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  1. Thanks Mike, got the email this afternoon. I was looking forward to it, cabin fever BIG TIME!
  2. Another thing to look at is the rubber oring that seals the mag tube against the gas piston, if that oring gets any nicks in it you can have some problems. But as [email protected] said it's probably clogged gas ports in the barrel. The 1100's come apart fairly easily, check youtube. Once you drive the trigger group pins out and gently pull the trigger group out of the receiver, you reach inside with your finger and squeeze the shell latch in and pull out the bolt carrier group. Check youtube, easier to see than explain. Just remember that after you clean it and are reassembling, when you slide the bolt group back into the receiver you need to compress th shell catch again, and sometimes you have to jiggle the bolt group up & down a little for the oprods to find their way into the slots in the receiver. Good luck.
  3. GCE61

    357 lever gun

    I'm partial to the Rossi/Braztech M92's in 38/357. I have had a 20", a 16" large loop, and a 24" octagon barrel, and they've all been sweet shooters. Friends bought the 20" & 16" from me, but I'm gonna grab another 16" this time with the standard lever loop I prefer. The 24" octagon rifle I currently have is a real beauty. The weight of the barrel just hangs out there locked onto the target. I took the gun apart and slicked it up via Steve's instructions, and I did a little blending work on the feed ramp where it had a sharp abrupt edge. The rifle cycles and feeds beautifully, both round nose lead 38's and round nose JHP 357's. By the way, those 357's out of a 24" barrel are zipping along at about 2000fps, which makes it a serious hunting or defensive gun.
  4. Yes that's correct and a concern on used guns. I own and have handled quite a few new CZ's and haven't heard of any problems so I would assume they put that problem behind them. I will say that the CZ triggers are heavy, but tend to smooth up after a bit of shooting. I have another Redhead on order, the Target this time, and I'm bird hunting this year with my side x side Ringneck 20ga. The Ringneck is 2 years old and a fantastic gun. The triggers are about 6# pull but they are nice and crisp and the gun shoots great.
  5. Parker gave some solid advice, and if you can pattern your 391 it will go a long way in understanding where the POI is and how you need to mount the gun for Trap. "do i change my hold for trap vs sporting clays?" Yes... you can. Trap- Registered Trap is usually shot by pre-mounting the shotgun to your shoulder before calling pull. By doing this you can mount the gun in a way to see more rib, and this mount will allow you to hit rising targets while still "seeing" the target. If you looked straight down the rib, on a rising target you'd have to swing up & thru the target to hit it therefore blocking it from your sight. You've already recognized the differences in your original post and saw how the different sighting picture using more rib had you hitting better. If you look at guns designed for the game of "Trap" you'll see that they all have a high rib so the shooter is always to see the clay target while shooting it in a rising flight. SportingClays- Shooting SC's is usually done by holding the shotgun at a "low ready" position, and then after calling for the bird you mount the gun to shoulder and make the shot. SC's is a different game than Trap. In SC's the targets are a random mix of directions. So I would say to mount the gun to shoulder an look straight down the barrel (no rib), and concentrate on shooting in front of the bird, leading the bird and shooting where it's "going to be" vs "where it is". If you look at guns designed for the game of SC's, they are designed more like a field gun to shoot point of aim = point of impact. "gun follows the eyes tracking the bird" scenario and its working fine for me" - Excellent! Keep in mind that this method will work for you in Trap or SC's. Remember that in Trap you have the option to setup before calling the bird and your setup will be to see more rib, then just use the "eyes follow the bird" method to shoot. When shooting SC's, just mount the gun to shoulder naturally looking straight down the rib and use the same shooting style. By the way, Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays is a great range & tons of fun. I know it may be a bit of a drive from Wayne but it's a blast! Good luck!
  6. Another vote here for the CZ line. Both the double trigger and single trigger models are real bargains!
  7. GCE61

    My remi 700 "build"

    I built a Rem 700 Varmint SPS 308, and used a HS Precision ProSeriesVarmint stock, along with a Timney 2# trigger module, Vortex 6.5x20 scope in EGW rings & mounts, Harris bipod..... etc etc Using Federal Match King 168gr BTHP's the rifle was shooting small groups at 300yds at CJ. The additions of the freefloat HS stock and the crisp trigger brought the package together and really made the difference in bench shooting. Check out Vortex scopes, they really make some nice glass for the price.
  8. what a shame, it'll be just a matter of time before the gun-haters will blame public ranges for these events. Just more negative press we don't need.
  9. consider the Glock G26 or G27 (9mm or 40cal) compact platform. As long as the Dept OK's these, the compact Glocks carry very well in either an inside waistband holster (IWB) or conventional belt holster. I find the Crossbreed Supertuck IWB, and the DeSantis leather belt holsters really work well. They are light weight, accurate, dependable, and there are a wide range of accessories available for Glocks. Price wise, the Glocks are mid-stream $$ as compared to many other comparable pistols.
  10. Thank you guys for the inputs here. I'm looking into the feasibility of changing my 5000w portable over to NG via the U.S. Carb kits. I already have the Reliance 10-circuit Transfer Switch, and everything runs great. But, gasoline availibility has been the weak link in the plan. Thanks for the info so far.....
  11. Timney trigger, 2# model for my Rem M700. Gerber multi-tool, and a GSG-522 Carbine along with a BSA red-dot- lotsa fun!
  12. Greg here- one of the guys I shoot steel with mentioned the Forum and I figured I'd check it out. I shoot rifles, pistols & shotguns, so I have a equal addiction to all things that go bang! The past year, I've really enjoyed shooting steel plate matches at Old Bridge & CJRPC. Hope to contribute to the Forum!
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