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  1. Hello all, I learned that they are no longer in production and have lost or sold off all my GAP floor plates. I would like to purchase at least 2 of them if anyone has the laying around and don’t need them. I am aware of the Gee brand but prefer the GAP. thanks Dave
  2. Someone just reached out to me from Delaware and wanted to purchase a pistol for sale. Can I just meet him at an FFL in Delaware or does it need to ship from an FFL in NJ to another in DL to "leave the state and enter another"?
  3. So I decided to go with DP customs and get the RMR cut along with other options, and a Loanwolf conversion barrel for my 23 . Selling the G22 to help fund the project. I cant for some reason post it here so its on arms list. I have reached out to admins so once sorted it will be up in the NJGF also. Thanks for all the help and interesting data that came out of the thread! Dave,
  4. From what I have seen in training sessions around the country 9mm 124gr Speer Gold Dot seems to be what most use. But like anything it all depends. we went with 147gr of that same verity. good luck!
  5. Sound about right. Most anything we do as humans starts and ends in our minds. Doesn’t take much physical strength to press a trigger. It’s the mental and spiritual aspects before and after the press is what we continuously need to improve upon. thanks for the response.
  6. thanks! wish we had a local spot.. tons more
  7. thanks! What was the lead time? do you remember?
  8. it is. mostly due to lack of training time weather paid or unpaid. Also, some are not into it and get nothing more then the required once or twice a year qual . At that point is when they ask for help and would like to fix all the issues day of the qual. But I have noticed a lot more interest in the last few years as newer officers come on and want to take control of that aspect of the job.I would suspect that percentage goes down in the next few years. Do you know of a quality spot in NJ who can do the mill job?
  9. all the above but mostly selling to bean counters, scores going up, and peoples feelings. And The"FBI" did makes it easier.At least that's what I got from it when we made the proposal. the capacity and staying in the fight longer are less on the table when pitching to my dissension makers. They are not gun or tactic people. I use those types of arguments to sell to officers who get stuck in the "stopping power" mindset.
  10. the cost over time in years, recoil, ect.. better 9mm options for duty in recent years. You know all the stuff people argue about in the caliber wars! lol but mostly money and shooter felt recoil.
  11. I thought of that option but would need to get the slides cut and with the barrels I would be in it for the price of a blue label gen 5 mos. But still on the table if I cant get rid of the 40 stuff. I did that on a g27 years ago and was great.
  12. Thats what I am guessing the issue may be. A ton of places are switching over
  13. Thanks for the reply! I am of the mind set if I can sell both guns and ammo to pay for one and the rmr I am doing better then I should be. We are going with red dots so most of my holster wont work trust me I would love to keep the holsters I have bought over the years.
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