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  1. Is there a good gunsmith in the Northern NJ area that would be able to do this kind of work? For reference, here is a Zastava PAP: http://cdn.firearmstalk.com/forums/attachments/f19/24335d1296228114-zastava-pap-w-pic-zastava.jpg This is the comp: http://primaryweapons.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=15 Thanks!
  2. Yeah they're russian for sure. Audio quality is garbage.
  3. Does anyone know if any of teh Tapco Forends fit on teh PAP?
  4. I will, as soon as I get teh chance.
  5. I bought a Zastava PAP from Master Arms LLC (Sloatsburg, NY) last weekend. Its a great little gun shop, I recommend you check it out if you haven't already. I put about 500 rounds through so far and its awesome. I have been looking at some options for a replacement forend. I read on a few forums that the UTG Yugo M70 Quad Rail fits perfectly. I am wondering if any of the Tapco Intrafuse forends will fit, I prefer plastic over metal to keep the rifle light. I was also thinking of threading and pinning a muzzle break on the barrel. Any thoughts on the above mentioned upgrades?
  6. I don't have anything against it, I just think its expensive to shoot on a regular basis on my budget.
  7. I decided that I will build the first upper with a 16" mid-length and pinned brake.
  8. Agreed, I just though I would throw it out there.
  9. I didn't read it in a post, one of the females at BH mentioned it.
  10. I've seen it for sale at the BH. I also hear that there was some sort of mfgr. defect that allowed it to fire in bursts.
  11. There are so many options my head is spinning, and the BCM upper I want is out of stock
  12. I think I will look into buying a new Px4 9mm. I will sell my 40 after that.
  13. Thanks!!! I just hope the ST lower and that BCM upper fit nice and tight!
  14. Yeah I will probably end up doing that myself I will get the lower parts first before I get the upper.
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