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  1. I used the new online portal to change my address (moved within Passaic), alerted that my background was cleared and my references were received, over 5 months ago and still no new card. I tried calling the license officer and even the chief of police to see what happened to my application but can't get a hold of anyone. Don't want to have to take time off work to go to the police Dept, especially since the officer in charge may be "out sick" the day he should be there. Tired of being penalized for being the law abiding citizen and trying to do it by the book. Anyone in Passaic have issues obtaining a FID in a timely fashion?
  2. I know but but worth driving to Florida to avoid having the information on me, not that paranoid, yet...
  3. Yes, was a different situation last month because my parents were thinking of moving to a smaller place. Now they are starting to pack up, want to get rid of anything they don't need to bring with them, i.e. my firearms. But see have to go through the same procedure regardless if they are mine or not.
  4. Yep, since I am not down there to send to myself, have to act as though he owns them and transferring to me to be covered. It's a pain but necessary it seems. (Anyone driving from Florida to NJ soon? )
  5. To add to the fun.....I just went down to my local police station and asked the officer for any forms to transfer my pistols up here to NJ. He told me that if they are mine, just FedEx or UPS them to a dealer and pick them up, no need for an exemption or any other forms. The issue with this state always seems to be dependent on who you are dealing with, if a cop or any other federal official feels like giving you a hard time about something, you are going to be defending yourself in court no matter how "legally" you did it. Too many people with different understandings of firearms laws here. One of the reasons I think the less they know about you, the better off you are.
  6. Not doing and planning on doing anything that could be illegal here, just playing devil's advocate because some of this does not make complete sense. If you read my last post, said I'm going to have them sent to a FFL by me here and do the paperwork with the State Police, cheaper than buying a round trip ticket to bring them up. As I'm sure most NJ gun owners would agree, less the state knows about what I have, the better. Until they start forcing registration that is...
  7. Everything on the up and up, just getting an education on all this since I never transported a firearm between states. I'm not going to drive two days to Florida to drive a few guns back to NJ when I can simply send them legally. Just wondering if FedEx or UPS requires ID of the shipper if there are declared firearms in the package. To be as close to covered as I can be in NJ, I'll get a waiver and purchase form and have them shipped to Gun for Hire for transfer, just pay the added expenses of the forms and NIC costs plus whatever else they throw in there-
  8. got ya. But won't it be the same thing if my father just puts my mane as the return address on the label as if I was sending it? Fedex does not ask for a license when dropping off a package to be shipped?
  9. don't really care if they think my father is transferring them to me now, that's fine. I know about the exemption, what is the P2P?
  10. I'd be more nervous driving them in and around NJ then just FedExing them. Real question is if I have to send them through a FFL or direct...
  11. Had the pistols over twenty years, acquired them from my father who will be shipping them to me. No records of ownership down there but everything legal with types of guns, age, etc.
  12. May be a stupid question but want to double check....I am a resident of NJ, have a valid FID and own several firearms here in the state. Long time ago I was a resident of Florida and have three pistols still at my parents house in Florida which I would like to send up here. I assume I have to send to an FFL and pick them up from there instead of sending directly to my own house? No need to fill out any form like waiver or handgun forms at my police dept? Never know with this state and don't want to end up in jail for a few years...
  13. Thanks guys, never even considered the transfer issues here. I actually had a DL in Florida about thirty years ago but still have the expired license (liked my picture) so maybe I can simply calm the gnd have been mine all the while since my parents have been living in Flordia since then and I needed a place to keep my firearms there....
  14. I know this has been covered a million times in this forum but I just don't have the time to look through all the posts.....My father in Florida wants to have me inherit his three handguns, I have a NJ FID plus a Florida CCW (if that matters at all) and my drivers license matches my FID card. Can my father simply box up the handguns and ship them up to me via FedEx or UPS to my address or should he go to a FFL in Florida and ship from there? To my address? to a FedEx location? What's the best method so I don't get arrested in this commie state.
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