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  1. Should they put that kid to a special education school or at least give him some medicine? Or should we make a law to register for all the mental health peoples same as sex offenders? Hmmm Should you transfer your kid to a new school or what ?
  2. OK seriously Santa is not real.. Been hunting him since Christmas eve.. no Santa what so ever...
  3. that's a weird name . I am from boston, mass and welcome too.
  4. sooo... You are supporting the communist and supporting copy stuff... I rather buy american made with warranty.
  5. aaah i am from massachusetts. I think liberal will have a protest if you guys do have gun rally day lol.. Damn liberal retarded... Soon there will be no law to protect yourself because of liberals.. I bet 70% are not truely american and they are abusing " Freedom of speech and rights ".
  6. slow action. i think the dude is kinna drunk to pull the trigger i don't know but i bet that drunk dude got hit for good.. haha cool. Is cop used to be in the military ?
  7. yeah.. i should move to TX so i can own suppressor.. XD.
  8. hahaha i am not really in sports either but it doesn't matter. Yes i do use turn signals in Mass. A lot of sux a** drivers in mass. But you might think i suck at driving because i am asian but no. A lot of anti gun liberal here. There is an anti gun poster board on the highway I90 W & E bounce which is hanging on the wall of the Red Sox stadium.
  9. Hi everybody, i am new here. I love to shoot glock to ar15. My goal is to shoot mini gun. i Can build an Ar15 in 45 mins If i have the right tools to work on. My idea to make your ar into a fancy tactical ar is the accessories and the design plus color you choice. Yup...
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