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  1. Thanks. I will try the same approach with my PD and let everyone know what the outcome is.
  2. I tried to convert this file but it would not allow me to upload it for some reason. Maybe file size limits?
  3. Recently I was interesting in picking up two more handguns and I decided to stop by my local Manalapan Police Department office to pick up the application forms so I can receive another two handgun permits. I have had a State FID card issued from this police department in the past as well as a few handgun permits over these last few years. For my previous handgun permit applications, I had to fill out the required NJ State Police Application for Firearms Purchaser ID Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit, complete the Consent For Mental Health Records Search form, and also fill out two other supplemental forms from the police department regarding my previous residency for the last ten years as well as a form with questions regarding any previous domestic violence incidents. I know they are probably not supposed to ask for those two supplemental forms but they did not really bother me in the past and I didn't really mind filling them out previously. Sometime this year my police department decided to add two more forms to their handgun application process and also required that the Consent for Mental Health Records Search form be notarized. At first I was just a little annoyed that I had to waste more of my time with additional paper work and also trying to find time to get the the Mental Health Record Search document notirized. One of the additional forms requested a list of all the residents that live in my house along with their date of births. I guess I am OK with this form...but it is probably not really necessary. The other new form they require me to fill out I found almost draconian in nature compared to what the state laws are regarding handgun applications. Unless something has changed in regards to the handgun permit application laws that I am not aware of, I did not know that my police department can require me to sign and notarize this attached document which seems invasive and unwarranted given that they have already approved me for permits in the past. What are all of your thoughts on this? Thanks ORLY? Member of NJ2AS and CJRPC
  4. Hello everybody!! New member here from Monmouth County. I heard about this forum attending a recent NJ2AS meeting and after lurking the boards a bit seems like the right place for me! I am a new member of NJ2AS and I also belong to the CJRPC in Jackson NJ. Looking forward to getting to know you all and participating in the forums!
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