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  1. The reason I am selling my Sig unfortunately. As much as I enjoy shooting it, the DA/SA, higher bore axis and different grip angle affect me when I go back to shooting my glocks. And seeing as if all continues on its current path, ill be issued a Glock in less then 6 months....so yeah, I agree with you %100.
  2. Most agencies are outsourcing background fingerprinting for everything. And good luck with the timing in Edison as well. When I changed my FID address with them and got a permit about a year ago it took about 4-5 months. They appear to run their firearms paperwork in batches like every 6 months.
  3. That is the same one that I purchased. I have yet to use it but I am going out to shoot at EFGA tomorrow and plan on putting many rounds through it. I will definitely let you know what my impressions are after.
  4. You really dont have to trim handgun brass at all. ever. In your case you really only have to worry about the .223 brass.. I just came across the RCBS X-Dies. Supposedly you do a full length resize of your brass once. Then trim it to .020" under the maximum OAL and you never have to trim the brass again. The die actually limits the growth of the case on resizing if set up properly. I am probably going to order a .308 and .223 one later this week.
  5. Works Great! I have only used it for that small batch of .308 in the photo. But those are obviously larger round and it had no problem so I cant imagine there being any issue for anything smaller, rifle or pistol.
  6. Officially, officially up and running now. Everything works great and it is much more efficient then the tiny old setup. Still have to get some more of the tools mounted up on the pegboard. Highly recommend this guy's products for mounting your press. http://inlinefabrication.com I mounted my powder measure so I can swing it around to the front to use or swing it around to the back to get it out of the way.
  7. It is, unfortunately. Only if your attempting to build it as an AR Pistol, which you will not be able to do. Just go with an AR build at 16 inches. If you already shoot AR's, your manual of arms remains pretty much identical between carbine and rifle. High Exposure on here just had a .40 DI upper built by Ron at http://www.rmwxtreme.com/ who from what I heard builds quality stuff. But HE has been having issues with it although he hasn't had a chance to dig into the actual problem yet. I plan on purchasing a lower from this company soon for a 9mm build.
  8. Is this real life? "One of the few NJ Ranges that can accommodate a 50 caliber BMG" "40 yard gun range (nearly double the standard 25 yard range)" Two of these phrases do not go together....can you guess? Just one of a number of laughable points on that website. I think I will pass.
  9. I have a Jr. Executive sized stack-on because I live in an apartment. It was never large enough to start with but space is limited. My 14.5 middy BCM will fit in it assembled as well as my 870. But my other AR and M1 Garand have to be broken down to fit in it. The day I buy a house I will be purchasing a 24 gun or larger.
  10. Just completed some drastic changes to my bench today....(built a new, much better one) I have some new mounts and equipment coming from inlinefabrication.com for my press. I will post up photos once that's all mounted up.
  11. effd27145

    New 9 mm

    Sig Sauer P320 I dont have one yet but it will be my next purchase.
  12. You can try to add a little more tension yourself. Get a hair dryer (or more preferably a heat gun), and heat up the sheath. After its moderately warm just squeeze the retention parts closed a bit. Cool, test and repeat as needed until it has the retention that you want. In the top stock photo, it looks like your gonna want to add more tension to the bottom left corner. It looks like that's how its retaining the knife.
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