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  1. I know I'm nitpicking, but the M1 Carbine isn't allowed in NJ either. Stupid AWB
  2. I musta gone on a good day. But since it was my 2nd time in about 10 years, it's no big loss. Thanks for the other recommendations.
  3. Thank you. once the weather clears up, I'll check it out.

  4. Hutton Hill is in Winslow.... 180 a year two work days knock off 100. Pistol, Rifle ranges,5 shotgun ranges, 2 archery ranges.

    You can go on www.huttonhillranges.com and print a app. fill it out and send it in.

    The range is in low use.

  5. I had custom plugs made for when I ride on the highways (motorcycle) but they came with a 30db reducer as well. which I use at the range. I normally put on cheap muffs if someone is blasting 44Mag etc. I got a full hearing exam as a bonus and found that my hearing is great. Thanks Mom for not letting me blare the music as a kid!
  6. I took my son (11) to Hague's today for his first time shooting. He did quite well. Hague's seems to have changed their pro-military, pro-cop feel and it's greatly appreciated. While in the range, the staff was continuously walking from end to end of the range (12 lanes, 25 yard). They explained WHY you can shoot slug in a choked shotgun and how it won't damage anything. My son was treated nicely and encouraged. The costs were slight high for lane use, which seems that I may need to find a range and join so I can stockpile on targets and ammo. $5.75 for a box of 50 .22LR $7.50 for 5 .410 slug $7.50 for 5 20-gauge slug we did buy him some glasses and paper targets. Overall, for the two of us, it was $87 the range was clean, smoke free and well managed. it was about 2/3's in use. They had a boatload of Colt ar-15's for sale for $999
  7. I was shooting at Hague's when I had an extra $100 laying around (lol) , but now I got to Bobs. my 11 year old is nagging me for his own .22 rifle (my safe when not in use) so I may be going to USANA/Harborsite soon.
  8. Hi everyone.. Just signed up. Was following some of the crazy rants by Bryan Miller and found this site. It's awesome! I'm rusty with my shooting, but try to hit a range or my sisters yard in the unicorperated boonies of NC. I have a 1944 Mosin, a Mossberg 500 12G, and a Beretta 92FS I really need to get night-sights on the Beretta. Oh, and a beeman air .22 air rifle, ( countless modified Nerf guns and a Sig spring airsoft for the squirrels eating the birdseed ) edit: just bought a Rossi .22/.410slug youth. Be a fun christmas.
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