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  1. Thanks John and Tex. BTW when I discuss guns with my Texas friends they often laugh when I express the hoops we need to jump through here in NJ
  2. Hoping to move to Fl. ( still ) pulled house off market for awhile. Just bought a LWRC and want a flash hider when I move to a more gun friendly state. As the title says, or rather implies, can it be removed if pinned and welded or just sell it locally and buy a new barrel. Thanks in advance.
  3. RedRiverII


    Rock Island Armory, Kahr, Springfield, Colt, and up. Most folks want to know what you intend to use it for. If you don't know yet, and that's OK, go for something you don't mind banging around and scratching up, 400-600$
  4. Good Luck with this one, it's an awesome weapon. Suggestion: just put one cartridge in the cylinder for the first go round, this way you don't fire two in a row through sheer excitement. I have a few empty cartridges you can have for free if you re-load. And yeah, you would gather Godzilla's attention if you shot him with that gun.
  5. Nice!!! Just made a crab sauce, cost me 30$ p/dozen, great flavor.
  6. Thanks for the class, it was well worthwhile. Look, here's why you might want to take this course. Have you ever stood by helplessly while someone was physically hurt? Most people freeze up, so do I. Except I've had some training and I always step in. I get sick later. I remember the body of a young girl being pulled from a pool. I watched the crowd stare and nobody move. They trained me a million times in the USN on what to do. My mind wanted to go the opposite direction but my legs walked toward the victum. The kid is OK. Because of this class I have the idea of what to do for a sucking chest wound. For a few dollars you can save someone's life, perhaps, or keep them from suffering too much until the right people show up. I said it in the class and I'll say it here. I don't want to save anyone, but for some unknown reason I never run away, and now I can't run away because I may be the only person who has an idea of what to do. I'll make you an offer, if you are a young family guy or gal, or you're just starting out in life I'll pay the fee for your class, PM me. Only one person please.
  7. Pachmyer does move OG. I've yet to do any range work since getting it back from springfield.
  8. Xds with a pachmyer grip. It changes the whole character of feel, from holding a 1x2 piece of lumber to a slightly rounded comfortable handle.
  9. I'm in for June 5th, please pm me an address so I can send payment. I like to take care of things right away. Also, where is this class to be held? Thanks in advance for your consideration. Alex
  10. I hope to see you there Howard. I'm one of the older guys and have all sorts of outdated material swimming around up in my head. My house is a perfect storm waiting to happen. I think a raccoon with an attitude could give me a run for my money. I am of the belief that willingness and good info will make a bigger difference in my situation. All in all I was glad to see a bunch of our members there and the wealth of info that was shared in such a short time. Are you the Howard that won the free session? Best of luck bud.
  11. Thanks, I sat in on the home invasion presentation and signed up immediately afterward. Peter I like your first in line analogy. Like it or not I'm always first in line, but the class I'm taking in July will make me better prepared. Anyone who hasn't visited RTSP owes it to themselves to take a trip. This place is clean, well stocked, professional and worth the two and a half hour round trip ride for me. Excellent, 4.0, 5 star, blue ribbon, class act, and a Contender.
  12. Hey Matt, your word is good, I'm coming. Now I need to create a PLOT, whereas I simply must attend, y'know for "the sake of mankind and such" wifey poo. I took her shopping all day yesterday, that should grease the wheels a little. I could tell her the HK mr762 may still be available, nah, that'll shut her right down. Hmmm. Oh yeah, I paid for a training session I forgot all about. Nope, she'll smell a rat. Well, I'll just have to say I'm going shooting and that's that, see ya later. Dear Spartan Guys, hope you have room for one more. Let me get to facebook and do a " LIKE", I don't know what the heck Twitter is.
  13. November 2012, got the package two months ago.
  14. I knew a guy, back when the hunt bros. made their move some 20 or 30 years ago that made a fortune in 3 days. I'm talking 3 or 4 mil. He got a little too greedy and started buying at those inflated prices and quickly lost 2. He sold everything silverware, candelsticks, whatever. If you buy now at around 20$ and silver spikes to 50 make your move. Quickly. Know the number you need and take it. Back to the OP, know the spot price and then the sale price over which they are selling. I've seen 2.49 over spot and .89 over spot amoungst different bars. Apmex is on ebay as well with no hit for cc. The Brits issue 1/10 oz sovereigns to their fighter pilots who may lose their craft. SHTF with Sandy. For the most part the MEN and WOMEN on this site got together and we knew what was going on in our area. So a good line on info was important. We got goods out to our neighbors, friends, and strangers as well. The malcontents were out selling 400$ generators for 1600$ . Just my .02 in copper, not copper clad.
  15. I wish you and yours a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving.
  16. I was expecting and hoping from a response from you Parker. I went to see Chris at claysportingtargets in Princeton. I handled the K's and Blaser. 5, 000 $ difference in similar combos. Cult spread?
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