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  1. For whatever it may add to your consideration, I just sold my well-maintained shooter grade P7M13, for $2500.00. It wasn't for sale long. Cars are meant to be driven, and guns are meant to be shot. If you want to shoot it, shoot it...just bring other guns, gloves, or both, because that frame heats up fast.
  2. I have a Para Ordnance P14.45 LDA Limited. It's a steel framed pistol, and recoils very mildly. In addition to carrying it for a few years, I've also used it for teaching new shooters, due to the ease of recoil control.
  3. We had real trees until a few years ago. We picked up a tree from a local farm. It ended up having a couple of Preying Mantis Egg sacks on it that incubated in warmth of our home, and resulted in a few hundred tiny Mantis running wild around our home...and of course they popped while I was at work, so my Father in Law had to run over to our home and drag the tree, decorations and all, to the curb. We collected what was left unbroken the next morning, and have been rocking a fake tree since. Oh, and good luck finding an inexpensive, but decent quality fake tree, a few days before Christmas...
  4. Well, we never thought the Shockwave would be approved, but here we are...in keeping with that, and my life mantra, of "if you're gonna go hard, go dumb hard", I give you the FosTech origin 12 SBV Firearm...and for a mere $2700.00... Wonder how long we'll need to wait for this to be approved by the State Police... https://www.range365.com/fostech-origin-12-sbv-semi-auto-shotgun-no-tax-stamp-requiredd
  5. I realize this post was meant to kick the beehive, and arrogance aside, was made at least partly tongue in cheek, as I doubt someone who has spent any significant time in this culture could be so naive. With that said... The word is tactics. Operators live and die by them, Gamers do not. It's much easier to be fast and accurate when no one is returning fire, or that cardboard cut out isn't actually a ten year old girl; screaming crying, kicking and flailing in the arms of her stumbling to and fro, moving attacker who simultaneously is threatening the child with the weapon and shooting at you, while also refusing to cross a known open distance of exposure, as a constant rate of speed and direction. Yes, you know your equipment better, because it's nearly the exact same for every single event, repeated over a thousand, or ten thousand practices and matches. For the Operator, equipment is mission dependent, and each can be very different from the next. For the Gamer, the pistol is the primary weapon, even in many three gun matches. In the Operators world, the pistol is second, third or more down the line to more substantial weapons. In the Gamer world, everything must be done now, or as close to now as humanly possible. In the Operator's word, it's much slower and much more controlled. Speed matters, but not at the expense of leaving your back or flanks exposed to an unknown threat. In the Gamer's world, with very few exceptions, it's all on your shoulders, and everything forward is clearly marked as a shoot or no shoot target. In the Operator's world, they are part of a team, and in addition to their own safety, they are responsible for any number of others, which means others who may move into or through their field of fire, repeatedly during an engagement. Their targets are many times dressed exactly like their hostages, and weapons may not be clearly visible, and depending on their positioning may determine their shoot, or no shoot status. Gamers have rules to follow, but they don't begin to approach the litany of rules, regulations, laws and policies the Operator must be in compliance with right at the moment, to engage a target. That said, the word Operator is also being tossed around pretty liberally; to basically apply to anyone who carries a weapon for a living. As someone who's done that for much better then twenty years, I can say with complete certainty that there are many many in uniform who neither operate, nor are Operators. In that vein, I offer the following;
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I shot an email to Tier One yesterday. If I don't hear from them in the next few, I'll reach out to Mr. White and Mr. Hart. Thanks, again.
  7. I'm looking for recommendations for a rifle shop, preferably in NJ, with the skill to rechamber my Terry Cross KMW built Remington 700 SA, 26" MTU Krieger .308 to .300 WSM. The rifle is a true quarter MOA shooter, and I'd like to keep a similar level of performance with the larger round, so I'm looking for skilled and experienced hands.
  8. I have a BAD ASS on both of my AR15s and on my AR10, as well.
  9. The Vortex Viper Red Dot was designed specifically to be mounted on a handgun, has a lifetime warranty, and can be found in several places on line for about two hundred thirty dollars.
  10. Yeah, Shane, unfortunately...I wish it hadn't but...yeah...
  11. If at all possible, try and shoot one before you buy it. I lusted after an AIAW for a few years. I loved the looks and the performance reviews were top end. Good friends who owned them raved about them and so I was sure it would be the perfect choice for my next stick. Right before I ordered mine, I finally got the chance to shoot a friend's. I wanted to love it...I wanted to feel something on a cellular level when I finally got it in hand. I didn't. The craftsmanship was less then I expected. The plastic panels felt cheap in hand, looked worse with casting lines, casting flash and the like, and also aligned poorly on the aluminum frame. The rifle felt narrow and tall, making it feel uncomfortable and less stable, in a variety of shooting positions. Worst of all for me, it had a very distracting tuning fork ring when shooting it. I thought it might just be that one rifle and tried two others with a similar experience. Others love the system. I wanted to, but they just don't do it for me. As in all things, YMMV...
  12. While you may feel that being ill informed as a consumer is acceptable, others may not. Moreover, when you move beyond the parameters of simply being poorly read on a subject, into the realm of confidently dispensing advice based on conjecture, at the best if times, then a more substantial problem exists. To a trained eye regurgitated drivel is obvious and comically inept. The real concern lies in the disinformation that is passed to those less experienced, who have little choice but to believe the information factual. Group thought by those of similar (lack of) skill levels can lead to further reinforcement of incorrect information.
  13. If you don't want it, let me know. I'll buy it.
  14. Sure...You must have an impressive background to have the significant time, resources and direct personal experience on each system, in order to make such a sweeping statement...I only own one of the models specified, a PWS, in addition to some others; Noveske and POF, and have shot one of the others specified briefly; LWRC, so I'm not qualified to make that statement...I'll have to defer to your expertise...
  15. Why buy a Corvette when your Cobalt is fast enough for highway speeds. Your Camaro is nearly as quick, so who needs a Vette...both are cheaper to boot...I see no value in the price tag on a Corvette...I've got this old Lumina that I bet is just as fast... Sure...
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