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  1. http://www.jsesurplus.com/ar350legend.aspx
  2. From what I've been reading, A 350 Legend barrel, standard 223/556 BCG as well as a 350 legend specific magazine and your good to go.
  3. Don't worry, NJ.com all ready reported on off duty cops drinking and carrying in NJ. https://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2018/11/should_it_be_illegal_for_nj_cops_to_drink_and_carr.html Murphy will pass this in a heartbeat.
  4. Against EBAY rules to sell any magazine over 10 rounds. Be careful, had my account frozen a few years ago because of this.
  5. Take a look at Stern Defense, they have very reliable magwell adapters for Glock, M&P , and Beretta 92 . As of right now my AR9 is priced out under $450. My Complete upper alone only cost me $220. Keep doing your research and JUMP on deals when they're available. I'm only building a shooter. You can keep all this tacti-cool crap.
  6. The Hexmags are reliable shooters BUT........Yes I have the same problem with the 223/556 mags. Mags stick in both my spikes and Anderson lowers.
  7. No, the guns are not effected. The magazine just has to be a ten rounder, Most companies make 10 rounders for there "double stack" guns.

    Mouse Guns

    As long as you don't have to qualify the LCP makes a great carry gun, Carried the LCP for a few years, now I carry the G42. Love both guns. Also the LCP has come down in price so much you can't beat it.
  9. I'm so glad I saw this gun before I started building an AR9. With Murphy in now, I see a lot of compliance laws going in to effect. So this gun will be perfect for a compliant rifle carbine.
  10. CAPTBIL3

    SCCY CPX-3

    Have experience with the CPX2, very nice gun. Solid shooter. Heavy trigger pull but a tack driver. I regret selling it, sold it to pick up a Glock 42. The only downside at the time was the Magazines, they were hard to find and built cheap. The gun itself was a quality gun, was going to use it as an off duty but decided to go smaller.
  11. Get ready, we're currently training our dogs to sniff out metal and polymer with gun powder residue on them. Also teaching them to do round counts. No one will stand a chance in NJ.
  12. My Dept is in the final stages of going to 9mm from 40S&W with the M&P.
  13. I've only sold 1 gun on Armslist and the amount of scammers is amazing. I would only do FTF transfers if your lucky enough to get a legit buyer.
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