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  1. Poconos is out. Too risky. A lot of places there have been described as a sixth boro of Manhatten. PA is a short term fix. I plan on buying property in a truly free state at some point. I can see PA getting ruined by it's Eastern neighbors at some point
  2. Ok so I think there are more people who will be leaving. Think this would be a good place to consolidate questions for those looking to go. I myself will be looking for a place to buy in PA. I will still have an apartment close to work and family but my main residence will be a PA address. My question is what are some nice locations about 2 hours and closer from NYC. Looking for places where I can get a decent amount of property and is relatively close to skiing and lakes
  3. You may expect an audit
  4. Lol..so far my interests are the ruger pc9, Sig p365 and what the deal is with this Franklin armory rifle. Gotta buy up before the laws change
  5. Should we keep all ShotShow 2018 related talk in one thread
  6. The Ares breath muzzle brake. It had nubs on the outside to keep from wrapping a sleeve around it to make a suppressor. It was deemed legal
  7. That stuff is banned in my house. If it is needed it's rationed more than water in somalia
  8. Location?
  9. If for any reason the deal falls through let me know
  10. I run both esstac and HSGI products at work. Would recommend any of their products
  11. You can see PA headed in the same direction. The eastern part of the state has it's dens of liberals but it is still a little ways off. PA is a short term solution for me. Eventually I will reside in, or at least have a home address in a truly free state. I gave up when the turn out was so low knowing how bad Murphy was going to be for gun owners. That was coming from me where almost all unions endorsed Murphy..even my own. I went against that but nowhere near enough people decided it was important enough. They will learn the hard way now. Hopefully ad LE I will still be able to buy like in NY so I can get stuff on the cheap from the fence sitters who sell out of fear.
  12. Get ready..my understanding is that these are only the beginning. Get ready for a semi auto shotgun ban, HD length shotgun ban and many more. Hopefully I will have an address out of state by the end of the year so I don't have to deal with this anymore. This state is a lost cause.
  13. Hopefully their quality is better
  14. Been slacking with this cold and new work gig. Have to get back to smoking