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  1. Thx for the info. Is the vector pistol nj legal?
  2. Can some give me some advice on what ar pistols are jersey legal that I can buy? Thank you
  3. Anyone know who does slide porting in north jersey area
  4. lol I tried it only slides over your buffer tube and locks in place. I never hip fired I tried like the video showed aiming and I'm lucky if it did a 3 round burst here and there. Never any full auto action. So I sold it. I can't see how you have to know a special way.
  5. They suck I baught one last year from slide fire and there was no paper from anyone in box. I put it on my ar and it barely worked. Nothing like the online video it only did 3 round burst no full auto so I got rid of it.
  6. It's like 3 years I baught them 15 round pinned mags from a forum member. The bullets keep binding when they are loading
  7. On my ak there is no feedramp and it keeps jamming and not feeding when I use hollow points anyone know how to fix this? I noticed they are binding a little below the chamber
  8. Anyone know of places in north jersey area?
  9. I know this topic has been talked about several times. I can't find the threds. If I rent a cabin in main and bring my guns with me locked up separated etc. is there a crime if I should get pulled over in ny state or mass and saying I'm going to a rental cabin with target shooting on premis?
  10. Anyone know if any cabin rentals in pa that allow shooting on the property? I'm having a hard time finding any.
  11. Sig mosquito,beretta 92fs,ptr 91 308 impulse buy was way too heavy and got too hot and burned my hand.
  12. They suck rip offs. I have purchased a few guns from them and sent a few people there and they never knock any $$ off. There guns are 100-200 more than getting them new on gunbroker with shipping. There ammo prices are a rip also. They gave me 800 on a trade I had a 1500 smith and Wesson from the performance center and they said were lucky we make 100 on this I went back a few weeks later there it is in the case for like 1300.
  13. Just got 2 more 7 weeks in moonachie. It used to be 4 weeks in the past but they have a new guy doing it now.
  14. I still have 16 months left and the buy out is 30,500 I just listed it on swap lease I just need to get out of it.
  15. Not that easy don't want it anymore can't sell it cause it's a lease and I don't own it. I want to just do a lease transfer if I can find someone that wants it lol.
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