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  1. for most, but I figure YOU and 1 oher person would be able to handle that with no a problem.
  2. I haven't just yet but it's getting closer all the time. I did however retire my wife back on June 1st. Me I said I will stick it out to 50 because I actually do like the job I do and heck an extra 2 paychecks a month added the the other 5 and make me happy.
  3. ' Actually I have a walkout basement, so I can just remove the sliding door to ge the safe right in, only problem is the hill to get down to the backyard from the front of the house will be a little tough with the soft ground. It will need to hand carry around the house or have a monster hand-truck. lol
  4. Thanks for the welcome back. Vacationioning or as my wife calls it Paycationing, Wife even put up a "Welcome Home" banner in our basment, and cancelled a vacation because she was tired of unpacking and packing, Now if I could make a little time to go shooing all would be right in the world..
  5. Bringing up a old thread. Ok so here is the deal, getting a new safe and even though you will see I posted earlier in this thread get some friends and I would is it was only a 400-500 LBS safe. My problem is I will have one delaivered in another 4-5 weeks from now and will need to go from the garage to my basement. I can go though the house down the 1 fligh of stairs, or better yet, around the house and in through the sliding glass doors of my walk-out basement. Safe is listed at 950LBS and more than I want to attempt with frineds even if I pulled the door off to make it lighter. Any recomendations for companines that will do this in Sayreville?
  6. Have any worthless baseball cards?? LOL Cool looking bike, I had the opposite problem, I tried trowing one of my bikes away when I was a kid living in Pearce Manor in Elizabeth back in the 70's. Tosse it the dumpers and every time someone would bring it back to me. Doubt that would happen these days..
  7. Bout as quick as the coin would have went on lap dances if you went to the gentleman's club.
  8. You can make a hanger for them, I have 6 steel stands, they are a combo stands, USPSA target holder and center post holder for a 2X4 that works well, even with the 12" targets. You can make some up, buy them or what have you. The only thing I am doing different now after using the 2X4 is I'll be making a lower section out of a 2X4 about a 1 1/2' tall and them mount a section of angle stock to hold the targets. figure I'll point the angle forward to deflect any hits away and won't chew the crap out of the wood. As far as making dueling tree, 4" would probably be better being this is 1/2" AR500 steel. 8" plate would be too heavy the stand you would have to make it would have to be real stout and figure the cost of material would run ya what pre-made tree would cost you.
  9. Great effort Henry, it's a bear of a project to do these when you need basically get the whole sheet sold just to break even. I will say 1 thing, When I did the last one, I did buy up a good portion of the sheet myself and knew that they would sell eventually. After I put the order in and they were being cut, I filled most of the pieces I bought to make the order work. eventually I sold everything I pre-paid for. It was nice being able to do this for the Forum members, and yea it was a gamble but heck, It was worth the work in the end because we all got steel. That and all to break even, but at least we all got the steel we wanted. Hopefully the guys who pulled out will reconsider and other will fill the order up for ya. I'm full on stock, I wound up with 5 of each size I did in the last group buy..
  10. Remember you are not at that point transporting when leaving the state under just NJ Gun Laws, but FOPA. I do believe interstate transport undoer FOPA does require a Locked Case. Now the Stop in NJ, well you got your answer, just travel a little longer and by some magical power, when you cross the river into PA, it's completly fine to stop, eat, piss, sleep, or just about anytihing else you want to do.
  11. OK, so who didn't think, SHOOT IT when they read the thread titile?
  12. Really, that the PR of NJ thing, My buddy down in SE Texas has a few Wolves as pets and has had them for a bunch of years..
  13. Nice Shot, what kind of Camera and Glass?
  14. This pissed me off when I hear it.. I have had a few request we do Water Salutes for flights that were for retiring crew members or fallen service men and I won't do it. I already had the request for it on Jame's flight, Can't say it won't happen, but I turned the request down from those that asked me. Just total BS, It takes away from all who deserve these acknowledgments.
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