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  1. yes LOL Trijicon AccuPower 1-4x24 30mm Riflescope .223 BDC Segmented-Circle/Dot Crosshair w/Green LED
  2. sorry just saw this.. its a great optic.. no problems at all.. it will never be "red dot" fast.. but its a compromise to have magnification.. and I am happy with it..
  3. you lost me at "big bore and ak47s.." the first gun my wife ever shot was a Saiga carbine... the first gun I put in the hands of every new shooter is a carbine.... for one simple reason.. they are less likely to sweep you and everyone around you with a carbine.. its easier to be muzzle aware when you are swinging around a yard stick in front of you... I feel safer with a new shooter and an AK.. than a new shooter with a 22 pistol.. but maybe thats just me..
  4. All the parts are installed.. about 45 minutes total.. the most annoying part was lining up the trigger spring and safety.. but no real issues.. all parts appear to be made well.. and the flat trigger is really nice.. New: Trigger Trigger Springs Safeties Mag Release Charging Handle Grip I don't think I am going to get this gun coated.. I think I am just going to leave this one black.. so its pretty much done till I SBR or suppress.. there is a really strong chance I am going to get a suppressor for this.. I don't mind the fee but I HATE the wait.. its so annoying..
  5. all my parts came... installing tomorrow.. installed the Magpul grip already.. what a difference that is.. factory grip angle was awful.
  6. There are several companies and styles.. you can pick something pretty similar just swept at a different angle.. you can use long forward facing bars.. and there is even a push button if that’s your thing.. I ordered ones that are similar just at a higher angle.. I think they were from HB.. but I forget I just ordered a bunch of stuff..
  7. I pretty much agree with most of that... but I simply wanted the smallest pseudo carbine I could put together that would fit in a backpack.. The grip trigger and safeties are a must change
  8. yes and it comes with the mlok handguard and pistol brace which I guess is pretty obvious..
  9. it is a Trijicon low mount.... but I have a suspicion it is made by American Defense.. it is literally exactly the same as every AD mount I have ever used.. it does not co-witness.. to give you an idea it is almost lower 1/3 co-witness in that if you really really tried hard you could probably get enough of a site picture to take a shot but not in a practical sense.. I am replacing the following parts this week: charging handle trigger trigger spring mag release safeties the design of the safeties is terrible IMO..
  10. the mag release took a few to get used to.. but I think it will be OK for me.. this is also a backpack / vehicle gun for me..
  11. I looked at both as well.. and not to take anything away from the Sig.. I am sure it is a great gun.. the Evo is really really made well from what I can tell... that is what I got.. the Micro..
  12. still trying to get used to this style of stock (brace).. the gun is SUPER compact.. like backpack with other things in it compact.. but cheek weld definitely took a minute to adjust to.. the sights are made really well... gun is BEGGING to be suppressed.. this might be the one that pushes me over the edge to buy a suppressor.
  13. Picked up a Scorpion Evo.. its not a rifle.. but its more like a rifle than a pistol.. and I may get a stamp for it.. so just stuck it here.. So far.. pretty awesome gun..
  14. it was good to go.... diverse group of speakers..
  15. https://www.facebook.com/PAGUNS/ Sent you some direct link on FB..
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