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  1. Excellent podcast! The high ratings are completely understandable.
  2. Excellent video! I liked the reference to Vermont. How did Jersey get to such a different place from other progressive states? (e.g. Washington, Oregon, Michigan, etc.)
  3. Thanks for straightening this out for me. The only instance this would be an issue , is if my wife or kids needed to use one of my firearms to defend themselves at home when I was away. BTW, my understanding was based on articles and discussions like the one below. http://blog.nj.com/njv_scott_bach/2008/01/stop_on_your_way_to_target_pra.html
  4. DJD0770, I've heard so many different opinions on transfer laws and exemptions, I don't know what to believe. But the subsections b., c. and d. of N.J.S.2C:39-5 you quoted for me don't seem germaine to the matter of a non-owner's handling of a handgun. From what I've read and was told, (including on this forum) the only exemption for a non-owner of a particular handgun to legally handle the same is at a range or gunshop. We are legal only by exemptions. If you can show me where NJ law specifically permit a spouse/friend/etc. to handle your handgun outside of the shop/range I'll gladly yield. There's a ton of misinformation out there about NJ firearm laws (e.g. hollow points.). I don't want to be adding to it. Not long ago I had a police officer over for dinner and he was telling me that I was guilty of a serious crime by not having trigger locks on my unloaded firearms at home. Of course, he was wrong.
  5. Not to highjack the thread, but I have a crossman pump-up pellet gun. I'm assuming it's legal here, though it's internal magazine holds dozens of bbs at once. I am correct right?
  6. Hey, cut him some slack. This is NJ after all, where just allowing a friend or spouse handle your unloaded pistol in your own home is a crime. Handgun owners are especially twitchy legally-speaking...and for good reason.
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Frankly, it's a relief to know that I hadn't missed something as basic as that. LE should know this stuff cold. Professionalism demands it.
  8. I had a police officer and his family over last night for a social visit. We got to talking about firearms and he mentioned that if you have kids 14 years old or younger at home you're required by law to have your firearms not only unloaded, but locked up as well (ie. in a safe or with trigger locks). Up until last night my understanding was that NJ law required all firearms to be unloaded. (though locks, etc. were strongly recommended.) So after he left I spent an hour or two searching NJ statutes and again only came up the law regarding unloaded firearms...if there are kids 16 years old or younger present. I did see that Ocean County requires trigger locks/safes. So are those statutes local or statewide? And if trigger locks/safes are required by law, and BB guns are considered to be firearms, do they also need to be 'unloaded & locked away' to be legal. Thanks for any help.
  9. Thanks guys for the info. Good to know. Maybe by the time my son is 21, I'll be out of NJ. Legally speaking, we're always walking on eggshells here. I hate that...really, really hate that.
  10. So could I legally give one of my handguns to my son for his 21st birthday without a permit/paperwork?
  11. Reading the above, I'd say that in the eyes of NJ statutes most of us are criminally liable... It's illegal to even touch a spouse's firearm in one's own home...even if she/he is in the same room?!? This is absolutely crazy.
  12. 2011... a Marlin 336ss 30-30 and a Marlin 795ss. Last year it was pistols...this year long guns.
  13. What you could do is drop your Kimber off at a nearby PA gunshop for a good cleaning. Then pick it up on the way home. At least you'd have it on the way up and back. Just don't bring it into NJ.
  14. Will a NJ Hunting license suffice to meet Florida requirements? I've also completed a 4-day Defensive Handgun course from Front Sight in Nevada. Just wondering.
  15. Does anyone know whether local/city governments could override or deny the right to cc for permit holders even if this bill becomes law? If they can, they will. Imagine every county, city, and town having their own particular regulations. Every cc permit holder would eventually get locked up. BTW, 500$ per year is ridiculous. Bi-annual Psych-evaluations are ridiculous (proving your sanity to some anti-gun shrink...twice a year??? And if they don't like something about you, they not only take away your cc permit...they'll come for your guns!) A Bi-annual proficiency exam...who gets to set the standards? And what will be the cost?
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