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  1. If/when an out of state resident moves into NJ with legally obtained firearms that are NJ state compliant, I am of the understanding that the individual ONLY needs to get a FPID card if they intend to purchase additional firearms or handgun ammunition. Say the person does not apply for a FPID and decides they want to sell one of their firearms (long gun) to a NJ resident with proper DL/FPID. The NJ COE form asks for both transferor and receiver's FPID card number so if in the above situation would a private sale with a COE even be possible or would the seller also need to have FPID or would this have to go through an FFL?
  2. Not to defend holosun or accuse your eyesight but as others have hinted at, it could possibly be an issue with your eyes and from what I gather blurry red dot reticle has mostly to do with astigmatism in the eyes. I also find red dot reticles much fuzzier/mishapen to me when indoors as opposed to outdoors. Quick little test I learned from the interwebz, use a camera to take a picture of the reticle, view the photo and if its still deformed then i'd say you would need to rma your optic as it has issues.
  3. Thanks for sharing, they are also having buy one get one 50% off regular priced ammo
  4. Tape could work but I think the tape could interfere with any sling adjustments. I'm primarily looking to attach the slings once and not remove them from my M1Garand and Ruger 10/22 M1 Carbine, possibly other rifles depending on how this goes. All slings that I will be experimenting with are reproduction slings and not originals. I think i'm gonna give the plastic dip a go on a cheap-o airsoft sling and see how that goes.
  5. Hello all, as the title states I'd like to attach a rifle sling to some of my rifles that have wooden stocks. The problem is I do not want the metal buckles on the rifle slings to scratch the wood stocks. I know, I know, the stocks are going to get scratches/dings/scuffs at some point or another but I would prefer to avoid it especially if it's coming from something I have control over. My thought is to coat the metal buckles in some sort of protective material. My PSA AR15 completed upper receiver came with a coating similar to "heat shrink" over the front sling swivel and if I could get something similar to that type of coating that would be great. Obviously heat shrink would not work in my situation as the heat shrink would not be able to slide over an enclosed metal loop. Google searched for "rubber paint" and found plasti dip. Apparently they make a non-aerosol version that can be brushed on. Thinking of giving this a go and painting over the metal buckles but I am open to other suggestions.
  6. Cabelas is having an online sale of the Remington Thunderbolt 22lr 500rnd brick for $24.99. Use code 57MEM for free shipping on orders over $100. Not sure if there's a limit but I was able to place an order for 2 bricks along with some other ammo. I know some people despise the thunderbolt/remington rimfire ammo but it shoots fine for me and is pretty accurate for bulk 22lr. http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=705664&categoryId=0&parentCategoryId=0&subCategoryId=0&indexId=0&itemGUID=32982ea1ac1084502c34da33eaa1790f
  7. good price, thanks for sharing also 130gr 38 special on sale for the same price $22.99 per 100 http://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/winchester-38-special-130-grain-centerfire-handgun-ammunition#repChildCatid=828808#repChildCatid=828808 and to top it all off Winchester is running a rebate for 25% off all eligible pistol caliber ammo purchases until 5/31/2017, says all packs and configurations are eligible except for ranger products. http://content.academy.com/rebates/Binder1.pdf If the rebate goes through that takes another $5.74 off the cost of each box of 100, brings the cost down to $17.25 pretty sweet deal
  8. Does anyone have past experience with remmington ammo rebates? are they trustworthy?
  9. I've read about the reports on quality control but from what I understand that may have been remedied as of now. Plus being that this would be a local purchase I could inspect & handle the rifle before making a handing over money to purchase. Options in 38/357 would be rossi m92, henry or marlin 1894c. I wont buy another rossi firearm (especially when American produced rifles can be had for about the same price), henrys don't have side-loading gates (tube loaders seem weird to me) and the i'm not entirely sure what the current production status of the marlin 1894c is, can't seem to find them anywhere and won't pay gunbroker prices. Decisions, decisions.
  10. I've been interested in acquiring a lever gun for some time now and after seeing the marlin 336 in 30-30 on sale for $350 (after $50 mail in rebate) at dicks sporting goods this black friday I'm considering purchasing it. This rifle would be used for range use only, not intending to hunt with this rifle. I'd prefer to have a lever gun in 38/357 but options are limited. My main arguments against the 336 are cost of ammo (about 80c per round). My thoughts being that after purchasing about 250 30-30 rounds it would pretty much be the equivalent of purchasing a lever gun in 38/357. However I do plan on reloading at some point in time which will lessen the overall cost of 30-30 ammo. What are your thoughts on the marlin 336 in 30-30?
  11. I wonder if they would take a $10 off $50 coupon ontop of their black friday prices... now that'd be one heck of a deal
  12. thank you for sharing and lolz at your potential hollowpoint felonies just put an order in for 5 boxes
  13. thanks for sharing, I haven't had a problem running these in my marlin 795 or ruger mk3 22/45
  14. @louu I've never heard of this DC Sportsman place and its in close proximity, I'll give them a ring tomorrow @pk90 I didn't know that receivers could not be purchased out of state. Thank you for linking your website, if I am unable to purchase locally I will place an order, I'm trying to avoid an ffl xfer fee (I understand I will be paying NICS+tax when purchased from a local dealer)
  15. @louu yes whittaker has some anderson lower w/lpk only. I don't need the lpk and I'd prefer to have a lower without a horsey on it for my money alot of these places are so far away I can't make it during after a day of work... must wait until next weekend