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  1. I snagged this 1,000' of coax a long time ago (date of mfg 11/09, but I think it's still current) expecting to re-wire my house. I ended up doing only 2 runs up to the attic, the rest of the box sat in my basement. PM me if interested. I live in Monmouth.
  2. I saw the podcast was over an hour, and thought "ugh". Well, it was time well spent. Thank you for posting.
  3. Free to a good home :-) It's identical to the one in the link below: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Pioneer-GM-X374-Bridgeable-4-Channel-Power-Mosfet-Amplifier-Car-Amp-/183673161076#viTabs_0 I'm in Marlboro.
  4. My tracking number ended in CN. Regardless of where it was made, I think that means the knife was shipping from China? In any event, the money was refunded for all those interested.
  5. The knife never shipped and Amazon refunded my payment. (Hasn't posted to my cc yet, but I'm watching) Understandably, my knife must be pretty low on the priority list for people in China right now.
  6. Wednesday night...7 days after I ordered. All I see on Amazon is that USPS tracking was issued, but the post office hasn't received the package. hmmm, it's supposed to be delivered Friday. I'd also like to hear from others.
  7. I ordered on Thursday and received shipment notification Saturday. PS, I share Prime with the family. For me it was easier to use regular Amazon rather than explaining. A few extra days is just fine.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Union Beach is where I am leaning so I'll probably head there later today.
  9. I'm located in Monmouth County, served in the Navy during a qualified "war era" a while back and am interested in joining an American Legion post nearby. (I'd like to learn about Legion Riders, too...Union Beach, Freehold ?) It's an easy process and I'm ready to go. (Almost did today) Figured before writing the check I'd check if any members here are also members of the American Legion and if so, would you receive some benefit for bringing in a new member. Otherwise I'll just run with it. -Michael
  10. i'm not all that active on the site, but I had to take a second to say thanks for posting. I must've been in 1st grade when this originally aired, and although I don't remember ever seeing this, I do remember watching Red Skelton in my house. Nice.
  11. Thanks. I ordered online (and after hours), so I'll just send it in today.
  12. Excellent! Does anyone know if this company needs our FID on file with them to purchase?
  13. That is a very nice looking sheath. The crkt brand sheath is only riveted, so not adjustable and too loose to hold the knife. I tried chicago screws but they were too large. Heat and bending is probably the only way to salvage the original sheath.
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