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  1. I have one. It's cheap and fun. Shot whatever I have put in it so far
  2. I'm cross eye dominant and shoot long guns all the time
  3. If you have to use a shop for a private transfer now it's more business for them.
  4. I thought it was longer
  5. Nope....got rid of everything due to impending ban
  6. Last Friday they were really slow so I'm sure it only compounded over the weekend
  7. I have been avoiding 40 for a while now. Might need to stockpile 40 ammo in case of emergency
  8. Was planning on getting one with a new round a permits coming. Guess I will be waiting to buy one if even at all now
  9. So jealous
  10. I'm definitely in on this as an off duty
  11. Welcome to the forums
  12. Welcome to the forums
  13. I am kept far away from departmental purchasing decisions. Better off for me anyway. I would just get myself in more trouble
  14. I have to try and get tickets for next year
  15. https://gunprime.com/product/rem-870-tac-14-12144-black-81230/ 12 ga