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  1. So confused.. Sat dead glock 17, rmr on top, mag well. Threaded barrel is legal correct?
  2. Ok thanks. Saw discussion on the g17 being questionable.
  3. As stated above curious if i can get a threaded barrel for my g17? Thanks
  4. Just picked up a russian 91 friday and I'm loving it! Diggin on 5 pawns Bowdens Mate and a few quantum vapor flavors i made in their juice lab. Specifically "She's my extra cherry pie".
  5. Im gonna be in Florida for a vacation and I'm considering stopping by, anyone ever been there? Worth the 30 minute drive from where I'm staying?
  6. If it feeds consistently I don't care what the finish looks like. It's a tool, my hammer isn't shiny but boy does it do a good job banging nails in.
  7. Mine work just fine. You may be overthinking things.
  8. I just bough one from a guy on this forum, it matched all my other fde stuff from magpul and larue
  9. Your chief is a good guy, and a fellow gun enthusiast, I'm sure if he could get it done faster he would.
  10. Bought this upper last year, love everything about it, I would buy another if funds permitted.
  11. Because it comes with the model in looking at. Why does that matter?
  12. Such a grey area... And really not worth the headaches.
  13. Hi, looking at GSG .22 1911 comes with threaded barrel and faux suppressor is this legal in NJ?
  14. ive pinned several magpul stocks with ease
  15. Mine was about 80 days, name came spelled wrong. Called them and within 3 days had a new card in hand.
  16. utah has to be taught by a utah certified instructor.. i used gun for hire at reddot firearms in stanhope... class was great. Gun for hire handled everything including mailing it. class was very in formative and not long at all. well worth it IMO. FYI i took the class 75 days ago.
  17. Anyone take the class recently and receive their permit back? took it beginning of April and nothing yet.
  18. Im looking to buy one... anyone know a good place to order one from. thanks in advance.
  19. actually it is happening in NJ. A local PD is raffling off an AR by me.
  20. Utah needs to be done by a Utah certified instructor.. RED DOT in Stanhope often has classes.
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