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  1. Selling an IWI Tavor SAR package. Comes with a newly installed Geissele Super Sabra Trigger and trigger bow. A 9mm conversion kit and a spare 556 barrel. Im located in Bayonne but we can mutually agree on an FFL location. Buyer responsible for all FFL fees. Asking 2500 or best offer for everything. FIRST I'll take it in the post wins the sale
  2. where are you located? Any specific firearms you are looking for?
  3. nope..just done explaining things to a bunch of internet trolls who dont really want to listen to the answers that are given
  4. Bottom line...dont talk shit unless you have done the job. That goes for anything. Everybody with a keyboard is a police expert. Have yet to see an internet police academy.
  5. Great..another NJGF know it all cop judgement thread. I know to exit this stupidity early.
  6. My wife knows that i have a lot. Doesnt really think its necessary but knows the value is there. I have to redo my will this coming year and provisions will be made in there for the firearms. My wife has said numerous times that as long as the bills are paid, kids are taken care of it doesnt matter. I work hard i deserve to enjoy what i make. So if any cheese eating rat fucks want to try and call my wife and tell her what i have and what i spend dont bother. Trust me..somebody was planning that before.
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