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  1. Good meeting you too

    See you at the next match

    I will also be shooting USPSA at Old Bridge next Sunday

  2. Good meeting you today. I had a lot of fun - this was more like IPSC was back in the day. I'll be back next month.

  3. @maksim Honestly I do try and meet everyone the best I can
  4. SSlav I loved your stage!!! Actually tested me on my long range shooting
  5. Sorry Can't make it Going to be in Mexico ee you next match
  6. Great meeting all you guys in person Good shooting with all of you Hopefully see you all at another match soon This match was unusal in the sense that it had 4 long stages Usually we finish the 1st 2 complicated stage first then have lunch and then continue Usually done by 3:30 - 4:30 depending on the number of shooters Lunch is pizza
  7. Met a great group of people from the forum at a local match that told me about it. Love the site!
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