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  1. @Ray Ray is a sparky @Brisco is a plumber, can recommend.
  2. Thanks, appreciate the kind words. Now, blow the dust off whatever wheel gun is in the back of your safe and start practicing
  3. Let's just say there was nobody running against me.
  4. ICORE ( International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts ) Is hosting their Championship match , The IRC - At Ontellunee Rod and Gun Club, New Tripoli PA on Sept. 12th - 15th 2019 ICORE is a Revolver only competition that implements time plus scoring on NRA D1 targets. It's " Run and Gun " format is similar to USPSA / IDPA but only features 4 revolver only divisions which are comprised of: Open - Anything goes, red dots, ported barrels, 8 shot revolvers Limited - 8 shot revolvers , Iron sights , no barrel ports / comps Limited 6 - 6 shot moonclipped guns, Iron Sights Classic - 6 shot speedloader guns, Iron sights. There is room for all levels of competitors in ICORE, you can learn more about ICORE @ www.icore.org or feel free to chat with me about the match or sport. There is also an ICORE Facebook group with lots of useful information @ https://www.facebook.com/ICOREshooting/ If you'd like to register for the match you can do so at https://practiscore.com/icore-2019-international-revolver-championship-irc/register?fbclid=IwAR2H9MJoNZl7mKxthg9GuHtzyF3AGW1P-GB5m8UuOjB2191wYcmXMi2nsI8 -Alec McMahon ICORE Board of Directors North East Region.
  5. David Olhasso is in PA, Works out of Read Aim Fire in Bristol , PA - does excellent work, contact him @ http://www.olhasso.com Or if you want to send it out for work , the top name in the game is Tom and Eli @ http://www.tkcustom.com
  6. Dead end. I think the revo supply ones are made from black delrin. it's sturdy stuff. See if you can get a hold of the Hogue Short.
  7. I travel with firearms multiple times a year, a handful of times i've had my bag searched. At multiple different airports across the country. Never once have they let me in the room to open the bag, they come out to where you are waiting outside the room, ask for the key and do it themselves. Again - They dont let you in the room, if you're lucky you can see from a distance through a window on the door.
  8. Probably not the best idea, If they need to access the inside of the case for whatever reason during X-Ray - They dont let you into the room to open it, they simply ask for the key and go through it themselves. I'd rather hand them a key I get back into my possession then giving them the code to open my suitcase at any time down the line once it's out of your sight.
  9. Myself, and about 90% of the other revolver shooters I know all prefer the Hogue SHORT cylinder release, it's shorter than the TK , which i would consider a medium length, and Hogue also makes a LONG. https://www.hogueinc.com/s-w-short-cylinder-release-stainless-steel The hogue doesnt come checkered from the factory like the TK does, though it's easily fixed with a checkering file and about 5 minutes of your time if that's important to you. ( i checker all mine ) The ones at revolver supply are actually made by Dave Parker, a revolver shooter in Mass. , I've personally never used one but I know some people who do like them, I do believe he makes an IDPA friendly one, as the hogue extended cylinder release is not.
  10. I hear you. Also, as a complete side note - people who say they don't like shooting dots because it's too difficult to find the reticle, see it, or whatever - are probably shooting cheap low quality dots. If you do one day decide to go with a dot, spend the money and you'll be happy you did. AM
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