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  1. alec.mc

    Big Thanks to Pizza Bob

    I mean... He's O-K.
  2. alec.mc

    2018 New Jersey State Steel Challenge Championship

    Good call keeping them wheel gun people separate from ' good folks ' nice meeting you see you on the next one. -a
  3. I've got a $200 dollar www.hogueinc.com certificate for sale. $140
  4. Long guns too? thought it was just for handguns? either way... why havent you bought this yet joe?
  5. 80$ shipped / pickup in 07095 XS sights Cert, read pic for details.
  6. Spikes lower, still in box - never used , with a geissele SSA-E trigger that I bought and installed in it. all brand new, never used . NEW PRICE $220 07095 can meet at bullseye tactical in woodbridge nj All Legal docs needed, Valid FID, matching driver lic, and COD form product info: https://www.spikestactical.com/products/stripped-lower-spider-bullet-markings?variant=32734021708 https://geissele.com/super-semi-automatic-enhanced-ssa-e-trigger.html
  7. alec.mc

    How many guns in your CCW rotation do you have?

    For what ? Leaving my house with a concealed weapon and committing a felony and going to prison? No, I dont.
  8. alec.mc

    Any Wood Workers on Here?

    I can help, 8 inch powermatic jointer, 13 inch planer, table saw, etc etc Woodbridge nj PM me
  9. alec.mc

    Drywall patch

    they work.... though a "blow out " patch is pretty easy and has great strong results. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=drywall+blowout+patch

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