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  1. im filling mine out now
  2. lets hold the politicians accountable if thses laws dont work , lets sue them like there suing the gun companies,
  3. as much as id like this to win in our favor , the left will stack the court by then
  4. whatever happens when you hear from people saying the officials are breaking the constitutional oath they took? does anything come out of this ? do we pursue or go after them for this? you always here about this and then , nothing
  5. what about all the lawsuits? are they still on? if they are what do we expect out of the lawsuits?
  6. gun sales and ammo sales are on the up rise, how come none of the gun groups are jumping all over this in the media? gun sales are going threw the roof right now , we should be all over this in the news .
  7. i just thought id get some feedback on the issue , because i no someone who is selling a mec grabber, so maybe i'll just apply my money towards a new handgun instead
  8. does anybody reload shotgun shells? , i was just wondering because you can get real cheap boxes of shells if you shop around, compared to reloading yourself, i no people reload to custom tailor there loads for shooting, but if your just a once a month shooter does it pay off to reload your own?
  9. I forgot to mention there at a friends house in the great state of Pennsylvania, not here in new Germany
  10. i got my mag blocks in for my pistols, how does one epoxy, weld , or make them so there not returnable to 15 round according to state law?
  11. yes i think i'll go this route , i could also use some for a beretta 92 pistol , thanks
  12. rtquig, how did you go about blocking your down? thanks
  13. im looking for 2-10 round magazines for my ruger p85 9mm, i hear there is some issues using other P series mags, can anyone clear this up ? thanks
  14. if this jackson chief is breaking the law why cant we do a citizens arrest ? call the police and tell them someone is breaking the law . go arrest him
  15. call the attorney general and file a complaint there breaking the law , 30 days , it says 30 days, its there law
  16. we should hold these public officials reliable that when they sign a new gun law into affect , if anything happens they go to jail, because they say we are safer
  17. now's the time to plaster the billboards on the highways letting everybody no that we can now somewhat protect our self's with tasers and stun guns, that might get the politicians in a uproar
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