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  1. Do you know who is driving?
  2. Too bad the pistols are no go here. I have to wait to move out of state
  3. 8 speed auto with paddle shifters. I'm used to filling up a lot between the pickup and the suburban
  4. Pulled the trigger on a new car. Never thought I would get one but couldn't resist at the price. 2016 Challenget Hellcat. Had less than 1100 miles on it. Big trunk so it can fit all my toys for the range.
  5. Looks like I can still do a person to person transfer as long as the other party is LEO as well
  6. Looking to get an mp5 variant. Looking for opinions on what's out there
  7. I bought this chest freezer a couple years ago. Worked when I bought it from the seller. I only used it to store ammo. Added hasps and locks to it. Its deep and holds a lot. $100 and I will help you load it. Approx 6' long and 30" deep. Located in Bayonne.
  8. I wanted one till I held it. The 10 round mag is too big and it feels like the mag would get in the way while racking the action. I would only buy one if it were at a ridiculously low price
  9. Two of my new favorites are the Camacho american and Nicaraguan barrel aged
  10. Delete
  11. Check out county line firearms. They were having deals on m107 operators kits
  12. If you are ever around my area I have a multitude of revolvers for you to try
  13. If he knows it's there and hasn't done anything about it then why bother contacting him. He obviously doesn't care. Call the health department