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  1. When asked why I own a gun, I usually respond with "Because I'm a good citizen".
  2. I have a "RKBA" sticker in that same font surrounded by an oval, vacation-sticker-style. I defecate you not, I once had some prissy looking trophy wife ask me if I also vacation at "rebak island", as she stuffed her children into her Lexus.
  3. brb popcorn, who wants a beer?
  4. Sorry if this is NSFW, but it's a favorite of mine. I look at it whenever I find myself starting to whine. http://i47.tinypic.com/ofr3b9.jpg[/img]"]http://
  5. I've introduced 8-9 new shooters and converted 1 anti.
  6. Fun match, scores are up! http://www.nepaidpascores.net/somerset/2012-04-15.htm
  7. Becoming comfortable with the DA pull is really important. I used to have the same temptation to thumb the hammer back for an initial long shot. I practiced enough with just DA shots that I'm now equally accurate, if not MORE accurate (if I take my time) than in SA. With a DA shot, if you know your gun well enough you can predict just when the shot will break and there will be no resistance like in SA, to throw your sights off. This article was helpful to me: http://www.craigcent...com/fearnot.htm
  8. Glad it went so well, hope the bruises are healing quickly. I must admit: "For nearly 20 years TFT founder and creator, Tim Larkin, has been well known in the self defense & close-combat training world but ‘under-the-radar’ to ordinary folks like you. He’s the guy operations like the US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces and the US Border Patrol call in behind-the-scenes to teach them when it’s “kill-or-be-killed.”" From the "About" section made me giggle.
  9. Happens in semi-auto's too, after swapping out mainsprings on my p226, I had to switch to Federal Primers for reliable ignition in DA.
  10. I'll be there! Somerset is a great place to try your first match. Make sure to be there early for the new shooters briefing. Make sure to let the Safety Officer running your squad know that you're a new shooter. Also, take it slow. S L O W. Sllloooowwww. You'll have an awesome time. Perhaps the mods could move this to the Competitive / Match forum.
  11. He's just trying to one up Washington and his "Zombie Killer" rep.
  12. Tom has been on vacation but the match is still on for Sunday. See you all there! EDIT- If you have never emailed Tom for a spot and then failed to show up, he will try very hard to get you a spot. I wouldn't worry.
  13. My issue is that I truly don't believe these parents are concerned for the wellbeing of their children, and solely concerned with attention/money. Go fck with someone else's pledge.
  14. Good god I can't stand when the media reports that the gun "went off". IT DIDN'T GO OFF, IT'S JUST A PIECE OF METAL, YOU PULLED THE TRIGGER DUMBASS. This was very much a negligent discharge and should be labeled as such.
  15. Semi's aren't the only tacticool highspeed-lowdrag-operator-seal-delta-team-devgru-operator-specops-greenberet-operator-shadow-unit-operator-pistols out there! *EDIT* THIS IS NOT MY REVOLVER (Though I wish it was) THIS WAS FROM TheHighRoad.org Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  16. Pretty sure that's a no-go. It'd be easier to have a relative purchase the rifle you want, as you want it, and then maybe let you use it whenever they take it out.
  17. Ok looks like I'll be there. I'll be there at 9 with the grey jeep, and a sleepy disheveled look.
  18. The general consensus seems to be that they're ugly as sin (or a glock), totally realiable except when they're not reliable (most of the time), and have poorer ergonomics than a flaming porcupine.
  19. Bolt guns are always killing thousands in the blink of an eye, I know.
  20. I have one and like it quite a bit! The slide is MUCH lighter than the stock milled steel slide, and the gun will balance differently in your hand. Good quality, the adjustable sights are very nice. It takes some breaking-in, CCI Mini-Mags worked best. Now that the gun has a few rounds through it, Federal Bulk seems to work well but only the 40gr variety. Be sure to use only a light coat of oil on the rails, grease will slow the slide down enough to cause jams. My experience jives fairly well with auto's. I paid 220 for mine this past christmas when sig had a special on it.
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