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  1. Knights armament Corp. High end ar style rifle. Big money
  2. I have one somewhere in my house
  3. Triggered would imply an irrational response to something. People having a problem with Starbucks because of various stances they took over the years is just personal preference. You are the one who seems more upset that people dont like the place you chose.
  4. My understanding is that one cant take possession of mags over 10 rounds since the law was signed. If they are in your possession when the law was signed then you are subject to the grace period.
  5. I have a new glock 19 gen 3 frame
  6. Finally..some competition
  7. I would need to lay mine out in a park and use google earth
  8. Does it have the box?
  9. Tasers are bulky and annoying even on a duty belt. Would not want to try conceal carry one. Hope you train with it a lot. There is a lot to remember under stress.
  10. Murder implies intent. There are levels. Murder, manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide. Every state has different names and requirements. There are also levels to some of these charges like murder 1, murder 2
  11. No such thing..lol. And if you really dont want it you know how to reach me..lol
  12. Bottom line is most people are asking way too much for their AR's. Especially basic rifles.
  13. Yeah..because I'm sure everybody updates what they sold it for or if it's still available. A year old I get but there was a ton of older stuff and stuff that said sold please delete with no info other than that.
  14. Those for sale and wtb forums ever get cleaned up. Lots of old clutter in there
  15. Please close....all permits used for now