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  1. The biggest problem I observed while in NJ spanning the few communities I was in touch with.. * you have people that hate guns and want them banned * you have people that don’t care * you have your typical hunter type that doesn’t think you should carry a gun or have “military weapons of war” * and then you have actual supporters of 2A rights unfortunately by the time you get to the last group.. it represents a small portion of the voting population (relative to the rest).. politicians are going to always push things that are easy and or cater to the masses.. so I don’t see a clear path to change the trajectory of the state..
  2. thats not entirely true.. a pistol grip is fairly defined.. z. "Pistol grip" means a well-defined handle, similar to that 14 found on a handgun, that protrudes conspicuously beneath the 15 action of the weapon, and which permits the shotgun to be held and 16 fired with one hand. * is it a well defined handle "similar" to on a handgun * does it protrude beneath the action * could the gun be held and fired with one hand if yes.. then it is a pistol grip..
  3. where in the law is thumbhole stock defined? I looked and I don't see that..
  4. For $2k he will tell you...
  5. I don't know Nappen personally.. my experience with him is a few brief exchanges about some law related items in the past.. he was always civil and polite.. with that said many many moons ago.. there was a certain mindset regarding NJ law.. there were times I would post LITERAL law in discussion.. and it was met with things like "someone better see what Nappen thinks"...I never really understood the need for a 5,000 page book.. or the need to always run to Nappen for clarity.. the law.. for the most part the law is pretty black and white, it is available to read without any slanted interpretation.. as far as all this fear mongering.. its nothing new.. I went round and round with multiple people here about loaded magazines.. at one point.. or maybe more than once.. he explained to gun owners that magazines should be unloaded in transport.. this is completely untrue.. and I found it incredibly irresponsible to provide false info.. essentially creating additional laws to comply with.. you are a lawyer.. if you are going to speak out on gun law.. speak out on GUN LAW.. not extras that you sprinkle on top.. I never really understood the fascination with him.. and said so on more than one occasion.. that doesn't mean I wouldn't trust him to defend me.. my understanding is his track record with gun cases is good unless I misunderstand..
  6. there are multiple countries that follow this model.. I am not stating anything that is not well known..
  7. risk assessment is one of the things I do for my job.. and I agree with your assessment completely.. the probability of getting arrested is off the charts low.. but the impact to being arrested is off the charts high.. so for me personally... I would not accept the risk..
  8. I think in this situation there are going to be several layers of reasonable before you actually ended up in prison... so IF you made the effort to modify them to 10.. like if you actually did it.. I would be surprised if you ended up in prison.. even if it wasn't really permanent... first the LEO would have to think that the modification was not enough to be permanent.. I actually think this is where it would stop for more people.. I don't think a cop who comes across a mag.. that only holds 10 rounds is going to spend a whole lot of effort determining if its "permanent" enough.. unless of course someone is giving said cop a reason to try to find some way to bring you in.. if the mag only holds 10.. I think the cop would walk away.. then you will have more layers.. does the prosecutor even think its a reasonable case to run with? will a judge find your effort of permanency reasonable? there are a lot of people that need to come to the conclusion that you did not reasonably comply with the law.. and I find that unlikely.. lastly... IF someone made the effort to comply... and was still being charged.. and could find a good lawyer.. I think it would actually be GOOD for the cause... it would illustrate the unreasonable burden put onto normal lawful people by this law..
  9. what I more expect to happen.. at least once or twice.. just so they can say they are doing something.. is to send a couple of under covers to a range for several hours.. one on the range.. one in the parking lot.. see who fires off more than 10 rounds without a change.. record the plates and follow up down the road.. it would cost very little to do this.. and then could come out and say how they were able to catch these evil illegal magazines keeping you "safer" about the gun and mag babysitting... the reason I really don't like this.. (and its OK for them to do whatever they like they are a private business).. but the reason I really dislike this is it sets the tone for the whole.. "if you really just want your guns for sporting purposes.. you can have them but you have to keep them at this "authorized" facility except when you are engaged in an approved activity".. thats my real problem with this place..
  10. the whole paying someone to babysit your mags is crazy to me.. NOT being pessimistic.. but is it even remotely likely that the case can be pushed any further / overturned in a time frame that makes it a cost effective solution?
  11. Disclaimer: I had really basic ear protection in the past.. so my frame of reference is really poor.. with that said I LOVE them.. they are extremely comfortable... would buy again.. no real complaints.. but I have only been out with them once... going out again Sunday so if I notice anything weird I will update..
  12. agree.. you are either in a life or death situation.. or you are not.. if you are not in a life or death situation.. pissing it off may turn it into one.. if you are in a life or death situation.. well you know how that will end.. I was shooting steel plates with slugs over the weekend.. just because.. I would trust that to stop a bear.. the amount of energy dumped into the steel was pretty impressive..
  13. I had a handgaurd or something removed because it said "ar15"...