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  1. I'll try to make this one.
  2. Poles gone. Thanks
  3. Dang, would've been glad to have you take them.
  4. I know it's early buy guys c'mon, there worth the trip.
  5. I'm finally moving, waited too long to sell these, giving them away. Only challenge is you need to pick them up today, East Windsor NJ. First I'll take it gets it followed by PM. Three Ugly Sticks, one custom made rod and one Shimano.
  6. Need a repair and am located in East Windsor.
  7. Neutered NJ. Castrated California.
  8. Thanks John and Tex. BTW when I discuss guns with my Texas friends they often laugh when I express the hoops we need to jump through here in NJ
  9. Hoping to move to Fl. ( still ) pulled house off market for awhile. Just bought a LWRC and want a flash hider when I move to a more gun friendly state. As the title says, or rather implies, can it be removed if pinned and welded or just sell it locally and buy a new barrel. Thanks in advance.
  10. Rock Island Armory, Kahr, Springfield, Colt, and up. Most folks want to know what you intend to use it for. If you don't know yet, and that's OK, go for something you don't mind banging around and scratching up, 400-600$
  11. If this sale falls through I'll contact you.
  12. Jenn Aire Bar B Q with 3 gas tanks. $50.00 I paid close to a thousand a couple of years ago. I just need it gone, ergo only $50. Set of Eight Chairs, shown are two, one with pad and one without, have all eight pads which are like new. One chair has a band loose. $ 25.00 for all. Again, I just need this stuff gone. OK, This is a solid aluminum table, not a flimsy table at all. I paid two thousand for this 4 years ago. If I had time and the inclination it could easily be sold for $500. I'm asking $100.00. You could probably get $100.00 for the mongo on this table. For the uninitiated that means the weight of the aluminum alone at a junkyard would yield a hundred bucks. I bought it at Patio World. Here's the deal, you must come and pick it up yourself. Bring help, I'm out of commission, back wise. Another thing if I offered this stuff for free most folks would think it junk, it isn't. I'm offering it up to someone that'll put it to good use and have some quality goods at bargain prices. If one person wants all the stuff I'll take off the obligatory $25.00 and let it go for $150.00.
  13. The Hilti was moved to eBay. Please delete if I'm out of line mentioning another site, can't move with it, don't want it turning to rust either.
  14. Aluminum wrenches and solder stuff SPF. If anyone sees something they want let me know, Porter Cable angle drill and two hole reamers $100. These hole saws are amazing by the way, perfect for plumbers or electricians. The teflon tape has been promised to heavyopp so that's unavailable. Milwaukee grinder $25, I may have the box for it not sure, although I do have the key, or spanner to tighten it down. Mapp gas SPF. Chain cutter SPF.
  15. That's just an emptied out Irwin Box. OK then I'm pulling a few tools out for me and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Heavyopp. Aluminum wrenches I'm keeping so far. 6" stilton as well. Dremel box is a complete kit that was used about one time and has been collecting dust since.