I agree.. every gun I own is heavily modified.. but for the most part.. I try to follow a path that ends up with something that works well and looks cohesive.. as opposed to a bunch of mismatched stuff..
  2. My wife has recently gotten into shooting handgun and likes the full size Glock but disliked the palm swell on the grip.. so on I went to investigate frames and modifications to remedy this... as with everything guns for me... a simple modification.. or frame change.. ended up in a total redesign of my Glock.. which I guess technically is not even a Glock anymore.. P80 Build PF940V2 Frame Boogeyman Customs Voodoo Slide (OEM Lightened) Lone Wolf G22 9mm Barrel Tungsten Guide Rod 15lb Spring Overwatch Precision Trigger Stainless Pin Set Taran Tactical Fiber Optic Sight Steel City Magwell OEM Glock Magazines Taran Tactical Base Plate +5
  3. vladtepes

    Evo Micro

    OK so not really a rifle.. but from a practical standpoint more a rifle than a handgun.. so figured I would stick this here.. took the gun out for some range time.. running really well... steel plate 25 yards..
  4. late to the party.. but I would buy that gun for $300 without any hesitation..
  5. I am looking for some specific things and figured other people might be as well (feel free to add to the list).. If anyone sees any deals on these things I would appreciate the info.. * Glock 17 OEM magazines * Taran Tactical Base Plates * Glock Tungsten Guide Rod * Trijico MRO Green
  6. I am only saying with our nations complex financial interconnectivity it is easier said than done.. its not normally the first line company you have to worry about.. You support the most pro America.. pro 2a group.. and then they write a $20k check to Horizon Media it kind of defeats the point.. LOL BUT... I agree with everything you said.. and your point about not derailing this thread is valid.. but it is a good discussion..
  7. Only when it's obvious and convenient.. For example... do you support Horizon Media? They called for more gun control alongside companies like Dicks.. While you may not support Horizon directly.. maybe you have a Sprint phone.. or have watched A&E programming.. use Credit Karma.. or Dish Network... you get the idea.. ALL of these companies use Horizon.. and thus give them money.. YOUR money if you support any of them... You can make a point with your wallet if you want.. on principle.. but at the end of the day.. we are a consumer society.. and the money trail is impossible to follow.. your dollars.. are absolutely ending up in the hands of the anti 2A community.. unless you live off the grid.. in a cave..
  8. while I get and appreciate your point.. 2A rights will not be won or lost by shopping at Dicks.. know it or not.. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that more of your money than you suspect ends up in the hands of the anti gun community..
  9. I have a suspicion that the deal will cover anything in the store including ammo and will net some decent pricing on some stuff.. you can hate them all you want and choose no to support them.. just saying.. for some things.. you may save a fair amount of cash..
  10. You are correct Maks.. I have family with adjacent property that holds over 100 acres.. part of which terminates into a mountain side.. or natural backstop.. no fancy range required
  11. My coworker thinks he wants to try longer range shooting up to and including 1,000 yards.. this is out of my scope of knowledge.. what does it take? optic? caliber? gun? I am open to all suggestions since this is not really my thing..
  12. still have that blanket in my car.. LOL
  13. probably 1 to 2k? meant to imply I don't need any special match grade, hollow point, etc..
  14. Shooting a LOT more recently.. any recommendations? This would be for Glock, AK, and Evo
  15. 308 5.56 9mm 12 guage I try to keep things as simple as possible..
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