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  1. Probably GSG, they manufacture the mosquito for Sig, iirc
  2. Shocker


    If it’s like income tax (assume it’s in the same code) you have to pay both your home state’s tax AND the state tax where you got the income. Then if the two states have a reciprocity agreement you petition to get some of it back when I worked summer jobs in college I paid Fed, NJ, PA and Philadelphia taxes. Then I got the privilege to ask PA for that money back (kiss the city taxes goodbye you’ll never see those again)
  3. I’m also 6’, 180#. Wearing a patterned shirt helps a lot, and the foam pads that go between the muzzle end of the holster and your body tip the grip more inward too. I used the foam when I was carrying an M&P compact (G19 size) but my 365XL doesn’t need it to disappear
  4. Are they mixed? Or separated but unidentified? The critical duty is 135gr compared to the critical defense at 115gr so you could pull some bullets to weigh them but if all the cartridges are mixed you might be SOL
  5. EVs weigh like 6000 pounds so they tear up roads like a truck but don’t pay gas tax which [in a non corrupt state] partially pays to fix roads. I’m guessing this is claimed to cover that loss
  6. For prospective buyers, this can easily be adapted to other sub compacts by 3D printing a new adapter piece
  7. News reports say both sides are using it so maybe it’s just the closest thing that can sling 7.62x54R The M2 is what, like, 90 years old now? So it’s getting up there although many variants have modernized the design over the years. And the M2 started liquid cooled also.
  8. People shoot locks on YT all the time. You have to damage a padlock enough that the pin is not stuck in the shackle any more and depending on the construction that can be easy or hard. The crappy locks that are just a stack of riveted plates are more towards “easy”. A door lock probably not, you’d destroy the lock cylinder but the bolt is still in place and now there’s no more way to retract it. Of course…if you compromise the section of door that contains the lock (or hinge) that’s a different story - but technically that lock is still locked, isn’t it? Then there’s this…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIMON_breach_grenade
  9. Geez 30 bucks for a little piece of foam? I’m off to go hack up my wife’s unused yoga mats for free!
  10. I have personally used them when I was selling my house so it’s not the same as this situation but it was a pleasant experience FWIW
  11. I have a bunch of those RK couplers, they’re ABS. I’m curious how you make out with PLA+ my guess is they wouldn’t survive being dropped but you could beef up the sides where they catch the groove on the mag body Did they recommend to print standing up on its end or anything? Thats how I would do it anyway
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