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  1. Hi Rick!

    Could you please email me your resume and what you're looking for as far as compensation goes, so I can forward to my plant manager?

    My email is glennp@pappironworks.com

    Thank you!

  2. I want to buy a couple more magazines for a handgun I own and can't find them in 10 round, only option is to buy some mag blocks, buy the 15rd in a free state, block them and re-enter NJ. this is legal, correct?
  3. Looking to sell majority of my guns in the next few months. Just wondering what our options are as far as magazines that can hold more than 10. Do they need to be converted to hold 10 rounds before the sale, or can the new owner take possession and do it themselves?
  4. i haven't stopped by, probably going to go next week to get my credentials and see about orientation dates. but i'm starting to get a little concerned with possible magazine limits incoming from murphy the maggot. i mean, i've read these pieces of shit may even try and go for a 5 round limit, which would make owning anything but certain revolver models illegal. what are we supposed to do then? membership at any gun range would become completely pointless.
  5. Anyone know what the orientation schedules are going to be? A little annoyed there was no mention that we were even going to have to attend something like this when I sent payment.. I work an odd schedule that normally doesn't allow me to do them, and this place being 24/7 was the reason I joined in the first place..
  6. Would that new stock from Hera Arms, the CQR be considered a "pistol grip"?
  7. Why do we need to get re-fingerprinted then? It was never an issue in the past and is not a state requirement.
  8. after taking a long break from not buying firearms in this state, i decided to go down to my PD this afternoon (Linden) and turns out they've changed some things. They claim I need to get electronic fingerprints and this is a requirement from the state. Anyone know if this is bullshit? I thought I read somewhere in the law it stated we don't have to get re-fingerprinted. Also, I spent hundreds of dollars getting these same fingerprints, from the exact same place I would go for this, for work.. so why wouldn't they be able to use those?
  9. I applied for 2 permits in Linden on 11/16/12 and just picked them up last Friday.
  10. 17 weeks in Linden and still haven't received my purchase permits. My references didn't get anything in the mail either, but I don't think they send anything out for purchase permits.
  11. Applied for a couple handgun purchase permits back on 11/16/12 here in Linden. It's now 3/19/13 and I haven't heard anything back. I never had to wait more than ~6 weeks when I applied for the last few, anyone else in Linden having the same problem? We also have to fill out an extra form.
  12. You guys are lucky. Last 2 permit's I applied for took 4 months to get here and on top of the normal 2 forms, I also had to fill out some other form.. Tried to argue it and the moron behind the counter wouldn't take my paperwork without filling them in. My references didn't even receive the forms until 6 weeks after I filled everything out. And of course they blamed the NJSP when I asked why it was taking so long.
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