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  1. I too have had bad times there recently. First, their prices are insane. Second, I feel like I am interrupting social hour and was told by one of his friends/ helpers? that "if you shoot someone with a .380, it will only piss them off"!!!. He cant be bothered to show me more then one or two handguns, despite me having permits in hand.Too busy even though I am the only customer. Just general rudeness and gun shop commando syndrome. Here is the best: He told me that an FFL CANNOT accept a firearm shipped from a private party. When I twisted his arm on it, he addmitted that he could but simply did not want to, so he blatantly lied to me. Not going back.
  2. HAHAHAHA! I've seen pics of worn out guns from the third world that looked better then that!
  3. Yeah the 16CA is ok in all 50 states (according to Kel tec). And the great thing is it fits two 10 rd mags in the stock so you can hold 2 NJ legal mags in the rifle.
  4. cptmike03

    "Wild west" rifles

    I second the Marlin 1894. They are cheaper then the foreign levers, and made much better. Also, check out the single shot H&R rifles too.
  5. cptmike03

    My first Sig

    Really nice! I have a p220 myself and they are great! Enjoy it!
  6. cptmike03

    Bushmaster ACR

    I was in Brick Armory today and they had one of these rifles. They said that they pin on a muzzle break (or something like that) to make it NJ legal before they sell it. I have no idea what the price was.
  7. cptmike03

    New rifle

    Very nice looking paint job!
  8. I am not a member, but I shoot there in steel pistol competitions. The place is great. Most of the people I shoot with are members, who are all fantastic. I would join, but may be moving after Feb so I dont want to waste the $650 if I do move. The outdoor pistol ranges are nice. No magnums or rifles on the indoor range
  9. I had no idea you could even do that. Can you shoot steel at Dixs? Are non produce items still ok?
  10. I too would like a DSA, but hate the new prices. It might take some time, but you might be able to order one that is NJ legal (IE perm. attached break). They also have the "predator" model that has nothing on the front of a heavy barrel and should be NJ legal as it is. That one is also the same price as a normal model.
  11. cptmike03

    Bushmaster ACR

    yeah there has been a recall. Apparently they where going "full auto" on people. I guess that comes with the high price tag huh?
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