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  1. Congratulations... Don't forget to her her a nice crib and some toys.
  2. Very Cool! I hope my kids will have the perseverance to do something like that and stick with it.
  3. I used to have one, great gun! Shoots great, no issues. One thing - be super careful with the finish scratches very easily. I also saw one eaten out completely by mold and rust... awful. I might side with Maksim on this one... Should have gone with STI.
  4. Show on TV = $$$$$ for the Network. Big Ratings for the 2012 Shows = More Shows = More $$$$$$$$ for Networks. It's just another way to make money. http://www.wikihow.com/Overcome-a-Fear-of-2012
  5. Nice car! Needs some flame stickers around exhaust.
  6. sasha45acp

    Got It!!!

    Congrats! Awesome piece!
  7. Thank you! I'll come by tonight to check it out.
  8. And they started to enforce the use of their ammo ONLY! My last trip there with a buddy ran up to $90!
  9. Thank you! It's actually the one closest to me! I'll stop by Monday to check it out.
  10. Fed up with crazy overpriced Hagues Indoor Range. Looking for a new place to shoot handguns/rifles in South Jersey / Cherry Hill Area. Please recommend places to join. Looking for a good facilities / pricing / hours / guest policy balance.
  11. I'm working on my dad.. He'll be here soon.
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