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  1. I passed, but it wasn’t pretty. I forgot to aim low on my first shot and it went 10 inches higher than my point of aim. I actually aimed where the target meets the ground for the rest and it took the remaining 4 arrows to pass. Ugly grouping...one inside circle on left, one inside circle on right side and one in middle. I need some lessons and lots of practice for sure. the written part was easy.
  2. Thanks Bully. After adjusting top pin as high as it will go I am still shooting high groups. After Googling it appears my peep sight might need adjustment. At this point I plan on aiming low this Sunday and seeing how it goes. Not ideal but I won’t have time to have anyone look at it prior. Then regardless whether I pass or not I will sign up the next week for a lesson and tuning.
  3. I registered for the test this a Sunday. I went to an indoor range in Saddle Brook which is 45 mins away. I shot high groups by 6 inches at 20 yards. They are loose groups but all were high. I then aimed at bottom of paper target and they hit on the bullseye level...just all a round it though but not bad for a beginner. I just gone done moving the top pin up slightly. Going back tomorrow to see how I did and bringing an Allen wrench. Still need to read the material, do a handbook and study. Still exercising. hopefully I pass Sunday. If not, I will register for the next week but I am running out of time. If I pass, I am immediately buying a target so I can practice outdoors at WMA and near home. joe
  4. A guy at work was telling me to put one on and practice with it...he also said I might need it for the test but it has been a long time and he can’t remember. Anyone? Thx
  5. Thanks. It is exciting. I’m 51 and always wanted to do this...late start. Started running and doing push-ups. But I am having an IPA as I type this...that won’t change.
  6. Also he set it for 50lbs. Seems easy enough...no issues drawing it. He said get used to 50lb, take test at 50, then progress up to more pounds. He told me to practice drawing and slowly releasing at home to build muscles but not release bow.
  7. Hoyt Powermax it is. Leaving for vacation and will only have one chance to practice for 1 hour just prior to Oct 19th test. Other than 8 arrows I just fired for fitting and sight adjustment that one hour is really my first time shooting. It seems I have nothing to lose by taking the test (3 out of 5 in vital area). Anything I missed in terms of if I fail? Ie. Penalty box? Didn’t find anything on internet but thought I would ask. Thx Bought 6 arrows and one of them went thru shaft of other...splitting it. Guy told me that is rare. I said good group. Already down to 5 arrows.
  8. I saw bad reviews about Targeteers customer service, but given the range I feel I need to go there. It is out of the way too as I live in Mt. Arlington. I heard Simon Peter is a good place in Newton. Will eventually check out Stark...thanks for info.
  9. Thanks Bully. I plan on going to Targeteers Archery. They have a good selection, range and lessons too. We are on the same page..
  10. Great they do that and seems perfect for me to try. Thank you.
  11. How do I pass the field exam (3 out of 5 arrows in vital zone) if I can’t practice until I pass the exam. I have always wanted to get into archery, but have never fired a bow so 3 out of 5 is unlikely . Sort of kidding...I will figure it out.
  12. Thanks. I will look into a bow hunting license even though I am not sure I want to hunt in NJ (I am guessing it is congested) and search for Wildlife Mgmt Areas.
  13. I want to buy a compound bow and wondering where I can shoot outside for free. Live in condo near Lake Hopatcong area so no “backyard”. I don’t have a hunting license. Also, assuming there are spots close by do I just bring a target and ensure a safe backstop exists? Any archery / bow hunt clubs around? I Googled but did not see much (one in Lincoln Park?). Thx
  14. Lunch by Maine Brewing Company. It’s an IPA. Solid brewery, but tough to find their beers in NJ.
  15. I just received the .5 and boy does it dig into the fingers. I cut a strip from old undershirt to wrap twice around it...helps. I can close it 4 times in each hand. Not sure if that is good. If or when I can do 10 reps then I will go up to 1.0.
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