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  1. Notice to "intervene" Yes more court dates until the state gets the activist judges and the result that they want to destroy your Constitutional and God given rights to self defense. Notice that they want to schedule 4 court dates to achieve their purpose. If the state wins it will be appealed to the third circuit court of appeals and ultimately to the Supreme Court. These liberal politicians are like spoiled babies. These tyrants will whine pout and complain until they get their way but in the end they will lose. Hard as they try, they cannot rewrite the Bill of Rights.
  2. Yes but the question is; does the state have the right to request those PI hearings? If they do the process extends on. After the TRO there is probably a hearing for a permanent injunction, then it goes to trial. Bottom line is that we are not free and clear just yet. I believe the state is looking to bring this case before an activist left wing judge who will reject the PI.
  3. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.njd.506033/gov.uscourts.njd.506033.46.0.pdf I don't know what this all means but can guess that it presents a request by the state for a long drawn out delay process. It seems to have to do with a preliminary injunction.. The way I read it the state wants to keep things going until they get in front of an activist left wing judge. Any legal minds reading this?
  4. IMO, its difficult to say how much of the cancel carry bill will be struck down on a TRO and what items will be retained or kept. Even if we get a TRO on all of the worse parts of the law, there will still be a trial at the third circuit court of appeals to determine the final outcome. TRO means temporary restraining order. To receive a permanent injunction; this brings with it more legal challenges and it is likely that far left NJ will continue to press to deny our second amendment rights until the very end. I am optimistic for a good legal ruling by judge Bumb this Thursday but even so this is not the end of the fight to keep our second amendment rights..
  5. Yes I will agree that a hearing will take place in the next few weeks. What I love about this is that the tyrants in the state will need to defend a law that denies vetted, and trained peaceful citizens from exercising their 2nd amendment rights. Point is the state has no defense. They are just there to try and force their prejudiced perverted socialist belief system on you and me. ALL other states respect the right to keep and bear arms. NY and NJ are the only holdouts but........ in the end they will LOSE..
  6. I don't believe that a court date has been set for judge Bumb to rule on the combined cases of Koons vs Reynolds and Siegel vs Platkin but I'll guess that it will later this month. Did anyone see a date?
  7. The mistake that many made was about Judge Karen Williams. She is a Biden appointee but has proven to be a moderate, fair and even handed jurist. Whatever way the case went the result would have been the same. We read that the Murphy administration would have preferred Judge Williams thinking that she could legislate from the bench on the carry ban but she stuck with strict constitutional principles and applied them fairly. Judge Williams has earned my respect and its a sure thing that the left is not very happy with her today. .
  8. Numerous pistols have a front forearm. Trouble is that this pistol feature is illegal in NJ. Just take a look at the AR and AK pistols.
  9. If arm braces are banned and you remove them it turns your weapon into a pistol that would be illegal in NJ.
  10. Parking lots used by courts, and municipal buildings are state/town property. Post Offices are considered federal property and IMO all would be off limits to CCW. I believe that all parking lots associated with any prohibited carry location would fall under the same classification. If you must go to one of these places buy a steel car pistol safe bolt it in the trunk, park on the street and walk to the location but we will need clarification on the legality of storage of your pistol in ones unattended vehicle. BTW, firearms are prohibited in some National Parks like Grand Canyon. It goes by the state laws where the park is located
  11. The good news coming off yesterday was that the Sielgel vs Platkin and the Koons vs Reynolds cases were combined and will be sent back to judge Bumb. The complaints of the entire case are now up for review by judge Bumb and it is unknown what parts will fall under the TRO and what parts will not. For instance the part of the law that takes the issuing authority away from the courts could stand but all of the higher fees and the other parts of the law that require registration of all firearms may also be maintained. The state has yet to make its move but I would not rule out an appeal to the third circuit court to rescind the TRO.
  12. I sure hope that you are correct about this good news.
  13. Exactly as expected .Now I expect Judge Williams can and will rescind the TRO that was issued on the Koons case. Then we go to the 3rd circuit court of appeals. Murphy is already out there bragging how they are keeping guns out of sensitive places for us but not for him.
  14. Todays hearing will be held in front of Judge Karen Williams that is a Biden appointee. Needless to say I am not optimistic that a far left Democrat is going to stay the TRO decision. IMO, the cases will be combined and the law will stand for now and be brought before the third circuit court of appeals for a final decision on this egregious Unconstitutional law. I hope that I am wrong about this.
  15. AFAIK no CCW holder nationwide was ever allowed to carry in a Federal building, Courthouse or a National Park. Koons vs Reynolds had to do with the NJ state government deciding that ALL Private property is a sensitive location. This was clearly wrong and hence the TRO was issued. Some sensitive locations are still in effect and I encourage everyone to understand where they are. You carry there and you are a felon. The full extent of the cancel carry bill has yet to be decided. I believe that more of this egregious cancel carry law will be found unconstitutional and I believe that it will be brought to the 3rd circuit court of appeals to decide on its legitimacy.
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