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  1. so I shot the gun with the Tijicon the other day for the first time.. it was NOT what I expected.. the problems with semi blurry 1X use were essentially gone.. and the optic did work very similar to a "red dot" I need some more time to be sure I am sold on it.. but 20-50 yards at the range is way different than 2 yards in my house... One thing I do need to change is the front sight.. it was not really annoying with the Eotech.. but it is kind of in the way of the Trijicon.. so I am swapping from fixed to a Troy BUIS in the front for a less cluttered view..
  2. SBR for a HD gun wins IMO... My 7in AR is VERY fast.. light.. and easy to move around with.. especially in tight spaces..
  3. not to be my normal paranoid self.. but disarm and sedate.. whats next?
  4. I ask this with complete seriousness because I don't know the answer... can a PA resident get in trouble for selling 30 round mags to a NJ resident? I mean with all this talk about non compliance might as well get some 30s.. I am seriously not making light of the situation.. I am genuinely curious..
  5. "stopping power" was what made me think I needed 40S&W when I first got a handgun... I don't believe that anymore.. what I would really tell you to get is a carbine in 556.... but I can tell just by the general flow of this, that is probably off the table.. but a carbine is more accurate.. more stable.. less likely to over penetrate and kill someone else.. and more "powerful".. with that said.. when you need to stop someone you are going to put holes in them.. causing trauma.. and loss of blood.. obviously a bigger hole does that more efficiently.. but at some cost.. the more powerful round will result in slower follow up shots... which IMO is not worth the trade off.. hollow point is the appropriate round for what you are asking about.. ideally you want the bullet to break up when it hits the target.. and not go THROUGH the target possibly hitting someone else.. hollow point is designed for that task.. if you want the best tool.. you should get a carbine.. if you want the best handgun.. I think a 9mm Glock would serve you just fine.. the two most important accessories are a weapon mounted light.. and LOTS of ammo to practice with.. thinking you can deploy a gun in the middle of the night half asleep while shooting at a moving target that might be shooting back at you? you need range time if you are going to do that effectively.. IMO of course..
  6. you want it for home defense? as much as I disagree with the choice of a pistol for home defense.. the answer is a semi auto.. mid size Glock in 9mm with a GOOD weapon mounted light.. mounting a weapon light to a revolver is weird.. and a home defense gun NEEDS a weapon light.. no exceptions on that.. this is the best value for the money in a home defense pistol.. you can go Surefire or Streamlight for the weapon light.. I think that Streamlight is cheaper..
  7. I have a SBR that I love... but I would not take it for one second if it required some weird one off "special" ammo to function..
  8. when you consider that FL has all those out of state permits.. PA is putting in a pretty good second running.. I think these types of stats show just how many pro 2A people there are here.. and why there has been a hold out agains the anti gun urban areas..
  9. I actually just saw that I am in the process of renewing LTCF a PA.. and that is one of the notes in the FAQs..
  10. you shoot to stop the threat.. you are under no legal obligation for shot placement into a threat... arm.. face.. chest.. you shoot to stop the threat.. what that means is if you hit an arm.. and the threat goes down... you can not walk up and "finish them off"... because the threat has stopped being a threat.. besides that.. all is fair..
  11. you do not as far as I am aware.. have ANY legal obligation to shoot a person in a "less lethal" area.. there is no legal standard for a gun that is "allowed", with the exception of a weapon that is already prohibited.. by all means.. if you are aware of any law that counters that statement.. please feel free to share..
  12. what are you talking about.. can you show literally ANY situation where an otherwise justified shoot ended up being a problem because the type of accessories on a gun? when you shoot someone... the important part is being justified or not... your use of a hunting shotgun.. ar15... handgun.. laser.. red dot.. sling.. etc.. is not even remotely relevant.. what is being judged is your actions.. were your actions justified..
  13. the same reason you don't see every cop with select fire M4s with Elcans on them.. because it is not a necessity.. and really only provides a benefit in very isolated circumstances.. and departments barely budget the things they absolutely need.. again.. a laser.. is a sighting system.. just like a red dot.. or iron sights.. its absurd to think it opens you up to any additional scrutiny..
  14. this is a ridiculous argument... a laser is the same as any other sighting system.. they could hypothetically make the same argument about sights... red dots.. scopes.. etc.. as HE stated..a laser has a place... I don't personally use one... but could see the value.. sometimes when shooting from an awkward position where its impossible to get behind the sights is another potential use..
  15. trijicon ordered.. 10% off with Optics planet and I got a free $50 gift card or something.. that I will be using for the mount..