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  1. Normal speed Jpeg, pdf is fine. Svg, png are good as well.
  2. A quick vid of some laser stippling getting done. Kryptek pattern with ranger insignia inserted.
  3. I dont post here much, but thanks guys. Without you I wouldn't be around. Thanks again.
  4. Awesome brother. Glad you like it! Thanks again. Wait til the 65 is done. :-)
  5. Man.....that thing must've been loud in there. Lol
  6. Many ways to skin the cat. Whether someone recuts the threads or recuts the action face square to the existing threads. Square is square. Many old school smiths, including pws builders don't believe in recutting threads. Too many people mimic what they see on youtube and copy cat the nonsense.
  7. 6.5s are great calibers. Finished up this 6.5x47 lapua. First group with factory ammo at 100.
  8. If you don't plan on upgrading it. Then yes. If your plan on swapping stuff out, I'd get an sps and go from there.
  9. Rob, when you come down I have an hdmr I'm getting rid of. You're free to take a look at it
  10. The way it sits including the cerakote work, excluding the scope and bipod. Roughly $3400.
  11. I built it for myself, but I might sell it. I've got to pay for my wedding lol. I don't want to since it's a shooter but oh well.
  12. Trued Remington 700 short action with tactical bolt knob Badger lug Bartlein M24 contour 11.25 twist, cut to 18.5, thread 3/4-24 Surefire SOCOM brake Seekins 20 MOA base CG Jackson 2 stage trigger KRG XRAY stock, INVR and extended mag release Custom FDE cerakote barreled action Kryptek pattern cerakote on stock Factory 168 FGMM at 100 yards
  13. George, feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or just want to chat about your build.
  14. My latest personal build. 18 inch 308 Shot pretty well with factory gold medal match.
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