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  1. For those that are there, any good deals? Looking for quality Mosin sub $200.
  2. Been wanting to check out Rising Storm. Missed it on steam sale.
  3. Hi All, I was thinking of starting up a new gaming group (including teamspeak) for multiplayer titles. Just wondering if there was interest within this community? Possible Titles ARMA Wasteland Mod (2 and 3) DayZ (Standalone when launched) War Thunder World of Tanks Payday 2 (when released) ETC
  4. Good feedback, thanks. Sounds like we will hold off. I do like the Oaks show in PA. Took 80 out to Hope NJ to the kiddie theme park this AM. Didn't spot any police, but last Saturday was crazy!
  5. Wasn't aware of this! May head up on Sunday since I hear the weather is going to be hit or miss.
  6. And an STG. If it is authentic and not a re-manufacture. Should be in a museum. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/StG_44
  7. One more 'Assault Rifle' off the streets... http://via.me/-aq2xpc8 Link to article in local media. http://bit.ly/Z6utf3
  8. Newly revised list based on some feedback, more pondering.
  9. RE: Bolt version, my old man has a Remington model 33 bolt action .22. It is the gun that I learned to shoot on, and absolutely love. I will be inheriting that one day, so wanted to go ahead and get something that is a bit different. Figuring that the 10/22 is so highly regarded, it would be fun to go in that direction. I think you guys have won me over on the SG, there is an area for shooting clays not too far from me, so the different barrels would be nice.
  10. Good thoughts, thanks. I believe the 10/22 bi-pod is detachable, does it still get front heavy w/ the barrel alone? This is something to consider, as my wife will be learning to shoot on it. Perhaps I will consider the carbine variant.
  11. I figure it will be some time before I inherit some of the firearms that have been passed down through the family, so I am going to go ahead and start my own collection of "staples". I would like to keep the costs pretty reasonable for now, but do want quality pieces that I wont spend too much on upgrades in the future. Also interested in teaching my wife to shoot at our local range. Not sure how I feel on the Rem. 700, as I would eventually like to own a scout spec. rifle... any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, new the site / forums here. Located in Atlantic County, about 10 miles outside of AC. I grew up shooting various firearms when visiting my grandparents farm in Alabama (mix of rifles, shotguns and handguns). Been a NJ resident for about 10 years now & have wanted to get into shooting again, but wasn't sure about the best way to go about doing it (have not been up-to-date on all the state laws / etc). I am increasingly interested in purchasing a rifle to use at the range down here (Remington 700 or the like), and perhaps taking some classes to brush up my skills. Looking forward to reading through the forum / learning more info via the site!
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