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  1. For sale with only a few rounds down the pipe is my AR50. Its a great gun but I have no place to shoot it. I'm selling the rifle, the pictured Bi-pod, the pictured scope leupold Mark 4 Lr/T 10x40, and ill toss in whatever ammo I have left(I believe it to be 200 rounds, i will count it before we agree on a price) for $2750 OBO net to me. Ill split shipping of this rifle since its sooo heavy from my ffl to yours. No trades please.
  2. Purchased last year about this time. Used maybe 2-3 times then sat in my safe. Rifle is gone so the acog must follow it. $675 net to me, free shipping
  3. The gun has minimal usage. Takes glock 17 mags of which i will include 1. comes with magpul NON adjustable stock, or it can be switched to an adjustable stock pinned to any position you like by my gunsmith. Im looking for $1200 OBO for the rifle or $1800 for the rifle and mini ACOG. MUST have FID and matching DL Located in Roxbury
  4. in excellent working order, Just sold the gun it was mounted to. The first of its kind, the LaserlyteKryptonyte Center Mass Green Laser produces not only a single visible aiming point but nine. Designed for use with home defense shotguns, the CM-15 uses a refractive lens system to spread the beam around the center dot into a ring of individual green dots at a rate of 1" per yard. This equates to roughly the same rate a shotgun patterns, giving users more visibility of their shot placement and aiding in quick target acquisition. This extremely user friendly unit is programmable to constant on or momentary on with the use of the included remote activation pad. Built from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, this military styles laser unit can be used on the heaviest hitting shotguns on the market. $125 OBO Shippeed photo image hosting
  5. Bought and fired maybe 50 shots. It's the foliage green model. I have two and one has to go. so here she is! War Sport 14.7" Melonited Barrel, Mid-Gas, 1/2-28, 1:8, .223 WY Chamber (Barrel compensator is pinned to meet 16" minimum length requirements for rifles) LVOA -C Rail LVOA 3-PC Rail Set War Sport Forged Upper Receiver FWD Assist Dust Cover Mid Length Melonited Gas Tube War Sport Melonited Lo-Pro Gas Block LVOA "Top Hat" Comp, Melonited War Sport Barrel Nut Thumb Drive with LVOA Manuals Magpul XTM Hand Stop Magpul Pro Sight Bolt Raptor Charging handle Id like $1250 shipped and insured. Feel free to make me an offer. More pics available upon demand.
  6. HK P30 9mm. Green Night sights and decocker. 100 round count. 1 factory magazine. $600 firm upload image net
  7. So confused.. Sat dead glock 17, rmr on top, mag well. Threaded barrel is legal correct?
  8. Ok thanks. Saw discussion on the g17 being questionable.
  9. As stated above curious if i can get a threaded barrel for my g17? Thanks
  10. Just picked up a russian 91 friday and I'm loving it! Diggin on 5 pawns Bowdens Mate and a few quantum vapor flavors i made in their juice lab. Specifically "She's my extra cherry pie".
  11. Im gonna be in Florida for a vacation and I'm considering stopping by, anyone ever been there? Worth the 30 minute drive from where I'm staying?
  12. If it feeds consistently I don't care what the finish looks like. It's a tool, my hammer isn't shiny but boy does it do a good job banging nails in.
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