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  1. Ive heard similar stories from my friends that have been there, and its a real shame because they are like 400 yards from my front door. And after hearing those stories, plus others on here, my money goes elsewhere.
  2. Those valve covers are anything but cheap.....
  3. Unless your planning to run a really short brake (like rainier mini comp) yes. You still want to double check the length of the brake your looking at, but the 14.7" barrels will make legal length with a A2 sized brake.
  4. Thanks, Yeah I was thinking about that too, but its really the only spot to mount it where Im comfortable activating the light. Ideally Id like to get a TLR-1hl and mount it @ 12 o'clock but thats not in the budget right now so this will have to do for now. Guess Ill see what happens whenever I get a chance to go to the range.
  5. Took the dremel to my 14.5" yesterday and added a Troy 13" Alpha rail, Magpul MBUS front sight, Magpul MS4 sling, and swapped the Magpul MOE grip for their new K2 grip. (excuse the crappy pics) Before After cutting some things off (light spot in front of the gasblock is just residue from tape that I hadnt cleaned off yet) All together edit: fixed pics
  6. I just finished putting a 13" Troy Alpha on my 14.5" yesterday so that gets my vote. BTW if you look at the specs for the 14" Fortis you will see that its actually 14.815". Quick shot of mine before I cleaned it up after the install edit: fixed pics
  7. My 14.5" lightweight (.625 gb) midlength comes in at 7lbs with full Magpul furniture, Magpul VG, a loaded Pmag, and a PA micro dot on a ADM qd mount attached.
  8. Thread about it here http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/63409-new-ar-trigger-tac-con-3mr-trigger-group/
  9. Can just hit it with some cold blue, alumablack, etc.
  10. And BTW that one in your pic looks brand new compared to some of the ones Ive used
  11. Yeah saw that solution on arfcom, looks cool but kinda defeats the purpose of the stock if you need to add s**t on it to make it useable http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_3_4/630295_Feedback_on_Battlelink_Minimalist_Stock.html Still thinking about it for my next build though....
  12. I either dont, or if it gets bad enough I just buy a new one.
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