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  1. Basically gov't buildings and state owned property are off limits. You also cannot carry to a place that serves alcoholic beverages. You can carry in your car, to the grocery store, in restaurants that do not served alcohol, fast food places, department stores, on the street and on private property. You just cannot enter residences without permission.
  2. I will go with the opinion that during the trial over the cancel carry bill in Sept, the 3rd circuit court knowing the intention of the ANJRPC/FPC to take this to the supreme court if things do not go well; will only rule partially in our favor and keep it as it is now. The state of NJ will go along with that, we get screwed again, and Platkin then says see "we got guns off the street" and made the people of NJ safer. It may or may not go this way but with the same trio of judges that shot down most of the Bumb injunction, can we expect more? I hope that I am wrong .
  3. That rifle on the wall of the laborer's cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there. ----George Orwell The statement is a big order to keep with Liberals continually looking to destroy our constitutional and God given rights. Regardless today is July 1st so where are the so called "new training requirements"?
  4. This could be the right strategy but it will just add time. We just might get a watered down carry ban since the 3rd circuit knows of the NRA/ANJRPC appeal plan and may just give us enough to thwart this off. On the plus side ANJRPC has hired a top attorney to take this the rest of the way. Not withstanding, NJ carry laws are still very restrictive, with discriminatory; high fees, expensive training and no provisions for the inexperienced shooter, or the handicapped to exercise their 2nd amendment rights .
  5. Gun owners in NJ may be a tiny minority but Czar Murphy won the governorship by less that 1% of the vote. In a close election we can make a difference. As for the trial on the cancel carry bill; it is likely that the same two far left judges will swing the ruling against us. They know we will seek an enbanc ruling from the entire court if the decision is not favorable so it may be that they will decide on a compromise BUT leftists are not ones to compromise. They want to legislate from the bench.
  6. I believe that it is possible to get an en banc decision on the cancel carry bill but it appears some strings are being pulled to get the law reviewed during trial by the liberal justices. Those two Liberals did a job on us by granting a stay on the states request. Most sensitive places are now back in effect. Will these awful leftists be the judges in the Sept /Oct trial that decide on the constitutionally of the cancel carry bill or we will get an en banc decision from the entire 3rd circuit court of appeals?
  7. What until you see the new training requirements imposed on honest gun owners who want to carry on 7/1. . They will be very very tough and will include long hours of classroom training, timed fir, draw from holster requirements and distances back to 25 yds. .
  8. The way that I understand it, is if that if a business posts a no carry sign, that is their policy. If you do not comply when asked you must leave or you could be charged with trespassing. Just avoid businesses with that policy. Problem solved.
  9. Just added my Sig365 to the court order for carry. Somerset County did amend the court order but required a new certified qual form for that firearm and a copy of the pistol permit to prove ownership. They were nice about it, went by the book but that was OK by me. They turned my request around in less than two weeks. Next time we renew we will should be able to qualify with a full size pistol instead of the micro compact pistols that many of us carry. I am told at the range that new shooters are having trouble qualifying with small compact pistols that are better suited for concealed carry.
  10. Just a guess but I would say that the decision on a preliminary injunction to the cancel carry bill will be issued this week or possibly a week later. The court may not be able to drag the decision out much longer as "El Supremo" (our governor) is gathering his minions for the appeal to the 3 rd circuit court to uphold this unconstitutional law if they lose. In the end if this gets all the way to the Supreme Court the state will lose. Many of us have been carrying every day for the past 7 months and El Supremo should understand that there has not been a single problem from the 75,000 or so permit holders.
  11. I have no proof of what is going on here with Mr Jensen for the bad showing, but I can tell you that political retribution was used in the past to push through anti-gun laws in NJ. Jensen is a respected lawyer so why would he suddenly make a bad showing?
  12. Information coming in for NY gun owners from the 2nd circuit court of appeals today doesn't read too positive but what can be expected from hard leftists judges that vehemently oppose your constitutional and God given rights.
  13. Just for an update. This Friday March 17th a request for a preliminary injunction of the cancel carry bill will be heard by the court with US district federal Judge Renee Bumb presiding. If the gun owners get the PI then its likely that the State of NJ will appeal it to the 3rd circuit court of appeals. I do believe that the forces of freedom and liberty will prevail and that we can continue to legally carry. The bottom line is that Murphy doesn't trust lawful citizens to carry a pistol, yet he has a large armed security detail all the time. The man is a hypocrite.
  14. When all is said and done I believe that this unconstitutional law will end up being heard by the 3rd circuit court of appeals. At that point I believe that the court will rule in our favor but if it goes the other way the Bolshevics win. Meanwhile I remain cautiously optimistic.
  15. The AG is ignorant about the Bill of Rights. The bottom line is that this crass individual doesn't want us to have any rights. That is tyranny my friends. There are thousands of CCW holders in NJ right now and there are zero problems. I hope that the state loses this "appeal" that's only purpose is to take away our constitutional and God given rights.
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