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  1. On 12/24/2020 at 12:01 AM, raz-0 said:

    Dude, even if people just shrugged and said fuck you en masse. What are they going to do. The numbers I have seen thrown around on braces sold is in the 4 million region. If you get sub 5% compliance, what will you do with 3.8 million felons required to serve 85% of their sentence on a federal beef? 

    I genuinely think they believe their bullshit when they keep gaming polling questions to make claims that 72% of gun owners are just begging for tons of gun control. 

    the simple answer is "they" won't do anything.. they will simply wait for local LEO to have incidental encounters with people.. and then lock them up one at a time.. and then the propaganda machine media will do their part... air the stories of illegal assault weapons discovered in your garage.. and then you will go to jail.. "they" dont need to come out in force and arrest you.. they just need to give the ability to someone else to do it.. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, ChrisJM981 said:

    If you keep anything questionable do not put it with your firearms. If you ever get red flagged, Temporary Restraining Order filed against you, or there is a house fire and your CO is pulled they will be going in that safe and taking inventory. 

    They're focusing on AR pistols meant to be fired with one hand, however since they're not listing their criteria in advance and purposely being vague I don't think we'll know the legality of an other until the smoke clears. 


    actually IMO they are going after the complete opposite.. 

    guns that can legitimately be fired with one hand appear to be NOT what they are looking at going after.. when I read the wording they spoke about things like 

    * rifle caliber
    * front grips
    * optics that would be impractical to use one handed

    the focus to simply put it.. appears to be guns that were designed with use of a brace to circumvent SBR rules.. in other words.. a gun that is essentially a SBR with the exception of a brace substituting the use of a stock.. 

  3. 5 hours ago, Sparda81 said:

    This is all for symbolic political victories. It is impractical for anyone to "go after" this stuff. You scare some people into submission, make a show of it, and tick a box that a promise to voters has been fulfilled. I'm not saying we shouldn't keep an eye on this and take unnecessary risks, but I don't believe there is going to be mass-mobilization to drive the point home. 

    again just to be clear.. for me everything is risk reward... 

    I had considered getting a stamp for both of these guns anyway.. 
    YES the optics of it are "the gov bullied me the gun owner into registration" and to be really blunt.. I dont care.. registration is not my personal breaking point.. its not my line in the sand.. if it was I would have never registered an actual SBR with the atf... 

    so while I appreciate the fight some people want to have (not you.. just in a general sense)... the whole "will not comply" crowd... my argument to them is they are already complying.. or they would be drilling third pin holes in ARs.. 

    the government being annoying.. the government requiring registration.. honestly.. I just dont care.. the government taking guns away.. banning.. thats what I have a problem with.. for me there is a very thin line between being a law abiding citizen.. and preserving 2A rights.. 


  4. I do not think that "other" is out of the cross hairs.. their opinion is that SBRs are being made by people using braces.. 

    an AR pistol.. and "other" is by all practical purposes a SBR... we all know it.. yes I agree that all gun laws are infringement.. I agree that its ridiculous.. but it is what it is.. 

    upfront.. the ATF wants registration of guns with braces.. that in itself is not banning.. 
    NJ COULD in theory retain their position on other firearms.. while the federal level cracks down.. that is absolutely a possibility.. 

    you will choose to do what you want and I will certainly not tell you what to do.. but I have one registered SBR.. and 2 brace equipped guns.. if this nonsense goes through I am more than likely going to register them... I am interested to see if they receive the same classification as a SBR.. if they do then great.. I had anticipated registering them in that way anyway at some point.. and at this time the tax is being waived... 

    that is just what I have seen so far.. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Cheflife15 said:

    Do rifle bags count as a "container" to transport a 9mm carbine? 


    Can we make some stickys with transport laws etc. 

    a sheet with a string around it counts.. this is the relevant law... do yourself a favor and read the actual laws.. 

    2C:39-6 Exemptions
    g.All weapons being transported under paragraph (2) of subsection b., subsection e., or paragraph (1) or (3) of subsection f. of this section shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gunbox, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances.

  6. I have a Suunto that I like a lot... its extremely simple in what it does time, alerts from cell phone (but not a full out smart watch)... it also has nav features that are independent of the phone... we have used it a few times when hiking and even without phone service it got us back to our car on more than one occasion.. 

  7. 13 hours ago, Krdshrk said:

    To your point - CT has WAY more Other firearm owners I think.  They're the only way to get a detachable mag AR besides the grandfathered ones.

    I dont have any friends in CT.. so my immediate thought was for you guys.. LOL 
    but interesting to know.. in theory.. they COULD be regulated at the federal level AND totally free at the state level at the same time.. 

    it will be interesting to see if NJ does the right thing for once ever and follows their state definitions and makes no change.. 

  8. On 12/17/2020 at 10:02 AM, EdF said:

    This reminds me of the computer software copy protection issue of the early and mid-1980's. 

    At the time, software was delivered on 5 1/4 inch floppy disks.  You needed to have the disk inserted in your computer in order to run it because few had enough (or any) internal disk space to "install" the software.  Installation came along much later.  

    Software companies produced these disks with "copy protection" to prevent users from buying one copy and then sharing it among several users.  Within weeks of any new copy protection method, pirates would break it and produce a version of the copy command that could copy the disks all day.  Eventually some company developed a method that used a laser to burn a hole at a specific point in the disk and these were supposed to be absolutely safe from being copied . . . It took about a month before there was a copy program available for them.

    The ATF and states are trying to control what types of weapons are legal or, more so, illegal.  But, the owners and the manufacturers are threading lines through the holes in the definitions.  Then the government tries to close those holes.  Then we find others.  Then they try to close those . . . ad infinitum . . . 

    I'm NOT supporting their efforts at all.  Just pointing to a similar situation.

    to your point... what did we expect... 

    SBRs like it or not are regulated.. that is the current law... 
    the vast majority of people that own a brace or have considered a brace do so to skirt the law... period... 

    a new brace is released and within a day searching for it on youtube is an endless stream of people shouldering it and giving reviews on it as if it were a stock... 

    while I completely opposed gun regulations at all as I believe they are ineffective at accomplishing what they state they are to accomplish.... I can EASILY see why this has happened.. 

    "hey guys check out my new AR pistol... with a front grip.. LPVO.. etc.."
    it is 100% obvious that they do not intend to use it in the spirit of a pistol.. which is fine.. but then just go through the legal channels to register it as a SBR... I have one SBR.. and two brace equipped guns.. the brace equipped guns will be swapped over to SBRs with stamps sooner than later as this whole game does not interest me... 

    the one concern I have is for people in NJ that bought into the whole other thing... federal law and state law ARE separate.. but will NJ come back now and reclassify all those guns with braces it previously allowed?

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  9. there is one MAJOR danger in RDS choice that I experienced first hand.. RMR is one of the best micro RDS i have ever seen.. with that said.. the self adjusting one is a no go for self defense weapons IMO... 

    every self defense gun should have a WML.... when you use a self adjusting RMR and a WML what happens is the reticle runs very dim in the dark.. because the room is dark.. and when you light up the target the reticle is completely washed out.. in that you can BARELY see it.. this is not good.. 

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  10. On 12/14/2020 at 12:52 PM, EdF said:

    Negative to lasers . . . The target also sees them . . . 

    I used to believe this but after doing a lot of shooting in the dark I came to the realization that they are going to also see my multi hundred lumen weapon light also.... but no one is going around yelling about not using a weapon light... 

    with that said I am still not a huge fan of lasers.... if you practice the repetition of presenting the firearm the sights come up into your view very fast.. especially at self defense distances.. 

    my personal experience with RDS on a pistol... for some people it works very well I have seen shooters shooting very fast with this setup.. with that said.. its not really for me.. I find that with a carbine as you get a cheek weld on the weapon.. the reticle naturally presents itself in view... with a handgun on the other hand for me personallyI find being able to see the iron sights faster than a RDS... as I bring up the handgun sometimes I find myself hunting for the reticle when using the RDS on a pistol... like I said.. that is just my personal experience.. I have seen guys shoot that way very fast.. I prefer good quality night sights and a weapon light...

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  11. On 11/8/2020 at 9:23 PM, USRifle30Cal said:

    Download in closed bolt load up in open bolt...easy peasy...

    all my mags sit loaded.. and my AR mags are all loaded to 29 so I dont have to guess whats what.. to the OP it really just matters how the mags seat in the gun.. if you can put 10 in and reliably seat the mag.. then go 10.. if you can only fit 9 and 100% seat the mag... personally.. I would leave them all loaded at 9.. downloading a mag that can only hold 10 to begin with sucks.. but not being able to seat a full mag under stress and ending up with it on the ground is worse.. IMO.. 

  12. 18 hours ago, Penguin1210 said:

    Hey all,

    So what occurred was that my hometown Department should never have issued me a license in the first place. Seems like the Captain got a call from the State Department and requested I forfeit the card immediately. The Captain was apologetic about it and said he will hold license in his personal vault and once I get an expungement, he will reissue the same card without going through application again. I am now in the process of getting expungement but at the cost of $750, wish I knew upfront though as I would have cleared up years ago. 

    thanks for all the concern and comments guys 

    thanks for coming back with the update.. its good to know the follow up in case it applies to anyone else in the future.. good luck with it.. 

  13. On 8/3/2020 at 9:45 PM, Matroskin said:

    Does anyone has a picture stock glock vs polymer80 or any other custom frame?

    I’m a CZ fan and I do have g19 but I cant use it due to ergonomics, it hits base bone of my  thumb, and makes it uncomfortable to shoot. I still like to try custom, less bulky frame With different angle. 

    I built a P80... and the grip definitely feels more "straight" if that makes any sense.. 



  14. 1 hour ago, PK90 said:

    IMO, the stock is fixed. The butt plate and cheek riser are adjustable. It is legal.

    I completely agree with PK.. I had one on my 308 AR when I lived in NJ... the description specifically says "telescoping or folding STOCK" are "evil features"..

     the stock on the PRS does not move it especially does not fold or telescope... it is a fixed stock with adjustable components.. 


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  15. On 7/20/2020 at 10:13 PM, JC_68Westy said:

    I agree with Tactical Tailor. You get what you pay for. Every Tactical Tailor item I have purchased is very high quality. I am thinking about sending two ALICE packs (med and large) for mods to them.

    I have been dealing with the mod shop for my repair.. and I am blown away..

    since my initial post I got my pack back.. and there was an aspect of the repair that I was not satisfied with.. they made an error.. they are human beings it is what it is.. but I was pretty annoyed.. they are quality.. but they are NOT fast.. which means I waited a while to get back something that didn't meet the standard I expected.. keep in mind.. they are doing all this stuff in house in the US.. anyway.. I called them pretty worked up.. the end result.. they are giving me a brand new pack.. the crazy part.. they didn't have it in stock.. they are literally making it for me as I type this.. that is INSANE service.. by the end of the call I actually felt bad for being so short with them.. I am fully convinced they will go to ANY level to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work they do.. my experience has been that they will NOT leave a customer in a dissatisfied state.. 

    I was looking at some other manufacturers for a plate carrier.. but now I am taking a second look at TT.. its really really really hard to shop elsewhere given the level of support and service they have provided me.. I am a believer.. 

  16. Check out Tactical Tailor and see if they have anything.. they are not cheap.. but the quality is there.. and they stand by things in an indescribable way.. I had my pack for YEARS.. I use it every day.. had an issue with the zipper.. they told me to send it in.. and they repaired it.. no questions asked.. they didn't care how long I had it.. they didn't care if I was the 1st or 100th owner.. didn't ask for a receipt.. they just made it right.. 

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  17. 21 hours ago, tomk62 said:

    So someone unexpectedly breaks into my house while I am home - I am either wearing my body armor all the time or I run real quick and go put it on?  Not trying to be argumentative but I don't follow the logic here.

    depends on situation.. my chest rig (with 3X 30 round mags 1X 40 round mag in the gun 131 rounds total on me) is right next to my rifle.. which is on the 3rd floor of my house.. you need to make quite a bit of noise to get in.. it will be on.. rifle in hand before you get to me..  if I had a plate carrier it would be the same.. depending on the situation.. and timing.. its more than likely I would be over top of them at the last flight of stairs before they even hit them.. unless they ran full speed.. that makes for a great angle for me.. and not such a good angle for them.. 

    I have soft armor but looking into plates once all this nonsense subsides.. 

    as jack stated.. all depends on your setup and planning.. 

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