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  1. Mrs.Bry@n

    wifey okee dokee

    I just make Bryan let me shoot it and it's all good! That's how I got his 220!
  2. Mrs.Bry@n


    Steel Magnolias! Just kidding! ANother +1 for Boondock Saints. I liked the first Die Hard too.
  3. Mrs.Bry@n

    NJGF dinner

    Wolfy, we have a k cup brewer, you can have a fresh cup within a minute and if that's not good enough; there are 2 Wawas in town (5 minutes away)....
  4. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    Sorry I thought you said were joining us. My mistake.
  5. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    Yay! Can't wait! Steph, how tall is too tall? We only have 9 foot ceilings, will he need to duck?
  6. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    Sent an email. Let us know if you need more info.
  7. Mrs.Bry@n

    Wawa opening 12/10/10 in Parsippany

    Back when I could eat them, Sizzlie breakfast sandwiches were the bomb!
  8. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    New Year's Eve, the Friday... plenty of time to recover. So for sure we have: Maks and Anastasia Stephanie Luis JonF Tony and Janet ....... come on guys, I'm not as terrible as Bry@n says!
  9. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    Great! Drinks AND a show! Just bumping this one up... trying to get a headcount going. Who's in???
  10. Mrs.Bry@n

    She Said YES!

    Congratulations!! Try to sell her on the destination wedding.... didn't work with Bryan... We could've had it all...
  11. Mrs.Bry@n

    For the HK Lovers

    I'm hardly an expert and you can flame me 9 ways to Sunday.... but I love my P30L.
  12. Mrs.Bry@n

    Very proud of my wife

    Back when I was living on LI, I had a UPS driver deliver a package to my door. I was much younger, home sick from school and alone. The guy didn't knock, didn't call out - just tried to open the door. Thankfully we were in the habit of keeping it locked. The bottom line - you NEVER know.... and therefore can't trust anyone! Your wife had the right mindset and that's awesome!!!, but sometimes we forget that we should protect ourselves first, then our domain.
  13. Mrs.Bry@n

    NJ's laziest shooter...

    Glad to see he kept it elevated... We need to get him a scooter!
  14. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

  15. Mrs.Bry@n

    New Years???

    We have 2 large sectionals, one folds out to a bed... crash room is available. Steph, Midori (the pooch, for those not in the know) will gladly oblige the smooch request. But be warned, there is a reason we sometimes call her buttmunch.

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