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  1. So confused.. Sat dead glock 17, rmr on top, mag well. Threaded barrel is legal correct?
  2. Ok thanks. Saw discussion on the g17 being questionable.
  3. As stated above curious if i can get a threaded barrel for my g17? Thanks
  4. Just picked up a russian 91 friday and I'm loving it! Diggin on 5 pawns Bowdens Mate and a few quantum vapor flavors i made in their juice lab. Specifically "She's my extra cherry pie".
  5. Im gonna be in Florida for a vacation and I'm considering stopping by, anyone ever been there? Worth the 30 minute drive from where I'm staying?
  6. If it feeds consistently I don't care what the finish looks like. It's a tool, my hammer isn't shiny but boy does it do a good job banging nails in.
  7. Mine work just fine. You may be overthinking things.
  8. I just bough one from a guy on this forum, it matched all my other fde stuff from magpul and larue
  9. Your chief is a good guy, and a fellow gun enthusiast, I'm sure if he could get it done faster he would.
  10. Bought this upper last year, love everything about it, I would buy another if funds permitted.
  11. Because it comes with the model in looking at. Why does that matter?
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