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  1. and that is exactly the point.. money that you spend will end up in the pockets of people that want to limit your rights.. and you absolutely cannot stop it.. I mean as a former NJ resident.. that was literally my life.. pay taxes to a government that not only wants to limit my rights but has the direct power to do so.. and acts on it.. but what can you do about it.. you can limit yourself and try to only purchase from non anti 2A companies.. but to what end.. your money still will go where it goes.. either directly or indirectly..
  2. and to dive a little deeper.... you support one of the largest anti gun machines to ever exist... the NJ government through your tax dollars.. which is exactly why I left NJ.. worrying about dicks sporting goods while living under the oppressive NJ government is like worrying about a faucet in your house dripping while the entire second floor is engulfed in flames..
  3. because I indirectly support thousands of anti 2A businesses through my lifetime just like you do... this can happen as simply as giving money to a company that pays an employee that then donates to some anti 2A cause.. it is impossible to escape... how could you ever account for every dollar you spend.. you go spend $100 at midway... then they pay an employee.. and that employee does what with that money... and then those people do what with that money.. the money you spend ends up supporting anti gun candidates.... anti gun laws... anti gun organizations.. because people are free to spend it on what they want.. I view it like this.. I am supporting a business that is putting ammo in my hands at a lower cost than ANYONE in the country at the moment... I want to shoot.. and they are helping me do that..
  4. what's funny to me is everyone hates on them right... and I understand why.. but I go to these "pro 2A" sellers.. and I see 9mm for .35.... .45.. and up per round... I walk into the evil dicks sporting goods.. and they are basically selling ammo for the same exact price they always sell if for.. which means on the high side during normal times.. but a really good deal during crazy time.. it makes me wonder why all of the "pro 2A" sellers have to raise prices up so much.. when the company that pretty much openly hates guns can keep their prices exactly the same..
  5. not sure what they are doing in NJ.. but I just got 500 round tubs of Blazer for $125... Id rather shoot federal.. but with the market the way it is.. I will take it..
  6. Glenn talked me into a $400 BCG.... and I thought he was crazy but.. here is the back story.. I am just running these little 3 gun matches at my local range.. and what you start to see is how fast can you shoot and how fast can you stay on that target or get onto the next.. I am NO expert (not even close).. but its like an addiction.. how much flatter can you get the gun to shoot.. well reducing the reciprocating mass was a crazy improvement.. I am now running a Ti BCG with adjustable gas system.. and a reduced weight adjustable buffer.. the gun barely moves.. that and a good trigger for me are probably the thing that puts me in the best position to run 3 gun.. without getting out of control..
  7. if I dont have an AR.. then an AR.. you can do more with it.. close and far.. if I already had AR a PCC is OK.. but since you can't have SBRs in NJ its kind of meh.. the real appeal for a PCC to me is running them really small like PDW size.. to get like a big handgun with a stock..
  8. vladtepes

    EVO Micro

    I would not normally do that but if you look at the magwell it has a real nice curve into the handguard.. so the transition is smooth.. sometimes I just grab the whole thing.. light included.. just depends..
  9. this sounds like great advice.. and a REALLY good starting point..
  10. vladtepes

    EVO Micro

    nope as you pointed out I generally shoot the gun with a magwell hold.. you have to keep in mind this gun is TINY.. so the magwell gets used almost like a front vertical grip.. no impact on function.. yup 9mm thanks for the photography comments.. = )
  11. vladtepes

    EVO Micro

    MRO is great.. I have 3... 9mm AK.. EVO.. and 5.56 SBR.. Trijicon makes really nice stuff..
  12. two things.. 1) the first significant issue is you stated "I didn't realize 11c would apply" and then further say "you do not even remember the possible sentence"... for purely future reference.. whenever filling out something like this.. if you encounter something like that.. DON'T GUESS.. because lying on the form... which you MAY have potentially done (by accident) to my understanding compounds the issue.. as technically.. lying on that form can get you in really serious trouble which I THINK could include possible imprisonment.. 2) it will be fairly difficult for people on this forum to help you because the details are unclear... you should get the denial information like you are already doing... but just being completely honest.. I would personally spend the money to at least talk to a lawyer that deals in gun law.. and I RARELY advise people to get a lawyer... but if it were me.. I would feel.. concerned.. I am not saying run out and fully pay a lawyer to fight this end to end.. I am saying see if you can pay for the time for at least some type of consultation.. I think your first priority is to assess where you are now.. having been denied.. and having potentially lied on the form.. worry about actually getting the gun later.. just work on getting this out of the way.. I wouldn't be "embarrassed" things happen.. you did whatever you did.. and society levied punishment to you for it.. and you satisfied that punishment.. good luck with it.
  13. vladtepes

    EVO Micro

    Put a different muzzle device on the EVO... Scorpion EVO Micro Trijicon MRO Noveske KX5 Surefire M300 Magpul sling Magpul MOE Enhanced Magazine release Magpul MOE Grip HBI THETA FORWARD Trigger Shooters Element Reduced Weight Trigger Spring Kit HBI Thumb Safety Selectors HBI Theta Extended Charging Handle
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