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  1. this is in contrast to the literal writing of the AW ban... just saying.. as paul said.. they have been allowed.. but if you go by how its written.. none of them are legal.. because they are "AK Type" rifles..
  2. vladtepes

    Saiga 12

    you have no idea.. LOL
  3. vladtepes

    Saiga 12

    yes it is.. sent it to a "smith" in Louisiana.. it was one of the ONLY times I ever sent my gun out for work.. turns out this guy had some hobbies.. and decided to pawn it for $200.... and then sold the pawn ticket to someone else.. that went and picked it up.. it was a real mess.. they didn't charge him because he ended up having a stroke shortly after he screwed me.. the detective said we can charge him.. but no judge will put him in jail.. he would be dead before the trial.. so they recovered the gun.. and shipped it back to me... I honestly never thought I would see it again..
  4. vladtepes

    1301 Update

    I actually got rid of the Tactical and moved on to a Comp... but the 1301 is a really good gun..
  5. vladtepes

    Saiga 12

    Saiga 12 Ended up chopping down my LAC rail was a little too long.. Magpul CTR Stock Ace Folding Stock Adapter Magpul Grip Tapco G2 Arhipov's Lever HK Sights (Tritium Inserts) Russian Mags Leykom Armory Customs VEPR Hand Guard (modified and chopped) CSS Piston and regulator BCM Covers Magpul Sling Mount Magpul Sling Surefire Scout Weapon Light BoneSteel Firestorm (permanently attached) Accuracy International Dark Earth Cerakote
  6. vladtepes

    1301 Update

    really sorry I missed this.. as stated the rod is not needed.. @TRPC_SHOOTER
  7. it is very likely as stated you have an astigmatism.. I have this (I assume) and ALL RDS look like that... I just get used to it. LOL
  8. i only own a handful of guns.... pretty much all my long guns have weapon mounted lights..
  9. I still have the 40 S&W barrel and mags for the Glock.... but if 9mm "disappears" there are other problems.. LOL
  10. I like the gun a lot but find your optic and light choice more in alignment with close shooting.. which strikes me as odd...
  11. I am not a gun collector.. I don't have a whole lot of guns.. maybe like 8 or 9.. I only choose things based on function... because of that my handguns would never be 10mm or 45.. or anything like that.. 9mm low recoil high mag capacity fast follow up shots performance that will stop most threats caliber compatibility with some of my small PDW type guns (I have an EVO and an AK9) so for me pistols are going to be 9mm... I am not even considering other rounds.. I don't see any value. for me personally at least..
  12. I use to carry a Glock 27 and switched to a 43 (9mm) I also use to shoot a full size Glock 22 and converted over to a P80 (9mm) so for me no.. 40 is a good round and as Ray said you could argue its "better" than 9mm.. the main reason I switched is because 9mm in a polymer gun has a lot less snap than 40 in a polymer gun.. so I can get more shots on target faster and move between targets faster with 9mm.. so the slight reduction in ballistic performance is outweighed by the functional difference of 9mm for me at least..
  13. what is this crazy talk... you are trying to solve a non existent problem.. augmenting your weapon system to some goofy less functional configuration so you can spare the people next to you at the range.. you are IMO on the wrong track.. built the weapon so it functions the best.. and if being next to you at the range makes them sad.. tell them to toughen up... this whole not a pistol grip.. removing the pistol grip.. its crazy talk.. I shoot a 7.5in SBR... you think your gun is loud? it puts 2ft fire balls out of the front of it.. if people next to me don't like it they can piss off.. I would NEVER compromise the weapon over that..
  14. to me... that is not really a pistol grip per NJ wording.. . ""Pistol grip" means a well defined handle, similar to that found on a handgun, that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, and which permits the firearm to be held and fired with one hand." but the problem is no-one can really answer your question.. because as with anything vague you could be charged and have to fight it in court... but.. is that a well defined handle similar to a handgun? not really.... does it protrude beneath the action? kind of but it almost looks intentionally swept back... can you hold and fire with one hand? probably not easily... but again as with anything in a state that is completely anti gun.... will you have to defend your position? probably not.. but maybe..
  15. Some updates to my mid length AR15.. AR15.com Lower Geissele Super Dynamic Enhanced FCG Umbrella Corp Grip Magpul ASAP Spikes Midlength Upper 2A Armament Ti BCG w/ Adjustable Gas System Odin Works Adjustable buffer Vltor stock Troy BUIS Griffin Armament Flash Comp Noveske NSR Handguard Keymod AFG BCM Handguard Panels Larue index clips Trijicon Accupower 1-4 x 24 American Defense AD-Recon Lever Mount Arisaks Keymod light mount Surefire M300 Surefire SR07 Magpul RSA Magpul MS3 sling Cerakote Magpul OD green Magpul Pmags
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