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  1. crazy graveyard shift schedule prevents me from joining you guys on weekends. New schedule starting July, looking forward to doing some shooting again. Been a long while... Moose
  2. Gun owners are pretty honest people, i had no doubt they would turn up.
  3. Thanks to all that offered the extra mag holders... Nick & Marlo, really apppreciate it. One of the newbies got DQ, almost towads the end, believe it was vlad's memory stage.. One had one guys get DQ before shooting his first stage of the day, then could not leave cause he carpooled.. didn't shoot one shot. Moose
  4. Sslav, Guess u didn't read the part were am bringing 2 newbies.... No biggy.. carryon. Moose
  5. I could use 3 (double mag holder) or 6 individuals... thanks Moose Ron, where do u want me to send file too?
  6. Anyone have extra GLOCK magazine holders (9mm) that I can borrow? Bringing the 2 newbies and not enough time to order or go look around for some... Moose
  7. Went from maybe to a hell yes... am in, bringing 2 newbies... Moose
  8. Ate and ran out, 42 shooter total, that's would end around 7ish.
  9. Did one of these in Vegas.. Lots of fun.... might be able to make this.. Moose
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