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  1. ^^LMAO And Welcome to the Family Ricardo from another Toms River guy
  2. Anyone able to come tonight around 7ish I haven't gone in awhile and need to get my fix...lol
  3. I'm prolly going tonight 7 or 730 after work anyone wanna join.
  4. Im here now be here till im out of ammo
  5. I haven't been shooting in months I need to go whose going?
  6. I might be able too I just got off work if I don't die from exhaustion in a hour sure ill go.
  7. Didnt get to make it today had other plans come along...maybe next week
  8. Hopefully ill make it out tonight car is in the shop getting tinted. Ill bring my .22 and maybe 12g since I haven't shot it in months..
  9. Hey guys who is going tonight and what you bringing?
  10. I actually laughed out loud for this...lmao
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