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  1. I know he has no options to have any firearms he in the city but was wondering what anyone has done is a slimier situation. My father in law is 75 and moving back up to the New York area to spend more time with the kids and grand kids. Do I have any options to transfer his collection to me? I think all he has is NJ compliant.. revolvers and 1911's and a shotgun so nothing NJ considers crazy. Thanks for any help or pointing me in some sort of direction to get this figured out in the current state of upside down gun laws...
  2. Hello, I haven done a sale in a long time so about to list a bolt action for sale. can we still do it as long as FID and DL match? Thanks,
  3. Wow I can't belive I missed all of this!!! Let me know if another comes up.. so I can come buy and shoot or watch the match.
  4. I would like to get into some kind of match or club here in NJ. I know we dont have much for long range but would still be fun from 100 to 300 or 400 yards. more info here http://www.precisionrifleseries.com/ http://www.scout.com/military/snipers-hide/story/1478840-precision-rifle-series-intro-to-competition?s=541
  5. I have used for years... sold and bought. But recently a lot of shady people..just wondering if anyone has noticed as well
  6. Hey all. I was just wondering if anyone in the last month or so has posted to arms list? I had people email you with interest and as soon as I ask about FID and permits I never here from them again. The whole this is a bit bothersome to me.
  7. If you need good accurate factory rounds. This is the deal to beat... I like them because if you get at this price you can keep using the brass. Good stuff! To load 200 rounds with same brass, bullets, powder and primers is about not much savings( if you can get proper powder). I get 1/2 or less at 100 with my kimber 8400 http://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-gold-medal-match-308-winchester-ammo-168-gr-smkhp-gm308m-p-1163.aspx or try the 175s might be better for the 600.. when in stock http://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-gold-medal-308-win-175-gr-ammo-smkhp-gm308m2-p-1744.aspx Good Luck!
  8. Or just pick up some federal GMM 168 or 178 grain ammo its good stuff and if you cant get component's to reload its good stuff that wont kill your wallet too bad.and the brass is great to reload.
  9. For me most of my 308 i start with 42gr imr 4064 and 168gr smk or 168gr amax.might go up or down very little. Its a pretty accurate load with both bullets but you will get more velocity from the amax in. My experience. That's after you fireform brass and only neck size. Also getting the proper seat depth for each rifle is key. Other than that try to get each brass uniform. Never exceed mam load vor any powder with bullet weight not worth it. If the bullet ant working at close go max change the bullet. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Anyone know of local NJ spots open this weekend with Varget ,reloader 15 or imr 4064 in stock? or have some to sell looking for 2lbs. Thanks
  11. the NJDEP still says kid are free when the pass the course... http://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/hntlicfe.htm#youth
  12. I have shot over 2000 rounds of Freedom munitions 40sw in my 22 with no issues. I can also say that at work they buy like 40.000 rounds of factory at a time and at the range last year I found a few rounds were the bullets were loaded into the brass upside down. We would get failers sometimes as well. Thats why you should practice how to get back into the fight weather factory or reman ammo. Could have been a bad lot but what ya going to do right. I think that the issue with reloads is that if you just get them from some guy who cooked them up in his home lab you have no way of knowing his QC process with brass powder load head space ect... With major companies like freedom munitions the would be using standards like factory new just with reprocessed brass. Just my 2 cents! Good Luck!
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