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  1. Have you tried the 19 yet, I just switched to the 26 for carry
  2. I'm going solely for the fact that in theory a grand opening the shelves should be fully stocked with ammo plus no sales tax plus it's my day off so screw it
  3. Tell that to all the people who were stuck on 195 in that big snow storm we had a couple years back.
  4. Lucky, dropped my stuff off in uniform they know I'm active LEO... Yesterday marked week number 9
  5. Correct I was told to go to the local precinct drop my gun off then come back
  6. Tonight the white lightning is calling my name
  7. 2 years ago when the Thunderbirds were practicing I had range training the day... Cease fires every 10 minutes lol
  8. Our SOG unit also has the SBR version of the colt and MP5's
  9. Having a problem with my home network. I think the router might be just showing some age (3 years old) and these things almost are made to throw away standards these days. Anyways, my problem is my connection constantly kicks in and out without warning, router and modem have been reset multiple times. This fixes the issue for a coue of hours but then goes right back to dropping signal. Any advice to fix it or should I just go buy a new router.
  10. Where did you measure from chamber closed or from end of barrel to desired amount cut off
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