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  1. Can someone tell me what the headline was on huff when this was posted? They change it pretty often.
  2. Here is a scenario I was thinking about the other day. My wife had to rent some office space for her business. Sometimes she may have to be there alone. Is the following legal in NJ.. She is leasing the space for her business She has an FID card Can she Take a pistol unloaded in a locked case with no ammo in her car to the business load the gun while she is inside. When she is ready to leave unload the gun leave the magazine at the business and transport the pistol back to our home in a locked box?
  3. Im just trying to give the guy a heads up that a Sig with the hammer back in single action might go off pulling it out of a holster if he's not careful.. He said he was new to handguns and did not have a holster so i can gather its not something he's done a lot.
  4. Since you said you are new to handguns and don't have a holster yet I would go with the 226 since is DA only.. If you do get a holster for the 229 be careful keeping it in single action in the holster. The sigs don't have safety's and that gun could go off on its way out. If you keep the hammer down and shoot the first shot in DA you will be good to go... just wanted to let you know..
  5. Wolfy All ammo is provided.. They will even lend out 10/22's to use.. But i was told you would need 5 mags but if you did not have them you could borrow some. I mean they will have mags for popular guns like 10/22's and Ruger Mark pistols
  6. Sign-in & Registration Begins: 8:00am Shooting Begins: 9:00 All steel match: 5 stages pistol, 3 stages rifle, 250 rounds minimum .22LR only! EVERYONE WELCOME No Gun, No Problem. Contact match director for more details Classes: Open and Limited Special Recognition Classes: Junior, Women, Mechanical, Cowboy Prizes: Multiple Ruger firearms as well as trophies for top competitors in each class Entry Fee: $40.00 Lunch Included (must be post marked by August, 10th) Late Entry and Day of Event Entry Fee: $55.00 Lunch Included Go here to register http://www.sjrimfire.com/Ruger_Rimfire_Match.html
  7. Paul from Arms & Ammo http://www.colddeadhands.com
  8. Sorry about that... had plenty of open spots the other day...
  9. Project appleseed shoot will be at SJSC on 6/11-6/12 http://www.appleseedinfo.org/search-states.php?filter=NJ&statename=New%20Jersey www.appleseedinfo.org
  10. Kimber Ultra Carry II with Crimson trace grips
  11. I was at the range the other day and the guy next to me swore by the tru glow red dot on his ar. I have also heard good things about he bushnell red dot. The one that kinda looks like a acog. If you ever get the extra funds I highly recommend an aim point. Edit I just watched that video in the thread makes me feel even better about my aim point purchase.
  12. I would check here http://www.brick.patch.com There is nothing there yet but I could see it there
  13. When i took the class i was the only one even close to Winslow. I live 30 mins away. Everyone else was 3+ hours away.
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