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  1. Don't you have to turn in your FID when you do a change of address?
  2. So I have this...um...friend...who is moving to a new town in 2 weeks and apparently he has misplaced his FID card. He thought is was in his safe, but alas, it is nowhere to be found. The question is, should he go to his current town PD and request a duplicate before moving, or just wait until he gets settled in the new town and then just request a new FID with his new address and go thru the entire process all over again? Can he go to the PD in his new town and say his FID got lost in the move. He has the FID number from his PPs, just cant find the damn card anywhere. Anyway, any info you can send my way...my...um friend will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  3. This question is more about which police department to go to for an FID address change. The place I am moving to is physically located within Galloway Township in Atlantic County. Services like Police and Fire Department are Galloway Township. HOWEVER, the US Postal Service considers it to be Egg Harbor City and the mailing address is an Egg Harbor City address. So my question is, which Police Dept do I go to get my FID address changed....Galloway Township -or- Egg Harbor City???
  4. I am actively looking for work outside the PRNJ...first offer I get...I'm outta here.
  5. It's an awesomely accurate gun. I own one and it's one of my favorites...along with my CZ97B .45. CZ > Glock
  6. I'll be there Saturday afternoon manning the NJ2AS table.
  7. YankeeFan

    My CZ-75BD

    Get them both...that's what I did.
  8. I'll still buy online and ship it to my bro's place in SC...make a monthly trip down there to pick it up. No law against that.
  9. I posted the video up on the NJ2AS facebook page if you're interested.
  10. I might...I know it wont make a difference...but I'd like to reiterate the fact that she's an idiot for believing that these laws will do anything to reduce crime....
  11. My state senator, Sandrah Cunningham, left me a voice mail in response to a letter I faxed her yesterday regarding the bills that are making their way through the Assembly. While her message was very polite, near the end she sounded a little bitchy when she was referring to the part of my letter where I told her I would not vote for her if she supported any bill that infringed on my 2A rights. The basic gist of her message was...I don't give a shit what you think...I'm gonna vote however the hell I want....but by all means if you would like to discuss this issue with me please give my office a call. Basically she's Charlie Mainor in a dress...
  12. I guess the lunch lady in school will have to use plastic cutlery now...
  13. Tell him there will twinkies at the luncheon and he'll show.... But seriously though i just faxed his office today and told him in my letter that I expect him to veto the bills and if he doesn't I'll vote for whoever is running against him.
  14. There, I fixed it for you.
  15. Hey Ant, I wouldn't want to compete with you in a pizza-eating constest...
  16. Sorry to bust your bubble BlueLineFish, but that's EXACTLY the game he's playing...
  17. This is our Assemblyman Ray...you should show more respect... LOL!
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