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  1. Looking to purchase a 22lr rifle not over 250. Let me know what you have. Thank you.
  2. This is what im working with. Remington 700 heavy barrel with the rail it came with and a monarch 3 50mm objective scope. Should i go with seperate or 1 piece rings and what brand? Looking to keep scope low to the barrel
  3. Dropped off september 19th didnt get until november 2. Hamilton township nj
  4. Just an update - Called remington today with serial number. It is the police model made in 2012.
  5. Thanks pizza bob for the fast reply. Do you know of any other differences i may be able to look for since your right, a second stud can be installed easy.
  6. Hey guys, just ordered a used rem 700 300 win mag 26 inch heavy barrel on gunbroker. It was listed as a VS varmint synthetic model however i have read one thing online. Online seems to say the vs only has 1 sling stud and police model has 2. This one has 2. Serial begins with RR. does anyone know for sure if its a VS or POLICE model? Thanks in advance.
  7. Im sure this is already a topic but my search came up nothing. Im looking to get a 700. Im not not looking to spend over 600 on the rifle. Looking for .270, 7mm or .300 win mag. Out of the 3 which is more prefered for price and accuracy. Also i know there are different models adl sps bdl. Is the bdl really worth the money for a box magazine or blind magazine prefered?
  8. New jersey transit is hiring locomotive engineers and conductors. Just putting that out there.
  9. Are those discounts only good for one year, than jump back up the year after?
  10. I usually try to get to Fort Dix 30 minutes before but last time we ran a little late and had to wait 2 hours. As for CJRPC, I dont shoot enough to pay their higher fees, and I usually go with a few people.
  11. Lets try this than. Looking for a place to shoot close to Mercer County. I currently go to Fort Dix and Pistol People but im just tired of having to wait 2 hours at Fort Dix and than only get to shoot for 1 hour.
  12. Anyone in Mercer County shoot on their own land and want some company?
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