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  1. yea my plan is either 10.5 pinned or 11.5 unpinned with a V5 extension and sba3 with a VFG.. Just would like to do a Colt Comando kinda remake in an "other"..
  2. tried to find information on bayonet lugs and others. I know we can have "flash" hiders but not sure about the evil Bayonet lugs. Any information would be helpful
  3. Hello, I am looking to build an .40 "other non nfa firearm'. Looking for .40 BCG's, Barrels, Uppers, muzzle devices, buffer weights/springs, ect... an SBa3 stock... I will be getting my hands on a LRBHO lower as soon as the lords open up the freedom gates.. We can meet up and practice social distancing or send via mail.. Why 40? I have a literal ton of it and but loads of glock mags.. so need to make some use of it. Barrels length 9 to 11" length. I Will have the proper length muzzle device or extension pinned and welded of course to get my OAL <26" when completed let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. as of last night no nics https://www.njportal.com/NJSP/NicsVerification This must be breaking some kind of law.. you cant stop the 2nd amendment because of a flu!
  5. can you get the engraving done prior? should not make a difference right? just thinking of having it done before finish applied
  6. I have the BCM Intermediate Receiver Extension A5 kit with spring and buffer on my 14.5 BCM build. I have staked the castle nut so not taking it off but did put a tape measure to it from as close to the lower receiver as I could . so the installed measurements are what you are getting give or take 1/16 or so. H ope this helps
  7. anyone have actual experience with one? Build quality? Last round Bolt hold open reliability? fit and finish? thanks
  8. Executive Order No. 83. Anyone know of any class action law suits people can join to fight this? or any law firms who would take it on? This order eliminates the financial protection that groups like USCCA afford law-abiding citizens of New Jersey. Anyone who uses a weapon to defend themselves, wounding or killing an assailant, will likely face a criminal trial, a wrongful-death civil suit, or both. The battles they face are not easy and they certainly are not cheap.
  9. kimber 8400 advanced tactical rifle in 308, A5 McMillan stock, bipod. 110 rounds through it, great rifle comes with Pelican case. I will leave the SWFA 12x scope and tpms rings attached as free with the rifle.This was originally 1800 when I purchased it without all the additional items. I will also give up 2 boxes of Federal Gold Medal Match witch is the ammo it's zeroed with. Did an initial barrel cleaning when I bought it and have only used a bore snake with minimal solvents to clean it since. Capable os 1/4 MOA according to kimber and I get close with federal gold medal match. 1000.00 and willing to meet at you ffl most anyplace in NJ
  10. Hello all, I learned that they are no longer in production and have lost or sold off all my GAP floor plates. I would like to purchase at least 2 of them if anyone has the laying around and don’t need them. I am aware of the Gee brand but prefer the GAP. thanks Dave
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